Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Matching lip liners & lipstick!

Now I remember when it was all the rage to wear a lip liner that was no where near the colour of your lipstick, but nowadays that just isn't the look you want to go for. Lip liners help prevent your lipstick bleeding and helps prolong the wear time.. it also makes it look so much neater. I sometimes even use a liner on its own, as they last pretty long on their own too.

Anyway, I thought I would share some tips I've learnt along the way of becoming a lipstick addict. As I was once a total rookie when it came to lipstick and had no clue, and also wouldn't of had a clue how to match a liner to my lipstick. You get such a better effect when using a lip liner that matches perfectly with your lipstick, and it can also make your lips look fuller!

Always take the lipstick with you when choosing so you can match it against it like in the image below.

By matching your liner like this you can see how it will look when you mix it together on your lips, and will show if you're going to get a noticeable outline of your lips if it's too dark. Sorry for the Mac lipstick/liner overload but I've always found them to be amazing lipsticks and liners so they are my go to lip product (though I'm sure theres other good brands).

When using liner I tend to draw around the shape of my lips first, even overlining in some places as I have teeeeny lips. I sometimes even shade areas if I'm going for more of an ombre effect, Mac Nightmoth is my favourite to do an ombre lip with but I didn't include it here as it isn't a match of these colours! You can also use your lip liner again once you've applied your lipstick if you feel you haven't got it the way you want. (Do not overline too much)..

I'm so glad I starting using lip liners and I think they make such a difference and look so much bolder. Has this helped you at all? I hope so!

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  1. I never understand why they don't name their liners the same as the lipstick haha

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

    1. No I don't either! Especially when the majority are identical to the lipstick. Ruby woo is the only one I know that does xx

  2. I still don't use lip liners all though I have bought some I just can't seem to match them to my lipsticks!! I will deffo take them out with me from now on! Xx

    1. It is quite hard but once you have them together it makes it a little easier :) xx

  3. Great post! I'm really tempted to get Mac subculture lip liner and now I know it's a great match for Blankety, which I already have, I'm definitely going to get it. It'll be my perfect nude combo. x

    Renata | Speaking Beauty UK

  4. I like the sharp lines I get by using a lip liner, but most mornings I don't have enough time! They really do make lipstick last longer.

  5. I always try and pick up a matching liner as it makes such a big difference! I find my lipstick lasts far longer and I don't get any bleeding or smudging. MAC do some gorgeous pairs.

    Antonia x | Fifi and the Diamonds

    1. It does doesn't it! :-). I just wish the liners were in stock a lot of the time x


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