Friday, 31 July 2015

Glamglow set

I fell in love with Glamglow masks when I grabbed one from Sephora in New York. My little pot lasted me about 5 months so I was pretty impressed as it's not exactly the cheapest. Instead of buying from Sephora this time I thought I would have a shop around and see who else had the best deal. I got this little set from which I think may have been the last one as it disappeared after that! But they still do other versions for pretty much the same price.

I decided to get a set rather than just the Glamglow Cleansing Mud as I had read good things about the YouthMud and ThirstyMud versions too. I have never really found a face moisturiser that I've loved, so I'm always trying to find one that suits my awkward skin. The Cleansing Mud is a mask that you leave on for 15 minutes a few times a week to clear your skin. The YouthMud is a mask which you also leave on for 15 minutes and it makes your skin feel plumper. The ThirstyMud is a moisturiser mask which you can leave on over night or apply and rinse.

I really like this trio, though I don't think my skin has really reached the age just yet for the YouthMud I have enjoyed using it. My skin feels so much plumper and less tired (which I always am). I haven't used this much as I've been using the ThirstyMud more, my skin needs the little extra moisture while it's hotter.. I wish these did a body butter. I have pretty awkward skin and the ThirstyMud hasn't caused me to have any breakouts which is a first for me! I reviewed the Glamglow CleansingMud here, and I'm still loving it. If I'm having a skin meltdown it literally sorts it out straight away! I currently use it twice a week and my skin has never been clearer. I obviously still get the odd break out but no where near as bad as I used to!

Have you tried the Glamglow range yet?

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  1. I've been dying to get my hands on the Hollywood glow mud mask since a friend said it was her all time favourite mask ... This post has reminded me I need to check them out. The less tired thing is super appealing for me as like you said, I always am.

    Amy -

    1. You can buy some really great mini sizes to try them out first x

  2. Wow thanks for sharing I am in love with your blog<3 Can we follow each other’s blog to support each other?:) please let me know if you are interested so I can follow your blog back:)


  3. I love glamglow!!!!!
    Thirsty mud is just perfection. I really want to try the green one. sell glamglow and every now and then they have it on sale :)

    Bex x

    1. Oo I'm running out again so will defs try there next! x


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