Friday, 31 October 2014

Bourjois Healthy Mix

I got this +BourjoisUK Healthy Mix foundation on a whim as I'm usually disappointed by high street foundations, or they never have a colour pale enough for me. So I must admit when everyone raved about this a few months back I slightly ignored the hype. But after popping up the street a few weeks ago I saw a lighter shade I hadn't seen before.. so I grabbed it.

I chose the colour 'Vanilla' which is a light Mac NC15 sort of shade (if you know Mac shades well enough), I usually find they're still orangey even though they look light in the packaging. But this colour really stays the colour it seemed, and matches my skin perfectly.

It is a light coverage foundation but is really build-able. I need at least a medium coverage to cover all my scarring on my face as concealer alone just doesn't hide it as much as I'd like. It also leaves your skin looking beautiful and dewy (and healthy looking, ironically), so if you're more of a matte foundation lover this may not be your thing. It can be matted down a little with some powder but not completely.

I've found this foundation to last hours longer than my Estee Lauder Double Wear which I usually swear by! (I still love it though). I have quite oily skin by the afternoon too, so for a foundation to still be there nearing the afternoon I'm impressed. If you do need to reapply over it throughout the day it also blends really well, I've found putting foundation over foundation usually makes it go cakey, but not with this!

I've been really impressed with this foundation, especially seeing as I don't usually buy a thing from this brand! What's your favourite of their products?

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Tuesday, 28 October 2014


I received these beautiful acid wash jeans from +Dresskode which retail for £13.99 here, which beats the prices in the likes of New Look etc. I was really surprised when I opened these as I didn't think they would look so expensive! The detailing on the tags was really impressive!

I was happy I got the acid wash jeans as they are one of my favourite types of jeans to wear apart from black, and they go with a lot of colours and great for all year round! I must admit the only downside to these for me is that they are so low waisted, I much prefer high waisted jeans. (That is only cause I feel more comfortable in them). But once I got over that and actually went out in them I really liked them! They were unbelievably comfortable and soft.

Here is what they look like on;

(Sorry for my horrendous clothes photo skills!)
I wore these with my new +Topshop green crop top and my chunky black boots, which is great for Autumn. They were such a good fit (I got a size 10) and really true to size which I often struggle with when buying jeans. Some shops make them tiny and other shops make them huge! I'm going to stick these in my suitcase for New York as I need some warm jeans to take with me! What did you think of the DressKode jeans?

My wishlist:

Grey dress here / Bodycon dress here / Check skort here

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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Halloween Chelsea Smile

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I've always been so interested in Special FX make up but just never knew where to start, and still not 100% sure. This is a very fiddley and bold Halloween look, so it will depend on how you're wanting to go out! 

I didn't want to purchase a expensive FX kit as I just wanted to try it and see how terrible I would be! (Why is there no make up classes around here?). I purchased the wax, spirit glue and fake blood from here, it's a great price for just playing around and find your feet!

I started by heating a ball of wax in my hand until it was sticky and playable, I rolled it into a sausage type shape to match the size/shape I wanted it to be on my face. I then blended the wax onto my face to make it look like it's actually my skin, I found it a lot harder to blend than I thought though! One I moulded it to the shape I wanted I then cut through the wax to make a 'cut'. I blended/changed the edges of the cut so they weren't so smooth of a cut. 

halloween, chelsea smile, brows, creepy, fake blood, ghoul, make up, halloween make up, crazy, bbloggers, bblogger, beauty blog

Once I got it how I wanted (slightly), I then added foundation to help it blend into the colour of my skin more. A foundation with heavy coverage is needed to make the wax more of a skin tone and less noticeable! Once I was all done I added some lipstick and fake blood, and voilĂ ! 

Let me see your versions! Or if you have any tips I would love to learn more!

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Friday, 24 October 2014

Comic Halloween

Out of all the Halloween looks I've seen doing around at the moment, the most impressive ones I've seen have to be the 'comic' looks. They all looked so bold and fun to create. Once I knew who I wanted to try and look like I was so excited! Shame I had to improvise for the 'crown' but hey ho!

