Saturday, 30 August 2014

Playboy Pin-Up Challenge

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I received this @PlayboyMakeupUK set to try out for a Pin-Up challenge! I love to get arty so this was right up my street. I've never used Playboy make up before, nor have I ever seen it in store so I was really excited to give it a whirl.  

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First off I received a Perfect Kiss lipstick in Front Cover, which is a bright pink colour.. very similar to Mac Hoop. It's a lovely summer/spring colour. It has such a creamy formula that just glides across your lips, and leaves a light shine to your lips. I had to exfoliate my lips beforehand to make sure it didn't cling to any dry bits. I actually really like this cause I like the finish, I'll definitely be trying their red lipsticks when they're released. The packaging has a rubbery feel to it, which makes it look expensive and high quality. 

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Next I received Midnight Mansion Mascara in black, it has a large chunky wand with bristles rather than the plastic bristles you see a lot now. The bristles their self are massive though, which I think is the only downside. I was worrying I was going to catch my eyes when trying to use the brush. It gives a natural lash look, as it isn't very thickening or lengthening. I do like this but wish the bristles were a little bit smaller.

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Last of all was a bright pink nail varnish in Fluro Euro, it has a lovely sheen to it and only takes two coats for a completely opaque colour. It has a ever so slight sparkle in it which makes it so vibrant and stand out. It also has a thick brush to paint your nails with, this means you can get nice smooth lines around your cuticle area.

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Here is my 'Pin-Up' inspired make up look, using the products below and also my other every day products. 

Hope you like my look! Leave your link below if you did this too, I would love to check yours out!


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Feeling purple!

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I love all these purple looks all the make up artists are doing at the moment, and in a beautiful sunny day it just seems to match perfectly! The colours also come in nicely for Autumn, which is just around corner. 

I enjoy sitting playing with make up in my spare time and trying new colours I wouldn't normally wear, I find it quite therapeutic. Mac Up the Amp has to be one of my favourite shades, but there is only certain times I feel I can pull it off! It looks beautiful on people with dark hair.

Products used: 
Estée Lauder double wear
Mac mascara 
Mac Up the Amp
eBay eyeshadow palette
Collection 2000 brown gel liner
Mac soft and gentle 
Collection black eyeliner
MUA bronzer

If you have any tips please let me know!


Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Discovery Club - Summer

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Due to forgetting to change my new card information on The Fragrance Shop I have only just received my summer box. I'm still just as happy to get it now then never, as I love the smell of all the fragrances I received. I've always loved the idea of these boxes, as I never get to try all these perfumes otherwise. For only £5 every 3 or so month you can't really complain either.

All together you receive 6 samples of perfumes and aftershaves, luckily I have always got more perfumes than aftershaves so it benefits me a lot. I was excited for the summer edition as I love the smell of Prada Candy, and really wanted a handbag size spray.

Above are all the perfumes I received. Left to right: Agent Provocateur - Fatale, Givenchy - Dahlia Divin, Paco Rabanne - Lady Million, Prada - Candy and Ghost - Eclipse. My favourite out of the bunch is Fatale, it is such a sweet fragrance and not too over powering, definitely purchasing this! ..Closely followed buy Lady Million, I just can't stop spraying this it's so beautiful!

I only got two aftershaves (luckily, as I bombard my boyfriend with them). I do love a Lacoste male smell though, Givenchy is a bit too older man smell for my taste! I'm sure David will find some use of them.

Another perk is all of the discount vouchers you get for each tester you receive, so if you find one that you like you can buy it for £5 off. They're also great for buying gifts for people (or early Christmas shopping).

Do you receive any beauty boxes?


Saturday, 23 August 2014

Anna Sui

anna sui, make up, palette, bbloggers, make up, bblogger, beauty, skincare, girl, mac, mua, lipstick, eyeshadow, urban decay

After I started to see these on instagram I immediately wanted them, but because I'm 'saving' I told myself I didn't need them. Then Escentual brought them out on discount for £14.00 each instead of £28.00, so I could no longer tell myself I didn't need them! You can get them here, I would grab them while you can as I'm unsure when the 50% off ends. If the packaging doesn't sell you on these, the colours inside might!

First off is the eye shadow palette which has a mixture of different colours and finishes. The first four (from top left) are less shimmery than the others, all the others have a mix of glitter. With this it will be easy to create natural looks and night time looks.


(Right bottom row - Left top row)

The darker colours are so pigmented, they will create such deep coloured eyes. Unfortunately the two lightest colours don't have much pigment so they aren't quite as coloured.

Secondly is the lip palette, I literally cannot wait to wear all of these (not all at once)! All of the colours are so bold and beautiful, I just hope there's enough in each pot to last a while. The colours are very similar to many Mac lipsticks too, so if you're after a way to test what colours suit you this is a good place to start!


(Right top row - Left bottom row)

The clear glitter lipstick was hard to catch in a photo, plus I'm also not sure what I would use a clear glitter for? But just look how bright and colourful each lipstick is! There is colours for summer and winter, nice pinks for summer time and darker brown tones for winter.

