Monday, 23 February 2015

All about the reds

Now if anyone knows me, they will know that red/plum shades are my ultimate favourite lipsticks. And that is all year round, not just Autumn. I don't think there is anything that completes a make up look without a bright and bold lip. Seeing as I'm not much of a bright/light pink lip person I think I compensate that with reds instead.. I do occasionally pop Mac Up the Amp out though as it's my favourite shade ever (even though it's purple).

I don't believe in keeping all the bold berry tones in Autumn/Winter only, cause I love them. There is just something about reds which make me gravitate towards them, especially for a night out.. I feel naked without a dark lip when going out.

So in the red glory, I thought I would share my favourites that are in my go to collection and sit in my lipstick holders. Depending on where I am going usually depends on the shade, like it is very rare I would go to work with the boldest red on. I don't own very many 'budget' reds as I'm a sucker for a higher end lippie, but that doesn't mean they're not good! I do have the odd few, and I'm sure I will pick more up as I go along.

L - R: Kat Von D, Mac, Mac, Mac (LE), YSL, Illamasqua, L'Oreal, Mac, Mac, Mac and YSL.

My reds are always pretty similar, but they all have their differences which makes me turn to each of them for a different reason or occasion. I do tend to wear darker shades on nights out rather than through the day, but I always have a day I fancy rocking into work with a dark red lipstick on.

The YSL lipsticks are a lot more sheer than any of my other lipsticks so they can be used any time without the need of them being bold. They can be built up into a more opaque colour or just used as a nice simple lip stain. I usually turn to these on days where I'm just after an easy swish of colour, they don't seem to bleed either so they don't need a liner. All of the other lipsticks need a bit more attention when applying them, such as lip liner! But they're all such beaut shades that it doesn't matter.

What is your favourite red lip colour/make?

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  1. All the pretty colours. Great collection, I think Hang Up looks like my fave from the bunch.

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

  2. Gorgeous Bold picks! I love my red lips aswell - such a quick and easy way to look great. My favourite red is the Nars Red Matte Velvet in Cruella. Such a gorgeous dark red lip with crazy lasting power!

    Laura || Laura London

    1. Oo I haven't seen that one yet, I've been meaning to try Nars lippies so will give them a go x

  3. Those shades are all stunning! I'm super tempted to swatch the Kat Von D one the next time I'm in Sephora!

    1. You're so lucky you're near one! She has some amazing colours available xx


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