I based this look off the comic book Wonder Woman, with the dark arches brows and the deep red lips. Suppose the look looks nothing without the costume or black flowing locks, must I made my best effort!

To do this look it's best to do it near a light so you can see where the light and shadows are on your face. Unfortunately with the dark nights now taking over it will be a lot harder to do it in the evenings (and to get a good photo like above). 

To create a highlight I used a pale powder and for any shading I used a bronzer. I also drew a outline for wherever I found a shade to be (I also discovered how hard it is to draw a straight line on your face). To draw the outlines I used +Maybelline UK  Lasting Drama gel eye liner with my +MAC Cosmetics  209 eye liner brush, this brush is so dainty and perfect for smooth lines.

I also used the eye liner to create fake eyelashes, I didn't use actual fake eye lashes as I wanted the 2D effect. 

If you wanted to go for more of a pop art look, you would do the same as above but use a white eye liner/eye shadow to create white dots all over. But just small dots not to over do it. 

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I have!

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Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Autumn Discovery Box

This is the Autumn edition to the Discovery Box, it doesn't seem 5 minutes ago since I got my last box! I only received 1 male fragrance this month which I'm quite happy about, I don't think my Dad or boyfriend appreciate them as much as I do.

I'm a little sad there wasn't a YSL Black Opium tester as I haven't been near the Metrocentre to try it yet (I'll stop being lazy now and go myself). But at least there are some perfumes I would probably not know about to try here!

In the box there is Loewe Quizas £44.50 for 30ml; Loewe Aura £48.00 for 40ml which is quite a rosey scent; Jean Paul Gaultier Classique £31.50 for 20ml which is also a rose smells, but not as strong as the Loewe; Kenzo Jeu d'Amour £38.50 for 30ml and lastly Jimmy Choo (Man) £28.50 for 30ml, I do quite like this smell as it's quite fruity, but not too sure how my boyfriend would feel about it!

My favourite out of the bunch is Kenzo Jeu d'Amour which is quite a fruity/floral scent, I wouldn't say it was very 'Autumn' but it smells lovely and has been a great addition to my handbag the past week. Compared to the Summer edition I don't think there will be anything I will be desperate to purchase, but I do have the vouchers from the box to help towards Christmas presents for others!

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Halloween: Sugar Skull

I've been really enjoying being creative lately, I'm going to be so sad once Halloween is over! I love sugar skull looks (or anything sugar skull), so I was really excited to try this. I wanted to do a 'half and half' look so if I was going to be going out with this make up on I wouldn't be completely covered. It felt quite alter ego-ish and fun! 

To create this look I just used my average make up I have lying around, so you don't need to buy expensive or particular products to do looks like this. I started with my normal make up on, I'm naturally pale anyway so it didn't take much to make the 'sugar skull' side paler. I first drew around my eye for the shape I wanted the black area to be, I just used my +Lord & Berry Kohl eye liner. I then chose the colour for the middle, I chose a dusty pink colour but any bright colour will do. And then blended some black eye shadow and the eye liner together to fill the area.

sugar skull, make up, make up artist, vegas nay, sugar skull make up, halloween, halloween make up, creative, art, superdrug, mua, boots, eyelure

I used the +Makeup Academy (MUA) white eye liner to colour in my lips to match my skin tone (and to make them a little more grey). Again I used the Kohl to draw all the swirl details and mouth area on. When looking at sugar skulls they are often covered in flowers, cobwebs, swirls, dots and bright colours, so it is fun to incorporate it all how you want. I used a black eye shadow under my cheekbones to create a 'skull' affect, which I blended further down the create a light grey colour too.

sugar skull, make up, make up artist, vegas nay, sugar skull make up, halloween, halloween make up, creative, art, superdrug, mua, boots, eyelure

And last of all I added some +eyeLure Boutique lashes on each eye to finish off the look!

sugar skull, make up, make up artist, vegas nay, sugar skull make up, halloween, halloween make up, creative, art, superdrug, mua, boots, eyelure

You can have as much fun with or without colours as you want with a sugar skull, as not all are so bright and you may not be brave enough with brighter colours.  I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did, I would love to see your interpretations of it too.