Seeing as I was ordering from Escentual, I couldn't help but order my favourite skin care product - Bioderma cleansing solution. This is my go to product for everything - taking make up off, cleansing my face in the mornings and night and for any days you feel like a freshen up! You can get it here for £9.99 for 250ml.

What do you think of the Anna Sui eye shadow and lip palettes? Let me know below!


Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Peachy tones

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I'm loving peach eyeshadows at the moment, they create such a natural looking glow. You can wear the colours through the day for a little pop of colour, or you can add darker brown tones to make it more of a night look. Seeing as I was only getting ready for a family party I didn't want to go overboard, so I stuck with natural. 

To create this look I used an eyeshadow palette I picked up from eBay for £5.45! Obviously it isn't a high end palette but it's good to use when you're experimenting with make up. I mentioned it here in a post a few months back. With it having such a large selection of colours you can really play around, I'm still learning with make up so I find this a fun thing to experiment with. 

I also love Mac's Up the Amp, it can make your make up go from natural and plain to bright and more interesting (depending on the look you're going for). It has just a creamy texture so it feels lovely on your lips and doesn't dry them out. 

What do you use to play around with make up? Hope you like this look!


Sunday, 17 August 2014

August Birchbox

I'm never overly happy with a birchbox when it comes loaded with creams and oils as I rarely ever use them. But I do love the eyeshadow I received which I'll mention below. But I must admit I cannot complain about trying new products that I otherwise will never have tried!

First off is Number 4 Super Comb Prep & Protect £20.00, I've tried their non aerosol hairspray before which I loved! This is basically a detangler which you use on wet hair to comb through and dry. I'm excited to test this to compare it to the Beauty Protector spray, as I'm addicted to that which will be hard to beat! 

Next is the Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator £26, which is a face exfoliator. It doesn't have a scent to it which is perfect for anyone that has sensitive skin (especially me). If you have ever had Dr. Brandt Microdermabrasion exfoliator, this is the budget version and it also doesn't have the lemony scent Dr. Brandt has. I used this for the first time last night and my faces redness had went down immediately and my skin felt refreshed. I need to give this a couple of weeks to see if it makes a difference though.

Supergoop Daily Correct CC cream £32 is a smooth cream with a tinted colour. I got Light-Medium, which is still a little too dark for my ice white skin. It leaves a beautiful dewy finish but doesn't have much coverage, CC creams are perfect for holidays if you don't want to wear a lot of make up. It also has an SPF of 35 so it will protect your skin from sun damage too.

Nude Progenius Omega Treatment Oil £58, for me this is a little out my budget if I was to buy it for my skincare routine. I have oily skin so oil based products aren't always best for me to use. It is meant to be used after cleansing morning and afternoon, the vitamins in it will leave your skin refreshed and healthy.

Lastly I got the Wild About Beauty Créme Eyeshadow in Buster £13. I'm glad I got this shade as I love neutral colours and especially a light gold to finish off an eye look. This has a lovely consistency and doesn't feel gloopy or sticky. 

Another thing I received was a tester chapter page for the book 'The Proposal' by Tasmina Perry £7.99. I'm yet to look at this, but I have seen it advertised in Cosmo so it must be worth a read!

Overall I do quite like this box, I only wish I could choose to not receive things I don't use as I hate wasting them! What did you think of this months box? Did you get anything different to me?


Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Fix my summer skin!

superdrug, facemasks, skincare, fruit sorbet, peel off face mask, boots

I don't know about anyone else at the moment, but my skin is having a total meltdown. It's dry, oily and breaking out so none of my products are saving me either. I decided maybe it was time I started to take care of my skin and start using face masks to clear my pores (I never use them).

I nipped to my local SuperDrug to see what they had, I would usually use Lush Cosmetics products on my face but I don't live near enough to one. 

The first ones I tried are the 3 above, the tropical one smelt so beautiful which made me feel slightly better about putting it on my face. I love peel off face masks as I like the the peeling part rather than having clay in my hairline. These 3 left my skin feels fresh and clean and they were all under £1

tea tree, skincare, skin care, facial scrub, face mask

When I had an awful breakout this time last year (must be the heat) I tried tea tree products and they worked a miracle. But this time they just seemed so harsh! They felt like they were burning my skin! I am keeping these for winter time though, my skin is a lot less sensitive then! 

What do you use for your problem skin? Or how do you avoid getting problem skin? 


