Sunday, 17 March 2019

Revlon ColorStay Foundation Review

Revlon ColorStay Foundation Review

If I looked through my draws of make up I don't think I would find a single Revlon product anywhere. It's a brand I never hear anything about, see anything about or hear anyone else raving about online, so I've never really tried it. When Revlon sent me their latest foundation I was intrigued, I love being able to use high street make up rather than higher end, so I can save money for other things instead. Don't get me wrong, I do treat myself every now and then, and nothing compares to Urban Decay's All Nighter Spray really, but it's good to find budget items.

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Making my own sushi at YO! Sushi, Sushi School at Intu Metrocentre

YO! Sushi Sushi School experience

The other week I got invited to YO! Sushi at intu Metrocentre for Sushi School, I didn't even know Sushi School was a thing so I was really excited to go! I really love sushi although I don't eat a lot of fish, the chicken and tofu susi is two of my favourite types so I was looking forward to learning how to recreate it. At home there was no way I was going to attempt to make sushi without some expert help, and now I feel like I've learnt enough to recreate it at home. I can go quite a long time before I ever get to go out for sushi, so being able to do it myself sounds perfect!

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Why I fell in love with CrossFit

Hunkemoller HKMX Oversized Bomber Jacket £42
*gifted item

I know everyone always says the gym is good for your mental health etc. but I find the gym really daunting and scary. The thought of going to the gym on my own absolutely terrifies me. Maybe cause I don’t even know what to do there if I did go. I’d love to be one of those insta babes in the gym doing all the random exercises, but in reality I feel like a tit surrounded by strangers. So when I did go to the ‘gym’ I’d only do weight classes and even that took me ages to be able to go on my own. But with gym classes I don’t really feel I had a community, I was still surrounded by strangers, but just strangers I’d see every day instead.
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