Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Music Flower Lipstick*

 Read more on my Music Flower lipstick review
Read more on my Music Flower lipstick review

It's not often I buy a budget lipstick, I have a major obsession with Mac lipsticks as you can probably tell with my latest Ariana Grande lipstick post but I still can't resist any berry shade. This shade is from Music Flower, which is a budget brand from Born Pretty. And by budget, I mean it is literally only £1.61, craaazy. You definitely wouldn't think this was under £2, especially for how much I like the formula. 

Finish - Satin finish with metallic flicks
Colour - Deep red

Read more on my Music Flower lipstick review

The shade reminds me of my Mac Oddessy lipstick which has the same finish as the Music Flower shade. It matches perfectly with the Mac Half-Red liner too. I usually find really budget lipsticks to have a plastic taste and patchy colour, but this has a really opaque finish and no taste. No taste is better than a horrible plastic one though.. It doesn't last all day but it does last a few hours, it does transfer onto your glasses etc. But it does leave a nice stain on your lips.

Although it's not going to be a lipstick I'll buy often, it is super handy to keep in my handbag for top ups through the day. But if you are a drugstore makeup lover, you need to grab one of these. They have a whole range of different colours to choose from!

You can also grab 10% using my code TSH10 at the checkout! :)

Have you tried any of this range before??

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Friday, 25 March 2016

Camel Peep Toe Boots

Read more on my camel peep toe boots
Read more on my camel peep toe boots

I've loved the style of these shoes since they came around last year but never actually grabbed them. I'm not adventurous with fashion at all, but my new attempt this year is to be! I actually grabbed these from Primark for under £15, such a bargain. Whether or not your local store has them in is another question but you can get similar ones from Miss Selfridge/New Look! I also grabbed some pretty rings/midi rings, I love the Hamsa ring!

Other shoes on my wish list are..

What shoes are on your wish list?

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Monday, 21 March 2016

Evening Skincare

Read more on my evening skincare routine
Read more on my evening skincare routine

I don't change my skincare all that often, if anything I find something I love and stick to it. But sometimes my skin has a rogue few weeks where it needs a little change up, especially towards the end of winter! My skin becomes a crocodile late winter, I don't think I've ever moisturised so much than I have lately! This is where I like to break out an extra moisturiser for night time, I nearly always gravitate back to my Embryolisse. It's perfect for winter but is a little too heavy for summer.

Garnier Micellar Water
I mentioned this not too long ago in my morning skincare post so I won't go into grave detail but I love this. It's just so easy to take the bulk of my makeup off without using a grotty face wipe. This really has upped my skincare game, my skins broken out so much less after stopping using face wipes.

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser
I've just ran out of this so had to reorder it, don't know what I'm going to do for four days?! I use this alongside my Magnitone to make sure my skins completely clear of makeup. I sometimes use this as a mask when my skin needs some tlc too. It's the best cleanser I've used, and I have tried the bargain hot cloth cleansers too.

Magnitone Lucid
I have used this religiously for over a year now, it really clears my pores of any left over makeup or dead skin. I don't use this in the morning as my skin doesn't need that much cleansing, but it's great at night. I do use the sensitive brush head though.

Acne Ultra Mosituriser
I did a full review of the Acne Ultra moisturiser a while ago and I'm still loving it. Though it is starting to dwindle out my morning routine now the weather is getting warmer. This is one of my favourite moisturisers to use when going to bed, by the morning it's fully soaked in and plumped up my skin.

Lush Cosmetics Grease Lightning
How did I ever ever survive without this?! It is literally my holy grail blemish product. I used to once upon a time swear by Sudocrem, but you look hideous with it on and my boyfriend finds it hilarious. Whereas the Grease Lightning is see through, phewwww. I dab this on any blemishes I currently have or any ones I can feel emerging and they reduce in redness and size overnight. I literally cry if I ever go away and leave this behind, you just know that is the day a huge spot is going to appear.

Nip + Fab Dragons Blood Cleansing Pads*
I don't use these every day as I don't want to use them up so quickly, but I do when my skin is going through a rubbish time! These help clear any impurities and reduce any impending spots. This also freshens up my skin when I'm having a no makeup day too.

What are your evening skincare staples?

