Thursday, 1 January 2015


Now I can't complain about a thing for 2014 and I've done so many things I've wanted to and with my most favourite people. But as well as accomplishing a few things last year I want to make sure I can carry it on this year and have a better year!

I'm not one for making 'new year, new me' posts and saying I will eat healthier etc, cause I know I won't! But I do want to make some more realistic ones that will hopefully benefit me! 

1. Be more positive - I am the biggest stress head and negative person ever and I always have been (no idea why). But I do think it has a negative impact on things and people around me. So this year I want to try and be a nicer person to be around! 

2. Concentrate on work/uni - I still have another 4 years of university yet but I want to make sure I give it my all and put everything I have into it to get the best outcome.

3. Put more effort into social blogging - I rarely get a second to sit down and do a blog chat, although I really enjoy them when I get to. I do notice when I haven't done a blog chat or read peoples blogs for a while cause my blog goes quiet, which is probably why I don't have many followers. So I want to up my game a bit this year!

4. Create memories - I've loved last year as I've done things I will remember for a long time and I want this year to be the same. I'm not sure where to start but as long as I'm surrounded by the people I have been last year that's fine with me!

Highlights of 2014:

Hope everyone had a great year and Happy New Year for this year! and also apologies for overloading you's with photos!

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  1. fab photos, good luck with your resolutions! happy new year x


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