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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Octobers 'CoppaFeel' Birchbox

This months +Birchbox UK is relating to Breast Cancer Awareness month and to inspire everyone to focus on their health and well being! I love it when there are themed months, especially this one as it's very close to my heart (it's important to check your boobies :]).

It's always so exciting receiving my Birchbox, not matter how long I've been subscribed for. As soon as I get my dispatch email I run to check the post at work until it arrives! I love opening it and seeing all the bright colours and products I've probably not tried yet. I got quite a mix this month, which always the best as I have something of everything to try.. make up, nails, skincare and hair.

KMS California Hair Play Playable Texture £15.50
I've seen this make mentioned quite a bit through American bloggers and even through US Birchbox so I was interested in trying one of their products. Their bright and cheery packaging just draws your attention no matter what it even does anyway! I got a styling product which you can use on wet and dry hair, I'm yet to see what it's durability is like as I've only had it a day or so, but the smell and texture is lovely. Only downside for me is the price, I don't think I could condone the £15.50 price tag! 

Shaveworks The Cool Fix £11.00
I must admit I was intrigued by this, and did think it was a shaving foam type product until I read the instructions properly! It's to be used after shaving (rather than during like I assumed) and claims to treat ingrown hairs or any sores from shaving or waxing. My legs always go itchy after shaving, no matter what moisturiser I use, so I'm excited to see how this works! 

Lollipops Nail Laquer £7.00
This may be my 100th red nail varnish now (I'm starting to lose interest) but it is my most worn colour on my toes so I will get use of it. Just testing it out, it takes two coats to get a nice opaque coat, but I'm not sure of the longevity of it until I see how long it lasts! It is a beautiful tone of red though and has great consistency, it also looks a lot more expensive than what it is.

Pixi by Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm £8.00
I was excited when I saw this in the sneak peeks, and there was some lovely colours going around in everyone's boxes. I got a pink toned brown colour, which will be great for the Autumn season as it's the 'in' colour at the moment. I love tinted lip balms to throw in my hand bag for a pop of colour through the day, I never carry lipsticks around with me in case they melt. This is similar to the Maybelline Babylips but the texture is a lot more creamy than Babylips, and feels a lot more nourishing on my lips too. I'm looking forward to get some use out of this.

Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm £20.00
I quite like Balance Me products since I received their eye cream a few boxes ago, they are completely natural products so they work really well with my sensitive skin. I'm currently on the hunt for a new cleanser that doesn't irritate my new arrival of face eczema :(. Liz Earle has always been the holy grail for me as her products are so refreshing and Balance Me products have exactly the same effect. So if you don't have the funds for Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish I would say this is the next best thing.

And last of all is the Birchbox lipstick pen which is £2.50. I think this is super cute and I will be keeping this in my handbag just in case. Unfortunately the one in my box is broken, but Birchbox are sending me a new one out to replace it, they always have the best customer service!

Do you want to treat yourself to a Birchbox? Subscribe or get yourself a one off box for £10 per month (plus postage) here! Especially as the Christmas ones are coming up, you can always use them as stocking fillers!

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Ever since this came out and all the make up artists on Instagram starting using it I have been dreaming about it. Everyone's eyebrows seemed flawless and I needed it (really did). It can sometimes be really hard to get a hold of as it sells out pretty quick, I got mine from +Cult Beauty for £15.00.

I comes in a handy little pot, which surprisingly holds loads of product, so this will last me a good 6 months to a year! A little bit of the product goes a long way, especially for doing my eyebrows every day, it has been over 3 weeks and there is barely a dint in the product. 

The colour I decided to go for was 'Dark Brown' as I thought it was the most simple of the brown colours and couldn't possibly go wrong with it! They do a wide variety of colours for a lot of different hair colours. Previously I used Collection 2000 brown gel liner to do my brows, which has worked perfectly for months, but I was desperate to try this. The formula for this product is so creamy so you have to be careful not to press down too hard and getting too much product. 

My brows beforehand are so fluffy and boring, and they have absolutely no shape to them at all. I am trying to grow them out but it seems to be taking a lifetime. Note to self: Never over pluck your brows!

