Friday, 30 January 2015

January health kick with smoothie recipes..

I started to go to the gym last year and I loved the feeling of accomplishment after eventually forcing myself to go. So I am going to continue this again this year and hope to feel even better by the end of the year. Must admit it was a little shock after not going since the start of December but enjoyed it none the less.

So in the health kick spirit I bought a blender to have some healthy smoothies and hopefully see a difference in my health in doing so. I heard great things about the benefits of smoothies especially adding things like spinach/kale into it. Groupon has a lot of great deals on at the moment here, where I picked this up for £22.99 and it came with two cups.

Here is a few concoctions I've been drinking so far:

Ingredients: Coconut water, raspberries, blackberries, cherries (which are a nightmare to de-pip) and blueberries. This is one of my favourites as it's lovely and sweet.

Ingredients: Spinach, coconut water, mango, raspberries, strawberries and half a banana. It does look slightly like soil but I promise it did taste nice!

Ingredients: Coconut water, blueberries, spinach, raspberries and half a banana.

Ingredients: Coconut water, pineapple, mango, half a banana and two handfuls of spinach.

Ingredients: Coconut water, raspberries, mango and pineapple. It was so candyfloss pink and looks delicious, this has been one of my favourites so far. By not putting a banana in a smoothie it makes it a lot thinner and more juice like!

What have you been doing as part of your new year resolutions?

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Wednesday, 28 January 2015

My first Tarte product: Amazonian Blush

I've always loved the look of Tarte products, their packaging is always so beautiful (which makes me want it more). I've seen heaps of people rave about the Amazonian blushes so I've been desperate to try them. I put off buying loads of stuff last year so I could buy it all when I was in New York and this was one of them. I must admit I stared at the colours for about 10 minutes before I could pick just one colour (wish I had got a few more).

The colour I decided to go for was Blissfull as it was the colour I mostly wear, I find I'm too pale for any of the darker brown shades even though I absolutely love them. Blissfull is a shimmery peach colour, so it will suit nearly every skin tone. Tarte blushes are £18.18 in Sephora, so they are not too expensive but are little more pricey than the likes of your high street brands.  

I must admit I was a little sad to use this and damage the pretty pattern, but suppose it is there to be used.. 

Here's what it is like on: 

Have you tried any of the Tarte blushes yet? What is your favourite shade?

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Monday, 26 January 2015

Long overdue Makeup Revolution haul

I'm so glad Makeup Revolution made an appearance last year as I absolutely love their products, they bring out new releases so much I can't keep up! As I type this I'm wishing I bought a few other things when I made this purchase! But hey ho, I'll just have to buy the other things next time...

I've seen photos of the Atomic lipsticks and the blush palettes pop up all over their Instagram and I knew I needed to get my hands on them. I've been wanting to try some new bold colours so I thought I would give these a go. The green shade is very out my comfort zone, but I couldn't stop myself buying it. They're also my first Makeup Revolution lipsticks, it's possibly the only things I never got round to trying so far. And for the prices you can't not have an excuse to try any of the ranges.

These are the three Atomic lipsticks I bought, I thought I would get a mixture of the colour range that was available and I've been trying to break into dark brown lipsticks for a while. There is also a beautiful colour called Magnificent, which wasn't there when I bought these.. but looks absolutely amazing! (sad I didn't get it). These lipsticks are only £1.00!! what an absolute steal.

The lipsticks have a lovely sheen to them once applied, but they are quite sheer colours so it takes a few swipes to get the opaque colour I expected. I did think they would be more opaque than they are but they're still a nice shade regardless, and very true to the colour you see in the packaging. I also found that they cling to dry parts of your lips so you are best off using a lip scrub before applying them. I do love the colours of these lipsticks though so I am overly impressed, just a few things I wish were different!

I decided to get the Golden Sugar palette which is £6.00, it is a mixture of blushes, bronzers and highlighters. I found the top colours to be more of a highlighter/light blush and the bottom colours seem more of a bronzer type colour. They all have glitter in, but they aren't too glittery to a point they look ridiculous! I have been using the first colour for a highlight on my brow bone as I find it a little too white for my pale skin. The only colour I have been slightly avoiding is the gold colour, as I'm not too sure where to use this on my skin.. I could use it on my eyes no problem! I do absolutely love this palette though, and think there is a great selection for all skin tones.

