Wednesday, 27 May 2015

The Art House, Alnwick

Dirty potato skins
The hangover burger

Now I love food, so when any opportunity arises I will jump at arranging to go somewhere! So seeing as it was my birthday on Monday me and the family arranged to go to The Art House in Alnwick which isn't too far away from me. I've been before and loved the rustic look to the place and really enjoyed the food, and seeing as they had a new menu I wanted to try it out. I did originally go to try the new 'Meat Combos' but I couldn't resist some of the burgers (but I'm going back for it). This is all I really got up to for my birthday but I will do a post of some of my goodies later on, I need to give them all a go first!

As well as amazing food, they also do pretty nice cocktails which came in handy. I got a blueberry and passionfruit martini (which was delicious), and a bubblegum daquiri.. yum. 

Blueberry and passionfruit martini

I think we all mostly got burgers, maybe because we we're all a little hungover? But they were delicious. I didn't get a photo of everyones food as I didn't want to make a big ordeal and just wanted to enjoy myself after all! But here is some I did get.

Classic burger
Corndog burger
 Yes, that is a corndog!
Strawberry and marshmallow kebab

And last of all strawberry and marshmallow kebab with chocolate sauce... mmm! Not entirely sure why the lemon got involved and made my first strawberry a little bitter though! I love food that comes in quirky ways though, it makes me love it even more! Especially the mini pan that my cousins prawns came in but she was too far away to get a photo!

I would definitely recommend The Art House for food though if you're ever in my neck of the woods! I'm already looking forward to go back and have the Meat Combo! And possibly take better photos than this, but I was too excited to eat!

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