Friday, 13 June 2014

How do you store yours!

Today I'm wondering how everyone else stores their makeup/brushes? 

For me I have just used old candle pots to store all my brushes, a bigger one for all my bigger brushes and the smaller for my eyeshadow/concealer type brushes!

I also have a little owl mug that I store all my lip liners and daily mascaras in. 

It's easier storing them like this than putting them in a draw and having to sift through it to find the colour I want. 

I also have a little lipstick holder which I bought from eBay for £3.52!

I do have other lipsticks floating around my dressing table draws, but they're mostly ones I never use/don't really like. I am a mac lipstick hoarder! Makes me feel sick that these equal to £256!! ..still won't stop me.

How do you store yours? Has anyone used the Ikea 'Alex' draws?


  1. £256 ?! Its alot when you think of it! But then again you can never have enough lipsticks ;)
    My makeup storage is a mess right now! Everyday I have been saying 'Tomorrow I will fix it' and still make up is scattered everywhere!
    Kookii || The Beauty Diary♥

    1. It is! You don't realise how much all the make up costs until you put it all together! x


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