First is blush stick, I decided on Matte Malibu as I've been wanting a cream blush to try for contouring for a long time. This colour is a great dupe for the Nars Matte Multiples and at £5.00 it's a bargain compared to £30.00 Nars version. This is so creamy and amazing to blend, I have been applying this under my cheekbones for a contouring effect. I can't use the full side to blot as I find the tube a bit bulky, so I have to use the edge to get the line I want.

Next is the Ultra Aqua Brow Tint in Medium, I loved the look of this when I saw them post it on twitter and knew I wanted to try it. I love Anastasia Brows as I love the smooth lines the gel gives, so I thought a liquid would have an even smoother line.. which it did! It was also surprisingly easy to apply to my brows in the way I wanted it. 

I'm really happy with everything I ordered, just only wish I had bought the new chocolate palette.. and the new brushes.. and evereything else. What do you think about what I got? Is this anything you're after from their ranges at the moment?

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Friday, 23 January 2015

Glittery eyes? Why not!

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I'm such a Instagram junkie and I love all the amazing glitter eye looks a lot of make up artists are doing at the moment. So when Born Pretty sent me this glitter eyeshadow palette I was so excited to use it. If only this palette gave me the skills the make up artists do..

glitter eyeshadow, swatch, make up, beauty, bornpretty, bbloggers, bloglovin, blogger,

All together there is 5 shades, a white, grey, brown, pink and purple. There is also two other palettes available, one is neutral shades and the other is similar with blue tones rather than pink/purple. But I decided on this one as I really want to be more adventurous with colour (or at least try).

glitter eyeshadow, swatch, make up, beauty, bornpretty, bbloggers, bloglovin, blogger,

The colours are a lot more pigmented than I expected, usually glitter eyeshadows lose their pigment to glitter over load. You could use a few of these together or just one or two to add a bit shine. I must admit the purple and pink scare me a little but I am excited to use them!

This palette retails for only £3.65 here, which is such a steal! It's nice knowing you don't have to pay a small fortune for pigments like the ones from Mac to get such a good colour pay off. You can also get a discount for any full price products by using the discount code TSH10 at the checkout.

What do you think of these colours?

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Even Birchbox are on a health kick!

birchbox, skincare, beauty box, health

So this months Birchbox was based on a January health kick with Womens Health, so my box was full of skin care and hair care. Everything you would need to rejuvenate yourself after the Christmas period! I very rarely change up my skin care routine as it's crazily sensitive, but seeing as everything in this box isn't scented it will be great for my skin.

birchbox, skincare, beauty box, health

In this months box there was:

Philip Kingsley Flaky Shampoo £21 - I've tried a few of the Philip Kinsley shamppos/conditions and I've loved them all, they have all done exactly what they claim to. So receiving this I am a little excited to get using it. It's just a shame it's not exactly for my hair type seeing as I don't have flaky or itchy scalp. The Philip Kinsley Eslasticizer is an amazing product if you're after a intensive repair treatment for your hair.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum £45 - This product claims to even your skin tone, boost your skins radiance and moisturise your skin all at once. It is also oil free, so it will be great for me to apply before make up with having oily skin. You can use this on its own or under your average moisturiser after cleansing. This also doesn't have a scent so it will be good for anyone with sensitive skin.

HealGel Body £39.50 - I was secretly wishing this was solely for hands as they are what have suffered a lot for me this winter.. but it's a body lotion! It claims to have inflammatory ingredients that will calm and regenerate skin. It has a lovely gel texture to it and also doesn't leave a slimy residue, I hate creams that make my skin feel slimy afterwards! I've been using this for a few days and it's has so far been really good and has made some of my dry areas disappear. I'm a little sad there isn't a lot of this product as you can't really use it all over cause there would be none left!

activbod Feel Great Shower Concentrate £5.00 - This product is quite scented so I'm a little dubious to try it as I can't use any scented shower gels, it has a strong smells of green tea. It also has sea minerals in and almond oil, but the green tea definitely over powers that scent. This is supposed to be a post workout shower gel, but I'm not really sure what it claims to do apart from 'energise'.

