Friday, 24 April 2015

Royally Good

Birchbox 'Royally Good' box
Birchbox 'Royally Good' box
Birchbox 'Royally Good' box

I decided not to post about my Birchbox last month as I wasn't overly excited about anything in it, I was actually pretty disappointed! So I was hoping this months was going to make up for it, and I think it did. If you read my blog you will probably know I hate moisturiser, and loathe even more receiving them in my beauty boxes..but I guess I have to accept they creep their way in each month :(. But the other things in the box totally made up for it this month, I am so much happier receiving cosmetics!

So this month you could choose between a Laura Mercier Primer, Mascara or a Eyeliner. I chose the eyeliner as I've tried the primer and mascara already, so I wanted something new! I also like the blue colour, I'm glad I didn't get a black one as I have 1000. I also got a nice nude Lola nail varnish, I'm giving my nails a break from gels at the moment so I will get good use of this!

In this months box there was:
Laura Mercier Eye Pencil £16.50 - I got Black Violet which is a nice dark purple colour. I'm right into neutral eye shadows at the moment, so this is a nice subtle liner to add some colour with. It was also pretty creamy, which I didn't quite expect from some other reviews. It doesn't have the most amazing colour pay off, but I will get good use of it!

Lola Barcelona £7.50 - I got the colour Born (which I think everyone did?), it's a shimmery nude colour. It's not just a plain nude though it has a hint of colour running through it when the light hits it. It is nice and opaque after two coats too, I'm not much of a nail varnish guru though so I can't say whether it is amazing or not. I much prefer my gel nails!

Percy & Reed Smooth, Sealed & Sensational Oil £14 - I don't use hair oils that often, but I do use them every now and then.. I don't think they do that much? This product is supposed to tame your hair by smoothing into the ends of your hair, I will probably use this mostly after drying my hair every so often.

Bliss Foaming Face Wash £19.50 - I was excited to see this one, I've heard a lot about foaming cleansers (to use with my Magnitone) but I didn't really know where to even start to buy one. So here's my start to trying one out! You can just massage this into your face and rinse off but I'll be rubbing it in and using my Magnitone then washing it off!

Korres Pear Body Milk £10 - I do like Korres products as they don't irritate my sensitive skin, and all their products are natural and my skin agrees with natural things better. I am soooo forgetful when it comes to moisturisers though so they are mostly wasted on me, but I will eventually get around to using it. But it does smell lovely on the upside!!

Befine Warming Clay Mask £17 - I was excited to see this one too! I'm progressively running low on my Glamgow mask so I'm using alternatives in between to make it last a bit longer. The pomegranates are what enticed me the most! I am intrigued to use this though and see what the 'warming' is all about!

Did you get a Birchbox this month? What did you think?

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  1. Looks like the Birchbox was really good this month! I'm now toying if I made the right choice with Glossybox right now!
    I know what you mean about receiving face products you won't use though, I have received loads of face creams that I wouldn't ever use in the past.
    ♥ Fran - xx

    1. I never got along with Glossybox, but I do look at it some months and would rather have it over this! They're all so hitty missy really. Wish I could tick a box that said no moisturiser though haha xxx

  2. Oh wow this looks like such a good box... I love the look of that nail polish shade xx

    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It's a lovely shade on too, almost lilac :) xx


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