Saturday, 28 February 2015

February Birchbox

I was excited to receive two make up samples in the box this month, it's the one thing I want the most out of this box but very rarely receive! The Liz Earle stuff was what really grabbed my attention though, I love her range or everything and can imagine none of it can ever go wrong. There was a few newbies this month that I hadn't even heard of though so I am looking forward to giving them a go. 

In this months box there was:

T London Darjeeling Bath & Shower Wash - £6.50: I've never smelt anything like this before in shower gel/bath wash, it's so unusual but lovely at the same time. I'm glad this isn't harsh on the skin as I really struggle with scented anything, but this hasn't made my skin go crazy at all.

theBalm cosmetics Stainiac - £10.00: I got the shade Beauty Queen which is a really bright red, more like a blue toned red. It is a beautiful colour but stains just really aren't for me, I end up looking like a clown when using them on my cheeks! I may use this some day on my lips though.

Cynthia Rowley Beauty Eyeliner - £11.00: I got the silver shade, which I was glad with as I have sooo many dark liners. It is really pigmented and has a beautiful shine to it, which I was surprised with. Sometimes silver/light liners are barely visible but this shows up so well and even on my really pale skin.

Liz Earle Beauty Co Botanical Shine Shampoo - £10.00: Now this is what I am the most excited about, I absolutely love Liz Earle's products but so far I have only tried her skin care range (which I love). This has a beautiful floral type scent to it which you can still smell on your hair after it's washed. It doesn't lather as much as I'm used to but it's still amazing, would recommend to anyone!

Wild About Beauty Rose Water Illuminating Serum - £22.00: I've been a little scared to use this seeing as it has a scent to it, especially in case it makes my face break out. But I will give this a go once I've been out this weekend! 

The Chia Co Oats + Chia Mixed Berry - £4.95 (for a pack of 5): I haaaate the texture of porridge/oats on their own so I gave this to my Dad to try. I know it's really healthy which is probably why I don't like it anyway but I do wish I did. My Dad loved this though!

What did you think of this months Birchbox?

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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Primark haulin'

primark, dress, sandals, necklace, jewellery, headband, jeans, stripes, tops, bobbles, elastic bobbles, cord bobbles, fashion, ootd, ss15, wiwt, tyedie
primark, dress, sandals, necklace, jewellery, headband, jeans, stripes, tops, bobbles, elastic bobbles, cord bobbles, fashion, ootd, ss15, wiwt, tyedie
primark, dress, sandals, necklace, jewellery, headband, jeans, stripes, tops, bobbles, elastic bobbles, cord bobbles, fashion, ootd, ss15, wiwt, tyedie
primark, dress, sandals, necklace, jewellery, headband, jeans, stripes, tops, bobbles, elastic bobbles, cord bobbles, fashion, ootd, ss15, wiwt, tyedie

This is my very first Fashion haul post! I don't class my self very fashionable so I've never really felt comfortable posting on of these before, but there was so many nice things in Primark the other day I had to share it. I find shopping very hitty missy, especially in Primark but they do occasionally have lovely stuff!

I picked up one dress (navy blue striped), it is a lovely bodycon dress which looks great with wooly tights in this chilly weather. I picked up 3 tops, one which is just a plain black and white striped top for everyday wear, another is a grey tye-die t-shirt with open shoulders and a grey slogan t-shirt which has a high neck.. it is slightly baggy but it'll do! I always buy my jeans from Topshop as I always find them to be the best fit, but when I saw these high waisted ripped jeans I decided to give them a whirl. And for a third of the price of Topshop's you can't really complain! I was really surprised with these jeans, they are actually the perfect fit and aren't baggy in any areas.

There was so many nice shoes in at the moment it took me a while to decide on only one pair (I have hundreds of shoes), but I absolutely loved these as soon as I came across them. They will do perfectly for spring/early summer, and hopefully will look lovely with my Mom jeans I'm yet to wear...