Embrace Matcha Green Tea £24.99 - Matcha is supposed to be the new in superfood with more antioxidants then the average green tea. I'm not much of a hot drink drinker, even though you can add the powder into your smoothies or juice, but I gave it to my Mam to try instead as she loves green tea. You add 1/2 teaspoon into hot/cold water and drink, it is a really bright green when you stir it in and looks amazing! Well my Mam enjoyed it at least.

Stila Lip Glaze £15.00 - This is actually my first Stila product and  I was really excited when I actually received it in my box! I don't hear much about Stila products but I have always been intrigued to try them, so here is a first step towards that. I got the shade Gleam which is a light pink with glitter, this colour was 100% not up my street so I was quite glad when my friend at work gave me her Raspberry shade she didn't want! So in trying the shade I didn't actually receive in the box, but like better I love it. It doesn't leave a sticky residue on your lips like some glosses do and has a lovely pigment to it. One swipe is enough colour and lasts quite a few hours!

and last of all the Birchbox Pilates Band £7.99 - This is basically a resitance band but it's teeeny! You can use this around your ankles to try and tone your legs/calfs or around your arms too. In the tips they also say to use it whilst sitting at your desk at work, but I think I would get some funny looks!

Overall I wasn't too happy with this months box, as like I say a lot, I hate the overloads of creams etc. I would love to receive more make up orientated make up products. But the Stila lip glaze was the biggest perk and made me happy I got the January box. And the gloss paid for itself for the price of the Birchbox anyway!

What did you think of this months Birchbox?

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Monday, 19 January 2015

My new holy grail foundation.. Nars Sheer Glow in Ceylan

See my Nars Sheer Glow review here

There was a time when I said I didn't have many Nars products, the collection is definitely growing! I got this beauty in New York, I've been desperate to try Nars Sheer Glow for such a long time but I wanted to see the shades in person so I could make sure I got the right shade. It's a waste of time trying to guess your own shade using the internet. I got the shade Ceylan (light 6) which is a light-medium colour with a yellow undertone. Being the skin tone I am my foundations need a yellow undertone or I look really pink/white!

I've never been one for minimal coverage foundation as I have a lot of scarring on my skin from blemishes, so I'm glad this is a light-medium coverage and really build-able. I usually wear 2 layers, applying each layer with a beauty blender. I still use my concealer with this as I don't want to cake foundation on just to cover my blemishes. I also love the glow it gives to my skin, it doesn't effect the lasting performance either. It has lasted from 8am to 7pm with a dab of powder in the middle before it started to not look its best.

For a while I only swore on wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear, but then moved on to Bourjois Healthy Mix and now this.. I must admit I still love the other two foundations, but this has definitely progressed to my first favourite and go to foundation.

The only downside I find to this is the fact it doesn't come with a pump (like Double Wear). I think for the £31 price tag you expect to not have to pour it out a jar. I also can't seem to find the pump in stock anywhere?! But this is definitely worth the money, it may be a little out of peoples budget, but if you get the chance I would purchase!

Have you tried this foundation, what did you think? If not, what is your go to foundation?

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Friday, 16 January 2015

NARS Virtual Domination Palette

nars, virtual domination, palette, make up, mua, beauty

I was so excited to go and grab this in Sephora, it was literally the first thing I grabbed as I went through the door. I don't own many things Nars but have only heard good things and was excited to see it all face to face (is that sad).

This palette offers three different blush, one highlight and one bronzer, so even if you don't like one colour there is a few others for an excuse to buy it. This palette has made me realise why everyone raves about Nars blushes, they are amazing and look exactly the same as they do in the pan. Each colour is so pigmented and only needs a light dab to get a good colour pay off on your skin. Depending on how you like your highlighter the Miss Liberty highlighter has a lot of glitter in it, so it will stand out a lot more than some. But it does leave a beautiful golden glow and is great for night time looks.

nars, virtual domination, palette, make up, mua, beauty

Top to bottom: Miss Liberty, Deep Throat, Laguna, Sex Fantasy and Final Cut.

