Monday, 29 September 2014

Planning my NYC trip

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So on the 15th of December I'm going to the wonderful New York City!! I'm going with my boyfriend and another couple. Even though it is a few months away I like to plan things! (And make sure I haven't forgot something vital I need). So I thought I would do a post to get all the tips from all you bloggers. I'm ridiculously excited and want to make sure I don't miss anything big!

Seeing as it is winter I know I will need warm clothing.. Which I will have to think about when all the winter items come into stores. I'm thinking jumpers, jeans/leggings, uggs, some form of boots and a nice new winter coat(??). It's not going to be freezing but I still need to wrap up!

But what else do I need? Obviously I need a visa for the time I'm there (enlightening me on how to get a visa may be helpful), but does anyone have any tips on what to buy prior to going or what to do when I'm there? What's the best things to do in New York?

I'm terribly excited to go see the Christmas tree at the Rockafella centre and ice skating in Central Park.. All the things I have seen in films ha. 

Some ideas would be great as I want to make the most of our time there and enjoy every moment! (And buy lots of make up).

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  1. This sounds like a lovely holiday! My birthday is December 15th so I'm incredibly jealous as NYC is my favourite place! I'm going to Mauritius around this time so completely opposite weather conditions :'D

    You can apply for a Visa easily here.
    I last went to New York 3 years ago. Central Park Zoo was a good afternoon out after wandering through Central Park and grabbing a sweet snack from the New York famous Wafels and Dinges
    The Statue of Liberty is a must to go around and up if possible! The Empire State building is best at night I think. You can't forget looking in Macy's, Bloomingdales and Sephora!
    Visit Times Square both at night and during the day! The shops around there stay open until around midnight. Some even later!
    If you need any more tips tweet me! I have so much written down if you need it :)

    Peach Pow XO

    1. Mauritius looks beautiful though, so I'm also jealous! I didn't even think of the zoo! Definitely will need to add that to my list. I have a mini cruise around the statue of liberty, so hope we get to visit it then :). I'd quite like to go up the empire state day and night to get the best of both! What is the card you need to get when shopping in the likes of Macy's?
      Did you also get a New York pass or did you just pay for each attraction seperatly?


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