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Friday, 18 March 2016

Ox Pasture Hall Hotel*

Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

I've gotta warn you, this is going to be photo heavy as I've been looking forward to going here for months now, after browsing The Ox Pastures website online it just looked amazing! It's a luxury hotel in Scarborough in the North York Moors National Park and the grounds are beautiful!

This little night away came at the perfect time for me and my boyfriend as it landed on our 5 year anniversary, wooo. It's actually only our second night away (apart from holidays) alone, so I was excited to just relax and laze around a little. This place was perfect for it, so perfectly quiet and peaceful, and the views were just beautiful. It's nice to just get away and spend time together when you live at home!

Anyway, back to the hotel.. Alan showed us around the hotel before taking us to our room, which was super helpful otherwise we may have got lost! He showed us around the cosy little bar area with a log burner, restaurant (there is also a bistro area) and gardens. The hotel is actually dog friendly too, I wish I had brought mine as the walks nearby are perfect.. but the room wouldn't have been so pretty afterwards haha.

Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

We stayed in the luxury suites facing out onto the moors, the room was amazing. Even from just walking in I loved it. It was so bright and clean looking with a lovely decorated lounge area. The lounge was supplied with a TV, kettle/refreshments, desk and sofa/dining area. It was so cosy and welcoming.

Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel
Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

We also had a bedroom area with a TV also and a king size bed. I've now discovered I've need a king size bed at home, it was bliiiiiissss.

Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel
Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

Err, look at that bath. I was so disappointed I didn't have a Lush bathbomb equipped with me, I was dying to jump in. There was also 'his and hers' sinks, I want this bathroom at home! I love the little finishing touches they add to the room, the little bath with soaps in and the little tub with cotton wool.

Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel
Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

Our room looked onto a beautiful courtyard with a fountain, it was super pretty all lit up at night and soothing to listen to. From the lounge side we had another little view of a pretty gazebo, we were really lucky it was a nice Spring day so we could wander around the gardens. Though we didn't do much through the day after travelling down, but we did visit Scarborough. We did some shopping, grabbed some sweets for later then went back to get ready for dinner.

Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel
Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel
Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel
Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel
Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

How amaaaazing does all the food look?! I got the tomato soup, pink sirloin and sticky toffee pudding. I was stuck between the potato dumplings and the sirloin, but I caved and got it.. so so happy it was beautiful. No wonder the restaurant has had so many awards!

The next day we got a full Yorkshire breakfast and set back off on the road towards Whitby this time. I loved Whitby when I was younger so was looking forward to wander around there again. We were still stuffed off our breakfast so didn't manage to get any fish and chips (cry), but did get an ice cream in the sunshine. We took a little wander up to the Abbey.. I have never been so exhausted from walking up some stairs in my life.. get me to the gym asap.

Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel
Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel
Read my review on the Ox Pasture Hall Hotel

I would definitely recommend a trip to Whitby, even more so if you save space for some fish and chips. I'm still craving fish and chips now.. urgh!! It's such a fab little seaside town, and perfect if you have a dog with you! Plus you definitely need to check out Honeyz soap shop, I wanted literally everything. 

I already want to go back here,though I probably won't have as flash as a room. It really was a beautiful place and in a great location. I really want to go back to Whitby, so there is a good excuse!

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Monday, 14 March 2016

February Blogger Beauty Box

Read more about the Blogger Beauty Box here
Read more about the Blogger Beauty Box here

It's been a while since I treated myself to a beauty box since I was 'saving', so I jumped at the chance to ordering Vix's February Blogger Beauty Box! I haven't tried out and trialled any new products in yonks, so I needed a good variety of newbies, which they all were! None of the brands are brands I've tried before so it was a nice change.

Threads Vava Voom Lashes £9.00
I haven't had a new set of lashes in soooo long, mostly because I go absolutely no where, but I do love new lashes. I wish I was one of those people who threw lashes on in 10 seconds and runs out the door, but the truth is it's 4 hours later and they're still half on my brow. I've only mastered single lashes (review here) which are a lot more time consuming and semi-permanent. These are fab to throw on for a night out. These have a really thin band so they're not noticeable, and they're also really light. They give your lashes extra length and thickness, but don't turn them into spider legs!

