Saturday, 23 August 2014

Anna Sui

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After I started to see these on instagram I immediately wanted them, but because I'm 'saving' I told myself I didn't need them. Then Escentual brought them out on discount for £14.00 each instead of £28.00, so I could no longer tell myself I didn't need them! You can get them here, I would grab them while you can as I'm unsure when the 50% off ends. If the packaging doesn't sell you on these, the colours inside might!

First off is the eye shadow palette which has a mixture of different colours and finishes. The first four (from top left) are less shimmery than the others, all the others have a mix of glitter. With this it will be easy to create natural looks and night time looks.


(Right bottom row - Left top row)

The darker colours are so pigmented, they will create such deep coloured eyes. Unfortunately the two lightest colours don't have much pigment so they aren't quite as coloured.

Secondly is the lip palette, I literally cannot wait to wear all of these (not all at once)! All of the colours are so bold and beautiful, I just hope there's enough in each pot to last a while. The colours are very similar to many Mac lipsticks too, so if you're after a way to test what colours suit you this is a good place to start!


(Right top row - Left bottom row)

The clear glitter lipstick was hard to catch in a photo, plus I'm also not sure what I would use a clear glitter for? But just look how bright and colourful each lipstick is! There is colours for summer and winter, nice pinks for summer time and darker brown tones for winter.

Seeing as I was ordering from Escentual, I couldn't help but order my favourite skin care product - Bioderma cleansing solution. This is my go to product for everything - taking make up off, cleansing my face in the mornings and night and for any days you feel like a freshen up! You can get it here for £9.99 for 250ml.

What do you think of the Anna Sui eye shadow and lip palettes? Let me know below!



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    1. It really is for only having a few colours, it has such an usual scent too x


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