Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Fix my summer skin!

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I don't know about anyone else at the moment, but my skin is having a total meltdown. It's dry, oily and breaking out so none of my products are saving me either. I decided maybe it was time I started to take care of my skin and start using face masks to clear my pores (I never use them).

I nipped to my local SuperDrug to see what they had, I would usually use Lush Cosmetics products on my face but I don't live near enough to one. 

The first ones I tried are the 3 above, the tropical one smelt so beautiful which made me feel slightly better about putting it on my face. I love peel off face masks as I like the the peeling part rather than having clay in my hairline. These 3 left my skin feels fresh and clean and they were all under £1

tea tree, skincare, skin care, facial scrub, face mask

When I had an awful breakout this time last year (must be the heat) I tried tea tree products and they worked a miracle. But this time they just seemed so harsh! They felt like they were burning my skin! I am keeping these for winter time though, my skin is a lot less sensitive then! 

What do you use for your problem skin? Or how do you avoid getting problem skin? 



  1. For me, exfoliating and wearing facial mask are a must to remove the dead skin. I like how it makes my skin so smooth and supple.


    1. I must admit I have noticed my skins so much better after using a face mask each week, but still hasn't fixed my chin area! xx

  2. I learned the hard way that looking for solutions and adding extra products can do more harm than good and that sticking to your routine sometimes is the best idea! I don't often use masks anymore for that reason.

    1. I'm still using my normal products I just added face masks to see if it would resolve it! Totally stumped x

  3. I love a good face mask! My skin can get really dry so I love using the Hydraluron moisture boosting masks

    Style Sunrise ☀


    1. I don't really get dry skin, it's mostly oily but in the summer it goes awful under my makeup.
      I've heard they do really good mud masks x


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