Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Ever since this came out and all the make up artists on Instagram starting using it I have been dreaming about it. Everyone's eyebrows seemed flawless and I needed it (really did). It can sometimes be really hard to get a hold of as it sells out pretty quick, I got mine from +Cult Beauty for £15.00.

I comes in a handy little pot, which surprisingly holds loads of product, so this will last me a good 6 months to a year! A little bit of the product goes a long way, especially for doing my eyebrows every day, it has been over 3 weeks and there is barely a dint in the product. 

The colour I decided to go for was 'Dark Brown' as I thought it was the most simple of the brown colours and couldn't possibly go wrong with it! They do a wide variety of colours for a lot of different hair colours. Previously I used Collection 2000 brown gel liner to do my brows, which has worked perfectly for months, but I was desperate to try this. The formula for this product is so creamy so you have to be careful not to press down too hard and getting too much product. 

My brows beforehand are so fluffy and boring, and they have absolutely no shape to them at all. I am trying to grow them out but it seems to be taking a lifetime. Note to self: Never over pluck your brows!

First off to do my brows I underline them to be the shape I want using my +Makeup Academy (MUA) E7 angled brush (£1.50), I sometimes change the shape depending on how I feel that day. Sometimes they're straighter and sometimes they have a large arch. With this product you can make your brows however you like.

 I then line the top of my brows to the shape I want the rest of them, I nearly always shape them to have a straight tail from the arch area. I use this product to fill in my brows too, but it doesn't completely cover all of my balder eyebrow parts. For complete coverage I use the +Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duo powder as it is great for setting the cream and darkening areas.

 And to finish off I really lightly underline my brow towards my nose and gradually fill it in. I try to only use excess product to do this area as I prefer the 'ombre' effect brow. I underline and highlight my brows using a +Makeup Academy (MUA) concealer palette, this makes the arch stand out more and gives my brows a cleaner edge.

Here is my final brows (with the rest of my make up on), I look a little more alive once I have concealer on..

(I can't imagine seeing my make up without brows)

What's your favourite product for brows? 

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  1. I appreciate a great brow and yours look amazing!!

    Anoushka x www.anoushkaloves.com

  2. I actually don't ever use anything on my eyebrows, I have really light ones (like light grey) so it looks really odd if I try to darken them. I always wanted nice dark eyebrows though!


    1. Mine are naturally dark but I hate them! You can get light kits too :) x

  3. Wow, your brows look amazing! And quite natural. Really want to try the Anastasia Brow Pomade. I also over plucked my brows and now they always need correction. Wish I could go back in time. But since I can't Anastasia would help loads! x

    Speaking Beauty UK

    1. I wish I could too, but these products make up for it all haha. It takes a little to get a hang of, but once you do you can't go without them x


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