I also grabbed a few accessories while I was there too, one is a little heart necklace which I thought was really sweet and also a chain headband. I love seeing people wearing these chain headbands, and whether or not I will look as good as they do in them is another things but I'll try it out.. Now I've also head a lot about these cord hair bands but I wasn't really sure if they would actually work. But my hair never stays in a bobble, it's crazy thick and annoying and wobbles all over.. these bobbles actually work wonders! It 1. doesn't rip my hair out and 2. actually keeps my hair in a bobble. They also don't leave bumps in your hair if you ever want to sling it up through the day some time.

Now all this came to £65, which if you compare to a shop you may do in River Island/Topshop etc. you may have only got 1 or two things. Don't get me wrong, I love those stores too but I was on a little bargain hunt and ended up not going anywhere else..!

Have you got yourself anything nice out the shops at the moment? I'm sure I will be posting some ootd's on Instagram if you are interested though.

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Monday, 23 February 2015

All about the reds

Now if anyone knows me, they will know that red/plum shades are my ultimate favourite lipsticks. And that is all year round, not just Autumn. I don't think there is anything that completes a make up look without a bright and bold lip. Seeing as I'm not much of a bright/light pink lip person I think I compensate that with reds instead.. I do occasionally pop Mac Up the Amp out though as it's my favourite shade ever (even though it's purple).

I don't believe in keeping all the bold berry tones in Autumn/Winter only, cause I love them. There is just something about reds which make me gravitate towards them, especially for a night out.. I feel naked without a dark lip when going out.

So in the red glory, I thought I would share my favourites that are in my go to collection and sit in my lipstick holders. Depending on where I am going usually depends on the shade, like it is very rare I would go to work with the boldest red on. I don't own very many 'budget' reds as I'm a sucker for a higher end lippie, but that doesn't mean they're not good! I do have the odd few, and I'm sure I will pick more up as I go along.

L - R: Kat Von D, Mac, Mac, Mac (LE), YSL, Illamasqua, L'Oreal, Mac, Mac, Mac and YSL.

My reds are always pretty similar, but they all have their differences which makes me turn to each of them for a different reason or occasion. I do tend to wear darker shades on nights out rather than through the day, but I always have a day I fancy rocking into work with a dark red lipstick on.

The YSL lipsticks are a lot more sheer than any of my other lipsticks so they can be used any time without the need of them being bold. They can be built up into a more opaque colour or just used as a nice simple lip stain. I usually turn to these on days where I'm just after an easy swish of colour, they don't seem to bleed either so they don't need a liner. All of the other lipsticks need a bit more attention when applying them, such as lip liner! But they're all such beaut shades that it doesn't matter.

What is your favourite red lip colour/make?

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Sunday, 22 February 2015

#poreoclock party

Benefit hosted a little poreo'clock party last night in Newcastle and me and my friend were lucky enough to have got a ticket to go, and I'm glad I did go as I had a great time. As well as getting a big bag full of goodies too! You also had a chance to win Benefit tins whilst being there but I didn't get the chance to. Just thought I would share some photos from last night!

If you ever see them do one in your area I would definitely put your name down as it was a great night! Thanks +Benefit Cosmetics UK

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Friday, 20 February 2015

Illamasqua sale haul

illamasqua, eyeshadow, blush, multi facets, bbloggers, beauty, make up, review

This is my first Illamasqua haul.. ever! I've always lusted after this brand after following their social media pages for nearly 2 years and still not buying anything. Like most good brands they're not so easily accessible where I live so it's internet purchases, which put me off slightly! (I like to see things in person). But the amazing Illamasqua sale egged me on and I bit the bullet and tried some of their products, they had 50%, 60% and 70% off a lot of their stock! I did get one full price item but that's only because I've been wanting to try it for ages! 

