Monday, 3 November 2014

Black and Gold eyeliner

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I have the plain black version of this eyeliner and I love it. It's so easy to do any look as it's so creamy and easy to apply. I love using gel eye liner to finish off a look, it makes it look less plain and gives it a bit more edge. I always feel naked when I don't wear liner on my lazy days. I've tried quite a few different makes of gel liner and I always revert back to Maybelline, all the other ones just don't have the smooth consistency as this product. It has a long wear time but last a lot longer when worn with a eye primer.

To apply this I use my Mac 209 eye liner brush, I damped the brush a little before dipping it into the product. (Not sure why but it makes the lines so much smoother). I find the brush that comes with the pot is too small and fiddley to use and I've always used my 209 brush since getting it, it's so precise.

make up, mua, bbloggers, beauty, blog, skincare, vegas nay,

You can see all pretty little gold speckles in the eyeliner which is what made me buy it (yes, made me). It's not over powering gold speckles, it's still lovely and sleek just with the hint of gold in it. 

The only downside of the liners is that after a while they dry up and aren't as easy to use, no matter how quick you fasten the lid after finishing. So I would say it's best to replace them after a few months, which is probably best for eye products any way.

Here's what it looks like below:

maybelline, make up, mua, bbloggers, beauty, blog, skincare, vegas nay,
maybelline, make up, mua, bbloggers, beauty, blog, skincare, vegas nay,

I promise there is really speckles in the liner but I've tried to catch it in the photo and it's impossible! 

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  1. Wow you've put the liner on perfectly! Sometimes gold speckles in products make me buy them too. Maybe they have magic powers?

    Katie x

    1. Must admit it is the sparkles that made me want it more haha x

  2. Wow you're good at applying eyeliner, it looks really nice :)

  3. This looks gorgeous on the pan and I can still kinda see a little bit of the different colour on your eye photo. I didn't know this colour existed. Shame it dries up so quickly, though. My other gel liners don't. But I love the colour so will still have a look at it next time I'm in Boots/Superdrug :) xx

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

    1. This one has lasted a lot better than my first plain one, so hopefully it's a better formula. It's so nice though x


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