My favourite out of this palette is definitely Sex Fantasy, I would never have thought I would like a lilac toned blush. It creates a really light glow on the cheeks than doesn't stand out as much as darker blushes.

What did you think of this palette? Did you manage to grab it?

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Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Newest addition to my bedroom..

Ever since getting my dressing table I've always wanted a Hollywood style mirror, but every one I have been able to find seem to have the £400+ price tag. Which to me is extortionate! So I've spent ages flicking through the likes of Pinterest in search of an alternative and that is where I have got this inspiration. 

Believe me if I had the £400 spare (which is never), I would probably have bought a ready made one as they can be beautiful. But this basically looks exactly the same and has exactly the same effect. I think it makes such a difference to my mirror I had prior to this! I actually made my poor boyfriend go in search of bulbs the day it arrived as I was so excited to use it.

I'm going to list all the products I bought just in case you need a little inspiration.. 

Items needed:

Two Ikea Musik wall lamps £22

You will also need two plugs to wire the wall lamps into as they don't come with plugs on.. bizarre! And also 10 Ledare LED bulbs, I would recommend getting these from Ikea too as they cost a bomb in every other store! Then voila, you have everything you need and all you need to do now is fix it to a wall where ever you want!

I already had a dressing table beforehand just wasn't happy with the mirror, but Ikea also do a great desk which can be used for your vanity table. I've kept my original as it matches perfectly with the rest of the furniture in my bedroom.

Here is the before and after of my vanity:

I'm so happy with how it's turned out and it is exactly what I wanted! Though I think my boyfriend may have something to say when the brightness wakes him up every morning now, woops.. What is your dressing table like? Or are you after inspiration too?

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Glamglow Supermud

After reading heaps of reviews saying how good this was and how it was everyones go to skin care product I wanted it desperately. I did put it off until I was on holiday so I could just get it in Sephora as I couldn't justify the price just in case it didn't work for me. I bought this for $69 but it retails for £45 in the UK, which is worth it once you get your hands on it.

The mask claims to tighten your skin and pore whilst fighting against any blemishes/break outs or ingrown hairs. It also states that it doesn't remove any of your skins healthy oils, like some cheaper brands do. It does say on the box that it recommends using it 2-3 times a week, but I think that is a bit much for me. It can also be used as a spot treatment (up to 1,000 uses), but I'm sticking to my current spot zapper as I know it works wonders. 

I have been using this as a mask once a week (I don't think I have time for any more). I put a light layer around my face starting from my nose and working outwards and leave it on for 15 minutes. It goes a light grey colour when it's nearly ready to come off, and then I rinse off with warm water (it smells like liquorice mm). It left my skin feeling refreshed, tight and clean (as it claims) and my make up went on like a dream the day after! Using this as a mask they say you get about 17 uses to one pot, which makes it around £3 per mask, which is what you pay nearly for one sachet of face mask. 

I'm going to continue using this a I love it, and hope it keeps making my skin nicer as the weeks go on. For the past three weeks this has kept my skin break out free and more pores are visibly reduced, which is amazing for me as I have very spot prone skin. I'm still continuing my normal skincare aside this and I'm only using this once a week, but you can use this multiple times a week if needed.

Have you tried this yet?

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Friday, 9 January 2015

Benefit Rockateur

I've been saving up my +Birchbox UK points to grab this! I have never owned many Benefit products as I do think they're a little pricey in some aspects, but I always love them so don't see why I always hold back. I remember this blush being released and I loved the packaging and the lovely gold rose tone inside! The Benefit packaging is always a perk when buying their products cause they always look nice on my dressing table.

I thought this would be great for a subtle pink highlight on the apples of my cheeks or even a light highlight above my cheekbones. You can get a lot of colour off this if wanted, but would just depend what look you're going for. I prefer subtle blush myself, but each to their own! If you only like matte blushes I would say this isn't for you, as it does have a lot of shine/glitter to it which does create a beautiful dewy glow.

This retails for £23.50, which is a little on the pricey side for a blusher.. but I would say it is completely worth it! They also have quite a few other shades and finishes of blush if this colour didn't suit you.

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