Monday, 30 June 2014

Packing for a few days away!

I don't know about anyone else, but I am terrible for packing lightly. So naturally I'm taking a suitcase with me for 4 nights away..

I'm going to a lovely log cabin in Beverley (York area) with my friend and our boyfriends. (I'll share photos later this week of the cabin itself). So I thought I would share all the essentials I have packed, from make up to toiletries.

I packed all my essentials and a few not so essentials. Estée Lauder double wear, BeautyBlender and my Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow duo and gel are the musts for my trip! Blushers, bronzers, eyeliner and eyeshadow are just treats.

I'm only taking a few of my necessary brushes too. 3 Mac eyeshadow brushes, 1 mua blender brush and angled brush, Mac concealer brush and angled brush and my Real Trchniques Expert Face brush. 

I'm taking neutral lipsticks, the Yves Rocher one for through the day as it's really moisturising, and Mac Up the Amp and Mystical just incase I go out anywhere nice in the evening!

And though it may seem a lot they all fit perfectly into my little Ted Baker bag.

I can't not take skin care stuff, as my skin will break out and go horrendous! Bioderma and Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser are to remove my makeup. Lush Grease Lightning for any pesky spots that might appear. Embryolisse for my moisturiser/make up primer and Clinqiue soap to freshen up my skin in the morning! 

What are your make up/toiletry necessities you take when you go away?


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Mac Osbournes

Being a sucker for a limited edition Mac lipstick and a lover of the Osbournes, I bought 'Strip Poker' which is a matte. 

By looking at swatches on other Instagrams I thought this would be my favourite! But it is quite streaky once on the lips. It also doesn't suit my skin tone at all :(. 

Possibly may work more as an ombre lip type look rather than just being on it's own!

Wish I had bought the Kelly Yum-Yum or Dodgy Girl..


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Contour palette dupe

I'm always dubious about new products and never know if it is just the hype or if it is worth it! All the make up artists seemed to be using this, if I had the skills they did I probably would'be just bought it.. Instead I found a dupe to try.

I got this contour palette from eBay for £9.96, this is a similar type dupe for the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette £48.00. I couldn't bring myself to pay that if I couldn't use it properly!

Colour comparison:

The colours aren't too different, though I don't have the 'Java' colour and instead have a white. 

I've been using this quite a bit since I have got it (as you can see from the pans), but I would still like to try the real deal. 

I use the light brown colour to brush under my cheek bones, around my hairline and also my jawline. I sometimes add a bit of the darker brown to under my cheek bones, depending what look I'm going for. 

I use the banana colour to lightly set my foundation under my eyes and t-zone area. I sometimes use the white (more transparent), to add extra highlight in areas e.g. down my nose and above my cheek bones. 

What do you use to contour and highlight your face? Any recommendations?


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Bzzagent - Shockwaves Mousse

I recently signed up to after seeing a few people on Instagram do it. Every now and then they introduce a 'bzzCampaign' where they pick people to do reviews on products. They choose what they think is best for you by the regular surveys you complete every week or so (only 1 or 2 questions). 

This was my first campaign they offered, originally I didn't realise it was mousse when I accepted! I can't remember the last time I used mousse, maybe middle school?! So I could do with some enlightening on how best to use it? I know I can use it on went hair and scrunch to create curls.. but being fussy I hate going to bed or anything with damp hair!  

I've used Wella Shockwaves hairspray before which I loved, so can only imagine if I used this correctly it would be good too?

Anyone got any tips on how best to use this product? Or what you thought if you have used it before?


Friday, 20 June 2014

Bioderma and Real Techniques

Today my Bioderma water, Estée Lauder double wear foundation and new Real Techniques brush came.

Nothing better than getting a few essentials that I've been waiting for. Can't complain about the Bioderma for it only being £9.99, there is a 1/3 off at the moment on so it is only £6.66! I also grabbed the Real Techniques Stippling brush for only £9.30 while I was there! 

The Bioderma has been my holy grail since I got it last year, it removes all my makeup perfectly! It is also very refreshing to use in the morning before applying makeup. The Garnier dupe is meant to be just as great, but I'm stick by this as my skin seems to like it! 

After using my Real Techniques expert face brush I thought I would give the stippling brush a go. It's not what I thought it would be like with foundation, I think it is better for applying powder to set my foundation. The expert face brush seems more precise than this as it is a lot more fluffier. 

They have some beautiful Dior Backstage brushes on at the moment which I may contemplate on payday!

Last of all, the Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation. I love this compared to all the other foundations I've tried, it seems to stay on longer than any others. I have a very oily t-zone which makes my makeup awful by the afternoon! I wear 1n1 which is an ivory shade, I have really pale skin on my face so it matches pretty much perfectly! I have always reverted back to this after trying other foundations, does anyone recommend any good ones?

June Birchbox

Junes Birchbox - Brazil theme!

I loved this months box, slightly gutted I didn't get the BeautyBlender though :(. But on the upside the OPI nail varnish is the cutest thing I have ever seen! 

First is the Yvesrocher lipstick in Sienne (£9.90). It's a nice glossy lipstick, a bit like the Revlon Lip Butter. It also has a lovely taste to it, reminds me of a sweet from when I was little.