I decided to get the Multi Facet palette in Semblance as I loved lilac shade on the right hand side! It was a choice between this shade and a more neutral version of the palette. Top to bottom: Gleam in Mirage, Cream pigment in Hollow Toffee, Eyebrow cake in Thunder, Powder blush in Hussy and four eyeshadows which I am unsure of the names! So there is literally a product for every part of the face. The blush is really bright and pigmented so a little of the product is enough colour for me, but it is a lovely shade of dark pink.    

illamasqua, eyeshadow, blush, multi facets, bbloggers, beauty, make up, review, swatchesillamasqua, eyeshadow, blush, multi facets, bbloggers, beauty, make up, review
illamasqua, eyeshadow, blush, multi facets, bbloggers, beauty, make up, review

I also decided to get two eyeshadows out of the sale, the two shades I got were Hype and Soul, I was instantly drawn to these two bright colours out of the others that were in the sale. I love all the looks you can create with a yellow eyeshadow (which I am yet to master) and I thought the silver would be great for any highlighting on my eyes.

The blush which is in the shade Beg was the only full price blush I got and it was £21.50! It is crazily expensive compared to some of the other blushes available but if you compare it to Mac blushes it comes in a much bigger pan. The product is also amazingly creamy and pigmented, so a tiny bit of this enough! I made the mistake when I first bought it of putting it onto my cheeks and looking like a clown, but I've figured out how to get it just right now.. thank god. You can see how pigmented all of the products are from the swatches, they're so thick!

illamasqua, eyeshadow, blush, multi facets, bbloggers, beauty, make up, review

I'm so glad with my purchases, especially seeing as I picked all the sale items up for less than what the Multi Facets palette is full price! Have you purchased anything from Illamasqua before? Can you recommend anything from their range?

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Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Matching lip liners & lipstick!

Now I remember when it was all the rage to wear a lip liner that was no where near the colour of your lipstick, but nowadays that just isn't the look you want to go for. Lip liners help prevent your lipstick bleeding and helps prolong the wear time.. it also makes it look so much neater. I sometimes even use a liner on its own, as they last pretty long on their own too.

Anyway, I thought I would share some tips I've learnt along the way of becoming a lipstick addict. As I was once a total rookie when it came to lipstick and had no clue, and also wouldn't of had a clue how to match a liner to my lipstick. You get such a better effect when using a lip liner that matches perfectly with your lipstick, and it can also make your lips look fuller!

Always take the lipstick with you when choosing so you can match it against it like in the image below.

By matching your liner like this you can see how it will look when you mix it together on your lips, and will show if you're going to get a noticeable outline of your lips if it's too dark. Sorry for the Mac lipstick/liner overload but I've always found them to be amazing lipsticks and liners so they are my go to lip product (though I'm sure theres other good brands).

When using liner I tend to draw around the shape of my lips first, even overlining in some places as I have teeeeny lips. I sometimes even shade areas if I'm going for more of an ombre effect, Mac Nightmoth is my favourite to do an ombre lip with but I didn't include it here as it isn't a match of these colours! You can also use your lip liner again once you've applied your lipstick if you feel you haven't got it the way you want. (Do not overline too much)..

I'm so glad I starting using lip liners and I think they make such a difference and look so much bolder. Has this helped you at all? I hope so!

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Monday, 16 February 2015

New bedroom inspo...

Well seeing as my Dad has decided to get a new boiler in, my bedroom is now going to be ripped to pieces to change all the pipework. So in the spirit of it, I thought I would use this as a time to think of ideas of how I want to decorate it. I'm in love with the whole 'Shabby Chic' look and I went along those lines when I redecorated just last year, but this time my room will be a tiny bit bigger. I am slightly sad I can't keep the wallpaper as it hasn't been up long. But new year and new changes and all that...

There is nothing I love more than exposed brick and painted vintage furniture, I can't wait to get started! What do you think of my ideas? Are these your types of inspiration for your home?

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Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Valentines!

valentines, flowers, carnations, present, gift, girl,

So seeing as I bought me and my boyfriend Top Gear tickets for Valentines day (but on the 20th), it was up to him to arrange something to do on Valentines night for us. Whereas he usually would leave it for me to decide! We're such foodies, especially for any American or Italian food so he booked us to go to a American diner in town. We rarely go to town for anything other than uni/night out, so a meal out seems quite special seeing as it's rare to go there! I usually post heaps of my meals out pictures on Instagram (here), but thought it would be nice to do a little more in depth post seeing as it's a special occasion (also our 5th Valentines, scary!).