Sunday, 10 August 2014

Look in a box - All about coral

mac, mac cosmetics, look in a box, coral, lipstick

After getting an email from Mac about the 'Look in a Box', I had to get one! To be honest I wish I had got all three! Out of the choice of All about Pink, All about Nude, All about Coral, All about Beige, All about Plum and two brush kits I chose All about Coral. I loved the lipstick colour and eyeshadow palette in this, so if I was choosing one it had to be this. A lipstick, lipglass, eyshadow palette and eyeliner all for £35!!

mac, mac cosmetics, lipstick, lipglass, eyeshadow, eye liner

They come all nicely presented in a box, I was so excited to try it when it came!

passion charge, lipstick, make up, mac, mac cosmetics

The lipstick shade in the box is Passion Charge which is a Lustre finish. It's a nice change from all the pink matte shades I have.

mac cosmetics, mac, lipglass, pink, bblogger

This is my first lipglass! I've never been too fond with lipglosses cause I hate my hair sticking to my lips in the wind. The shade is Stoke the Flame, which is a pretty light pinky/coral. This has renewed a love for lipgloss in me!

mac, eyeshadow, palette, eye make up, eye liner

And the last two items I got is a eye liner in Brownborder, it's a chocolate colour which goes perfectly with eyeshadows. The eyeshadow shades are from top to bottom: Collective Chic, Veluxe Pearlfusion and Fard a Paupières. I did think the middle shade would be more khaki, but it all goes lovely together!

eye make up, brows, anastasia beverly hills, mua, make up artist, make up, mac, mac cosmetics

Uploading from my phone makes the quality of the photos go quite blurry, here I used everything out of the box on my face. I only used the eyeliner to shade under my eyes as I needed liquid for a cat flick look. 

Did you get anything from this collection? Or wish you had?


Thursday, 7 August 2014

Today's face

My favourite part of getting ready is doing my face! I'm constantly looking at MUA's on Instagram and attempting their make up. Today I decided on trying to make my eyebrows higher as I feel they're getting short and stumpy! 

To do my brows I currently use: 
Collection Brown Gel liner (dupe of Anastasia Beverly Hills)
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo in Dark Brown
Maybelline Browdrama 

I'm lusting over @rubeylalia's eyebrows on Instagram! 

What do you use for your brows? Is love to know some tips too! 


Sunday, 3 August 2014

The Glamour Beauty Edit box

After seeing all the other beauty bloggers getting the newest The Glamour Beauty Edit I had to jump onto the bandwagon! I got the one before this and I loved it and for the price £16.95 it's a bargain.

All together you receive 9 products all from different brands. With there being such a massive selection it doesn't even matter if there is 1 or 2 products you don't like. Myself I probably won't get much use out of the face oil and fake tan, but doesn't mean they won't come in handy at some point! Some products alone are £15-£20 to buy seperatly anyway.

This is one of the things I was most excited about, I've seen it on the airplane (is that how you spell it?) but didn't know much about it! It is about £18 to buy depending where you buy it from, so it is a steal in this box. I'm glad it came with instructions though.. after opening it and seeing the fluffy wand I was quite confused! To use it you put your mascara on as normal, then apply the fluffy wand over it while it's still wet and again apply another layer of your mascara.

This is the difference it made to my eyes (left before and right is after):

Rimmel Sun Shinner tan £6.99, with it being a medium I think it's going to be too dark for me to wear in the winter time (as I'll be even whiter then). I've used a few Rimmel instant tans in the past and liked them, but I'm just not much of a fake tan person! I've learnt to embrace my glowing white skin (ha). But if I was to use one this would definitely be one of my first choices for a wash off tan.

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil £8.00 - £21.00 depending on the size you buy, seeing as they sell this on Escentual I know it will be good. I'm currently going through a skin nightmare so I am scared to use it at the moment. (I will do a post on it once I get round to it). But from using it on the back of my hand I find it soaks in well and doesn't leave an awful residue like some oil products do.

I really could have done with this last weekend when I burnt myself to a crisp! But now I do have it I'm happy, Hawaiian Tropic has such a lovely smell. It's around £13.99 to buy, so again a bargain in this box. It soaks into your skin so well and doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy. If you are going on holiday I would grab some of this, it's also 1/2 price at Superdrug at the moment too.

I've never tried Crabtree & Evelyn products before and for only £6.00 for a nail varnish they aren't expensive either! It's really pigmented so it only takes 2 coats and is a lovely vibrant red with a little shimmer in it. There is 4 for 3 on the Crabtree & Evelyn products on their website at the moment too.

I love Toni & Guy products, but haven't tried that much of a variety and to be honest I don't use many hair products bar the obvious ones. This does have a nice smell and consistency though, but I don't think I will get much use from it! It is £7.19 from Boots, so not exactly breaking the bank if you want to try it anyway!

I love love love lipsticks and have always wanted to try Illamasqua products, but there is nowhere to buy them where I live! This is what sold me the whole box. I'm not sure if everyone got the same colour but I got 'Starkers' £18.50, which is a nice nude colour! It's a similar colour to my Mac Mehr but this has more of a sheen finish. This totally lived up to my expectations!

Next is 'The Original Tanning Mitt' £2.99, again seeing as I don't use fake tan much I won't get much use out of it. But from all the different mitts I have used this one feels so much better quality then the spongey side you usually get. 

Last is Bourjois cream blush in Nude Velvet, it's such a beautiful peachy tone. I've never tried a cream blush before cause I find they make my foundation go patchy (maybe I wear too much). This has such a light feeling to it though and doesn't feel like I'm put some form of face paint on! Could also be used as a light gloss for your lips too.

Did anyone else get this box? What did you think/get? I loved it.

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