Merumaya Bi-Phase Plus Eye Makeup Remover £14.50
I've been needing a eye makeup remover for a long time, I really don't take good care of my eyelashes at all and really noticed it lately. I was just about to buy one when I got this, thaaank god, cause I have no idea where to start. The is a gel cleanser which you apply with a cotton pad, I hold the pad over my eye for a few seconds before dabbing the rest off. This has made a huge difference to my skincare routine and I no longer look like a panda coming out the shower. It's really gentle on your skin, which I'm pretty happy about after my rubbish Clarins one.

Madame La La West Coast £25
I haven't used this yet as it's only for your face, I need a body tanner to go with it! This is supposed to smell like coconuts (woo biscuit free) and infused with coco water and green tea to keep your skin hydrated. I never fake tan my face with my body fake tan, so this will be really handy.

DHC Mineral Mask £29
I nearly died when I saw how much this is?! Whaaaat. This is fairly similar to Mask of Magnamity as well with the colour. It smells pretty similar too, so I wasn't worried with trying this out. This mask clears out your pores and smoothes your skin, also didn't break me out. It's waaay out my ball park budget wise though.

Puriskin Lip Treat £16.99
This is a lip balm you can adjust to what you like, such as adding sun screen, scents and moisturiser. I'm not so sold about this, it just didn't do much for me.

JR Facial Mist £21.00 & Cleansing Milk £21.00
I'm not really one for oils, my skins soo oily to start with. I'm going to pass these onto my mam to use!

I love the Blogger Beauty Box though, and for £10 it's such a bargain compared other boxes out there. Grab your box here!

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Friday, 11 March 2016

Some more Lush goodies

Read more for Lush Easter and Valentines grabs
Read more for Lush Easter and Valentines grabs

Ok I'm a sucker for a good lush hype, there is so so so much I want to try from the Easter collection but still haven't got around to it. These two are the closest I've got so far.. and I'm in love. I have wanted to try the carrots since they brought similar ones out around Christmas, on the plus side these are prettier! I love bubble bars as they last so much longer and obviously get the bubbles you don't usually get in bath bombs.

The carrots (£6.25) are infused with Buchu Oil which is loaded with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic; Lemon oil for cleansing and Bergamot Oil which also adds to the cleansing. These may be a new favourite of mine, you run the carrot under the tap and your bath fills with bubbles and colours. Once your bath is as bubbly as you'd like you put the little carrot to the side for next time. I wasn't really quite sure where to store mine, I was worried in case it stains my bath?!

Read more for Lush Easter and Valentines grabs

Loverlamp (£3.95) is from the Valentines collection but still available online and in some stores so I'm still including it. It's infused with refreshing Brazilian Orange Oil; Fair trade Vanilla and butter hearts. Apparently you can eat the hearts?! I didn't attempt that.. I liked this, but I slightly expected a little more.. don't know why. It was so moisturising though, my skin felt amazingly soft afterwards.

Read more for Lush Easter and Valentines grabs

I've already put my next order in from Lush.. I'm so easily led. But hey, I don't think I've looked after my skin so much since trying Lush! What has been your latest grab?

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Monday, 7 March 2016

Favourite Perfumes

Read more for my favourite perfumes
Read more for my favourite perfumes

I have heaps of perfumes, I don't know where they seem to come from. They just appear and build up (I buy too many really). These four are my absolute favourites at the moment and have taken pride of place on my dressing table, plus they look super pretty.

Chanel Chance EDP
I would say this is my most 'grown up' perfume I own as it has a nice strong scent that lasts ages. I smelt this once on a off chance and knew I needed it, I love floral perfumes and this is just the right amount of floral.

Top Notes: Patchouli, Pink Pepper and Jasmine.

Thierry Mugler Alien
This is a perfume I have loved since I picked it up, I actually got it on a whim over a year ago. It was on offer at the Fragrance Shop and everyone raved about it, so I jumped straight on that bandwagon. Thank god I did. It has a really woody musky (I'm good at these words) smell to it, though it doesn't last all that long I love it.

Top Notes: Jasmine, Amber and Wood.
Base Notes: Amber.

Chloe Love Story*
This was everywhere on Valentines, it seems like everyone had got it as a gift. Obviously the name fitted well with Valentines, but the smell is so versatile that it will suit almost everyone. It's not as 'grown up' as Chanel though it does have a strong scent too, it's a nice floral/fruity scent. Plus how pretty is the bottle?

Top Notes: Neroli, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Lemon and Pear.
Base Notes: Cedar, Patchouli and Musk.

