Wednesday, 8 October 2014

DIY Gel Nails - Sensationail

I've loved getting gel nails done since getting them at a Salon over a year ago. Rather than spend a fortune every 3 weeks paying someone else to do them, I wanted to try and do it myself. Which means I can be as creative or as boring as I want and change the colours as often as I want without forking out £20 each time. 

I got the Sensationail kit last Christmas and I've loved it ever since. I've never tried any other kits so obviously I have nothing to compare it to, but I've never had a problem with it. In the kit you receive a LED lamp, gel cleanser, 1 colour, top and base coat, gel primer and a little nail file. I wasn't too keen on the bright pink colour I received, but it's still wearable! The kit retails at £69.99 which you can get from places such as Boots or sometimes ASDA. I do think Sensational have a vague choice of colours, so I just buy colours from eBay mostly (Can get every colour you can dream of on there), and they're also cheap!

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After having the kit for so long, I did run out of the top and base coat that Sensationail supplied in the kit. So I purchased some 'Bluesky' top and base coat to replace it, which I think is actually a better quality as it has a much thicker consistency and easier to get an even coat. After buying those I thought I would give the Bluesky colours a go too, the first colour I ever got was black and a glitter, which are still going strong!

sensationail, nail art, gel nails, bbloggers, bblogger, beauty blog, nail review

I've always put up with the struggle of soaking my hands in acetone for ages and picking off the gel (which isn't good for my nails). I eventually found this in stock in my local boots so I grabbed it. It has made taking my gels off 100% quicker! You have to be careful not to scrape off your actual nail though! I would recommend purchasing this if you were to get the kit, it saves so much time.

Above is my nails after removing my gels, I was lazy with my nails and should have took it off a week or so ago. Now my nails have lost their length cause they kept catching on things (rookie error). If I wasn't putting another layer of gel on over the top I would have made sure the surface was smooth, but for the gel to stick it needs to have a rough layer. My nails are slowly growing back into their stiletto shape again (yey).

 I used Pixel Gel polish in Bahama Mama on my thumb which is £11.99 in Superdrug, the red, silver and black leopard print are all Bluesky polishes which you can get for around £5.00 on eBay. Bluesky polishes have lasted just as well for me than any other I have used, even from Salons. So if you're looking for a cheaper alternative Bluesky is great. (Apologies for the claw).

Do any of you's use gel nail polishes? What's the best brand you have tried?

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  1. I never really use gel nail polish haha but I love painting my nails :)

    1. It's good if you have weak nails, but if you can do without its not worth harming your nails x

  2. Ahh I've recently got gels done on my nails and love it. I have been debating about getting this as an alternative though! I've seen it in boots. Might have to stop resisting the temptation! ;)

    Lovely blog, I'm now following on Google and bloglovin! I'd love it if you took a look at mine x


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