Monday, 15 October 2018

Trying out speed dating

Trying out Speed Dating for the first time

Me and the gym girls had joked about the thought of this for a while, but the fact we actually booked it terrified me. Even at the grand age at 25, I've never been on a date with someone I didn't already know via friends or hadn't spoken to before. My idea of small talk absolutely terrifies me, because a) I'm terrible at it and b) Do I even have any hobbies? No. But nothing like throwing yourself out in the deep end to try things out.

Sunday, 7 October 2018

Booking cheap short breaks

Amsterdam Booking cheap short breaks

As much as I want to go somewhere exotic, realistically I have a job to go to, so I can't have two months off work. So short and cheap breaks are sometimes the best way to get around but without breaking the bank each time. Last year I managed to sneak a few cheap breaks in, this year I've managed a little less due to a bigger holiday (worth it). I'm actually off on a long anticipated trip with Kirsty next month and it's cost us less than a taxi home from Newcastle! 

Sunday, 30 September 2018

The battle of saving for trips

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I love booking trips but this year has been a bit quiet compared to last year, starting a new job in a new city means I don’t have the spare cash I used to. So last year when I was booking holidays left right and centre, this year I’ve struggled to even save £50. Crazy how things change. Seeing as I had my one big trip to Bali this year, its ate up the majority of my spends. But I have eventually booked Wroclaw with Kirsty which will be my last budget trip of the year. This had all went to plan until I had to book a last minute hen trip to Benidorm in October which I hadn't budgeted for at all!
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