Slightly sad I didn't get the nice Coral for the summer, but there's nothing better than another red toned lipstick! It's quite a natural colour which is nice for everyday use.

There was also a nice OPI nail varnish called 'Next Stop the Bikini Zone' (£11.95). It's a lovely metallic colour, but not very summery. I do my own gel nails so I won't get much use out of it, but it will be nice when I can.

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré (£12.99) is a moisturiser/primer and a make up remover all in one. It's made my skin feel lovely after the first day it using it as a primer/moisturiser before my foundation, my make up also lasted just about all day. I wish it was bigger :(.

Naobay body radiance lotion (£14.00), it doesn't have much of a scent, which is good for my sensitive skin. My legs feel silky smooth after a shower and it isn't greasy. It's a really big sample so it will last me a long time.

Last is the Silk + Honey Shea Butter Hair Mask (£55.00). This is a DIY hair mask if you buy it, which comes with instructions on how to make a 200g pot. I would rather buy it ready made personally, but if it's to your taste! This has a body moisturiser type smell, which I'm not convinced is how I want my hair to smell.. it also expires on 01/08/14! This left my hair feeling really oily and resulted in me having to re-wash my hair again! 

Still can never go wrong with a Birchbox subscription, these are things is probably not see in a local store!


Friday, 13 June 2014

How do you store yours!

Today I'm wondering how everyone else stores their makeup/brushes? 

For me I have just used old candle pots to store all my brushes, a bigger one for all my bigger brushes and the smaller for my eyeshadow/concealer type brushes!

I also have a little owl mug that I store all my lip liners and daily mascaras in. 

It's easier storing them like this than putting them in a draw and having to sift through it to find the colour I want. 

I also have a little lipstick holder which I bought from eBay for £3.52!

I do have other lipsticks floating around my dressing table draws, but they're mostly ones I never use/don't really like. I am a mac lipstick hoarder! Makes me feel sick that these equal to £256!! ..still won't stop me.

How do you store yours? Has anyone used the Ikea 'Alex' draws?

Purple eyes!

Im making the most out of my eye makeup this week seeing as next week I can't wear any eye makeup for a whole week! I must admit though, doing my makeup with no contact lenses is hard! I'm blind as a bat!

To do this I used my eyeshadow palette I got from eBay, for the amount of pigmented eyeshadows it is such a bargain! (Only £5.45

I've never really experimented with it much, but I plan to when I can finally see after my laser surgery on Monday! Woo! 

My final look (with a burnt forehead and burnt arms)

What did you think of this look?
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Sunday, 8 June 2014

Today's makeup

This is my routine at the moment, trying to find the perfect way for the hot weather at the moment! 

First off I start with the Clinique moisturiser as a base, I then put my Monu Illuminating Primer on and fix with a spray of Mac Fix+.

I'm usually use my Beauty Blender for foundation but I'm testing my Estée Lauder double wear with my Real Techniques expert face brush. I try not to brush it around my face like a paint brush, I dab and brush all over places I need it. 

My foundation base covers most of my dark circles, but still not enough coverage for all the red marks on my face.

Next I do my brows with my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow duo and Collection 2000 brown eye liner. I draw under my brows into the shape I was using the eye liner and fill in above with the brown duo.

I use the Loreal True Match Touché Magnifique to highlight areas around my face (under eyes/above cheekbones, above my brows, line down my nose and above my jawline). I used the pointed end of my Beauty Blender to blend it into my foundation. 

I use my Mac quad to do a light peachy eye colour, which is perfect for a summers day! I try not to use too much brown as I don't want a dark smokey eye for through the day!

The Mac matte blush is what I use to contour around my hairline and under my cheekbones. I use Mac dainty to put a little colour on the apples of my cheeks and Mac Soft & Gentle as a bronzed highlight.

Lastly I use my mac mascara to brighten my eyes!

All done :-)


Monday, 2 June 2014

Clinique Youth Surge Moisturiser

I've recently started using the Clinique Youth Surge moisturiser at night times. I've had this cream for over a year and never used it until now. 

My skin feels and looks so much healthier even after a week of using it, and the redness has also went down a lot. My biggest fear when using moisturiser is that my skin will break out, which it usually does with fragranced products. So far I haven't had a single break out (thank god). 

I'm not sure if it's because it's fragrance free that I haven't broken out, but I'm happy with how nice it's making my skin feel with this hotter weather at the moment!

I might actually try more moisturisers now!

Maleficent - True Loves Kiss

I only ended getting a "True Loves Kiss" from the Maleficent Mac collection.
As much as I love a limited edition Mac, I just wasn't feeling the rest of the collection! But couldn't not get anything.. Right? 

It's such a nice red pigment, and with it not being a matte it doesn't dry out your lips. I wore it for the first time on a night out a few weeks ago and it lasted just about all night! 


It also leaves quite a nice stain when it does eventually wear off.

How it looks on: 

I wore it with Mac Half-Red and a little bit of Mac Nightmoth liner, nothing beats an ombre lip with the Nightmoth liner. It goes perfectly with red and plum shades (Diva I'm looking at you).

See my other Limited Edition Mac posts here: Ariana Grande, Viva Glam Cindi, Dita Von Teese and Dodgy Girl.


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