Tuesday, 20 May 2014

First post - L'Oreal Touché Magnifique and Maybelline Brow Drama

So welcome to my first post, I thought I would go with my latest purchases which are the L'Oreal Touché Magnifique concealer and the Maybelline Brow Drama brow tamer. These are two things I've been desperate to try but took ages to get a hold of. I was in desperate need of a brightening under eye concealer and a eyebrow mascara to tame these crazy brows!

L'Oreal Touché Magnifique Concealer

See my review here of Maybelline Brow Drama and L'Oreal Touche Magnifiue

First is the L'Oreal Touché Magnifique concealer. I've always wanted to try the YSL Touché Éclat but never knew if I would use it or not! So this is the next best thing, and a lot more budget friendly obviously. To me this isn't a 'normal' concealer, I'm using it as highlight for my makeup to brighten my under eye and for a slight contour. I don't have bad under eye bags, but I do get dark circles. I could sleep for a year and I'm sure they would still exist!

See my review of Maybelline Brow Drama and L'Oreal Touche Magnifiue

The application was a lot easier than I thought, I painted it on with the little brush on the end and blended with my RealTechniques Expert Face Brush. I can image after a long time this little brush will build up with bacteria, but if you do use it mostly every day it shouldn't last long enough to cause any breakouts. I chose a really light shade, lighter than my foundation, to brighten my under eyes rather than conceal them.

See my review of Maybelline Brow Drama and L'Oreal Touche Magnifiue

It blended nicely and didn't dry too quick or cake over my foundation. It also didn't leave any of those pesky streaks and creases that some concealers do. I has a really sheeny type of finish rather than a matte, so it glows over your skin and really masks any dark circles! Win win for me.

Maybelline Brow Drama 

I've been trying to find something to keep those stragley bits of eyebrow tame. Not even the gel in my Anastasia Dip Brow keeps my left one going all over, it really has a life of it's own compared to my good right brow.  I even loved this on the first day of using it as my brows didn't budge at all and kept themselves lovely and sleek! I don't have thick enough brows to use this on it's own, but it does what I wanted! It may not be as good as Benefits Gimme Brow but it definitely keeps your eyebrows in place, which is all I wanted it to do!

See my review of Maybelline Brow Drama and L'Oreal Touche Magnifiue

I obviously still used my Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow, as I couldn't live without that defining my brows. But you can see how it's kept my brows in line with their shape. Phew..

My makeup at the end: 
See my review of Maybelline Brow Drama and L'Oreal Touche Magnifiue

Hope you liked my first post! Have you tried either of these out before? What did you think?


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