We don't do big gifts any more as our birthdays aren't too far away and it's ever so slightly a waste of money, but it is a good excuse to get dressed up and go for a meal. So he booked us to go to Coast2Coast, which I have always wanted to go to so I was really excited.

coast2coast, food, american, cocktail, daiquiri, the gate, newcastle, fblogger, lblogger, lifestyle , meal, valentines, date, burger
coast2coast, food, american, cocktail, daiquiri, the gate, newcastle, fblogger, lblogger, lifestyle , meal, valentines, date, doughnuts, c2cmoments
coast2coast, food, american, cocktail, daiquiri, the gate, newcastle, fblogger, lblogger, lifestyle , meal, valentines, date

The doughnuts were actually the yummiest things ever (and so was the mango daiquiri)! A lot of the desserts available had nuts in, which I found a little strange, but this was one of the few which didn't. I would have taken photos of David's food if he hadn't already ate the majority haha. If you love the american diner esque restaurants you will really enjoy this one!

george, asda, dress, mock 2 layer dress, ootd, fashion, spring, ss15

I saw someones blog post of the new George collection at Asda, and this was one of the dresses that was available and I instantly loved it! And for only £14 it was an absolute bargain (here). It has a body-con dress underneath and a cropped striped top attached to it, which has a lovely open back to it which shows the black dress under it. The George website has this handy little tool where you can put your measurements in and it will recommend you the best size to buy, I could probably had done with a size 8 on the waist but unfortunately my chest got in the way of that!

ruby woo, mac, make up, mua, lipgloss, lip liner, bbloggers, beauty, mac cosmetics, red lips

I got this Mac Ruby Woo set for Christmas, but I've never really wore it that often yet so I was excited to break it out. Ruby Woo has a very matte finish which can be really drying if you don't wear a primer under it, but the gloss makes it feel so much smoother and isn't sticky! It is a bright blue toned red, so it isn't a colour for the fainthearted, but is amazing if you love a bold red lip. Who doesn't love a cliche red lip on Valentines?

not on the high street, card, valentines, shabby chic, thoughtful, new york

Last of all is the card I got from Not On The High Street for £7.50, I love this website for quirky ideas, cards and presents. You can customise this card to any place you want and you can also add two destinations if wanted, I chose one location which was New York. We are insanely sad we're home from there still and absolutely desperate to go back so I really wanted to incorporate that in the card. (Hope he appreciated my effort haha).

What did you do for Valentines day? I love reading what others have done on too, so feel free to leave your links below!

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Friday, 13 February 2015

Born Pretty gloss

born pretty, make up, bblogers, review, pr, beauty, lipgloss

I received this gloss from Born Pretty and I loved the colour in the packaging so was excited to break it out and try it. This colour reminded me so much of Macs Candy Yum Yum so I thought I would give it a go and see what I thought. I'm not much of a pink lip lover but there is the odd few I like so I do like to keep testing the water with them as I always love a bright pink lip on others in the Spring/Summer time. With this being a gloss rather than a lipstick I knew it would be a lot more sheer than a lipstick, which is a great way to edge my way in with a new colour.

This gloss was a lot more pigmented than I expected, some of them available are so sheer you can barely see the colour. It's just enough pink for my to try out as it's not too bright and it also quite build able (just incase I do get brave with it). I found this to last around 2 hours as with it being a gloss it does tend to come off when drinking or eating, but it does leave a nice sheen to it once some of the colour wears off. It's also really refreshing on the lips and doesn't make them sticky or dry!

There was quite a few colours to choose from that range from different tones of pinks, reds and orange colours. It was quite hard to choose a colour, but I thought a bright pink would be adventurous! This is only £1.99 from Born Pretty, so it's pretty on par with MUA lip glosses and Makeup Revolution glosses. 

There is also discount on any full price items with the discount code TSH10, so a great reason to grab one of the colours!

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