Giorgio Armani Si Intense
I did originally have the first version of this scent but after I had used it all and went to repurchase I noticed the Intense version. It reminds me of Lady Gaga's perfume (which I loved) so I had to get it. Again it's a woody/musky scent but it's got such a sophistication to it, it smells amazing. It's not exactly the cheapest perfume, but it is well worth the purchase. I did review this the first time I got it here.

Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Cassis, Mandarin and Freesia.
Base Notes: Vanilla and Woody.

It's not really the same when you can't smell them, but at least it gives you a little thought of what to smell the next time. I always get a little overwhelmed by the choice in perfume shops, there is so many new releases and even old ones I mean to try and never grab. After a while everything smells the same too! I like to nose into other peoples perfumes then try them myself, otherwise I wouldn't know where to start.

What are your favourite perfumes?

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Friday, 4 March 2016

Being a 'Good' Blogger

Read more on being a good blogger

Hey, by no means am I a 'good blogger'.. I mean I go days without interacting as life takes over a little every now and then. But it feels good replying to people, reading posts and speaking to others on Twitter! Take with a pinch of salt ;)

1. Read their blogs that they have linked in comments
I always go out my way to read peoples blogs that have left their link in my comments, if they have taken their time to read my blog I'm going to do the same. Hey it may even be a week later but at least I took the time to read theirs too. I must admit though, I do avoid the 'Great post "link"' comments, you definitely didn't read my post did you.

2. Click on their ads and affiliate links
I always do this, it helps them out a little. If it only gives them 2p from clicking on their advert, they're 2p towards their goal aren't they. I think I've racked up a whopping £1 in my Adsense, so really it will take a lot of clicking..

3. If you liked their post..
Tweet about it! Retweet it! Save it on Bloglovin'. Share it with everyone! It actually can make someones day too.

4. Follow their Blog
As much as I love the blogs I regularly read, I do actually forget to follow them. Mostly because I read on my mobile and Bloglovin' doesn't really make reading them easy to start with. But when I'm on the laptop I always follow them!

5. Respond to comments
I love responding to comments, if someone has took the time to write a comment to be I'll always reply back! Though I can imagine it being hard if you get hundreds but I love reading them!

6. Here's a funny one..
Don't send instant DM's, they are the most annoying thing in the world. Just stop. Please.

7. Speak to each other!
Now I'm pretty shy in RL, but I have met some really amazing people through blogging. Getting yourself out there will not only benefit yourself but you'll enjoy it so much, I speak to people on Twitter more than I probably in RL.. I want to meet so many people!

I'm being a little tongue in cheek really, but it does make the world of difference. Sometimes I don't have the time, but when I do I will do these all!


Check out my 'Juggling Blogging With Life' post!

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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Meet my March advertisers!

Read more to meet Marchs advertisers!

Can you actually believe it's March already?? Where is the months going! Though I am so so so looking forward to the sun making a reappearance, it's so cold up North! So onto this months advertisers, this month I have three (woooo). Last month I had Charismatones, who is lovely.

Lets meet the March girls..

Check out Little Yellow Butterflies blog

Cia is a skincare addict and avid reader, her blog is a mixture of skincare, haircare, beauty and books, with a healthy dose of feminism thrown in the mix!

Its Kia Erin

Hey lovelies my name is Kia Erin and I am a 17 year old beauty and lifestyle blogger from Derbyshire and I'm also a health and social care student studying at college. I have recently taken a break from blogging but now I am back with so many new ideas! I love tea and love being around family and friends. I post on Wednesdays and Sunday's so take a trip over to my blog to see what I have to offer. I have many beauty reviews and chatty blogs coming up so make sure that you don't miss out. I welcome all my readers with open arms!

Check out Kirsty Ralph blog here

I go by the initials KGR. I'm a quiet shy person at first and I take a while to come out of my shell. I am loyal to a fault. Fun facts about me: I am a tenpin bowler and regularly play I a league. I have also represent my county and university and tournaments with success. I've been married for 3 years in November and been together with my husband for 10 years. My blog is basically a mixture from lifestyle, music and books mainly. My lifestyle posts range from past experiences to day to day living. 

Remember to check each of the girls out, they're all so lovely and have amazing blogs!

If you are interested in advertising for April, check our my advertising packages!

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