First off to do my brows I underline them to be the shape I want using my +Makeup Academy (MUA) E7 angled brush (£1.50), I sometimes change the shape depending on how I feel that day. Sometimes they're straighter and sometimes they have a large arch. With this product you can make your brows however you like.

 I then line the top of my brows to the shape I want the rest of them, I nearly always shape them to have a straight tail from the arch area. I use this product to fill in my brows too, but it doesn't completely cover all of my balder eyebrow parts. For complete coverage I use the +Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo powder as it is great for setting the cream and darkening areas.

 And to finish off I really lightly underline my brow towards my nose and gradually fill it in. I try to only use excess product to do this area as I prefer the 'ombre' effect brow. I underline and highlight my brows using a +Makeup Academy (MUA) concealer palette, this makes the arch stand out more and gives my brows a cleaner edge.

Here is my final brows (with the rest of my make up on), I look a little more alive once I have concealer on..

(I can't imagine seeing my make up without brows)

What's your favourite product for brows? 

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Friday, 10 October 2014

Halloween: Doll & Blue

I'm so excited for Halloween, it's one of my favourite times of year! (apart from Christmas). I love playing around with make up to find something I like! I decided this year to invest in some Special FX too seeing as I love all the creative looks everyone are doing.

My first look is 'scary' dolly:

If you're like me and probably not brave enough to go out dressed actual scary on Halloween this is the right sort of way to go. You can look pretty(ish) and still get dressed up! It's also really simple to do so you won't be spending hours trying to get it right.

I kept the same foundation colour I normally use cause I'm already pale, but you can use a paler one if you wanted. I used a bronzer to contour under my cheekbones and around my face to give it a more defined shape (rather than moon face), but make sure you blend it in or you will get lines! You can do more dramatic brows than what I chose, but I was going for the more 'normal' look.  P.s don't forget a bright pink blusher for the apples of your cheeks!

To do my eyes I drew around them in white eye liner to make them appear wider and put it on my waterline too. I used a black eye liner to outline where I wanted my big 'eyes' to be. Instead of sticking on the fake eyelashes to my own lashes, I stuck them to the black outline and for the bottom I drew on some lashes. 

Depending on what look you're going for will depend what eye make up you want, I chose red, pink and greys to create the darker smokey eye. If you wanted to go for a more spooky look you could use more black tones, and for a more creepy look you can use a pink/red tone under your eyes too.

halloween, doll make up, scary doll, make up, mua, vegas nay, mac cosmetics, eyebrows, anastasia beverly hills

I outlined my lips using Nightmoth liner from Mac, it's the perfect dark purple liner.. definitely needed for even normal looks! I flicked the liner out at each corner to give it a more ventriloquist look rather than barbie lips (ha). I then used Mac Hang-Up lipstick and powdered a silver eye shadow over the top to give it 'light' effect. 

halloween, doll make up, scary doll, make up, mua, vegas nay, mac cosmetics, eyebrows, anastasia beverly hills, lips

Next look was more 'creepy' alien/mermaid make up:

halloween, doll make up, scary doll, make up, mua, vegas nay, mac cosmetics, eyebrows, anastasia beverly hills, alien, mermaid, blue

halloween, doll make up, scary doll, make up, mua, vegas nay, mac cosmetics, eyebrows, anastasia beverly hills, alien, mermaid, blue

I'm terrible with hair so I had noo idea what to do with mine other than it flop around and ruin it. But I love this look for a simple 'change' for Halloween. It isn't too bold but it's enough for someone to notice you've changed it up a bit. Melt Cosmetics do a amazing blue lip colour, but I'm yet to own it.. so for now I used my blue Collection eye liner on my lips. The eye liner brought out an beautiful shade of blue and the longevity was great as it worked as a stain (not so good if you plan to take it off straight away).

I coloured my brows with a blue eye shadow from my Revolution palette and I used the same palette for my eyes. I went for a blue smokey eye, but if you were to go for something more spooky you could add more of the blue tone under your eyes with a white eye liner in the waterline. It would work quite nice with slicked back hair for an 'alien' look.

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