Friday, 7 August 2015

The Blogger Beauty Box

Blogger Beauty Box contents
Blogger Beauty Box contents

So the lovely Vicky from told me about her new Blogger Beauty Box she has launched and I was definitely sold straight away. I love a good subscription box so it was right up my street too, I just love the surprise of getting something you didn't really know about and trying something new.

In this month's box there is:

Timeless Truth Green Tea Phenol Mask £4.60 - This mask is meant to reduce pores, even skin tone, reduce breakouts and repair your skin. My skin is in dire need of tlc as I've been neglecting it the past few weeks, so there is a few areas of my skin which need some 'repairing'. I love the smell of this mask and how easy it is to put on/take off. I do feel slightly like Hannibal Lecter wearing it, so glad the boyfriend didn't return home early... but my skin felt so refreshed after taking it off, and I also didn't have to spend ages washing the residue off like normal masks!

W7 Fluorescent Kiss Lipstick £2.99 - I got the shade Tropicana which is a really vivid pink colour. I've been slowly intoducing myself to pink lipstick recently as I still don't wear my RiRi Pleasurebomb lipstick and I love it! I think if you're not used to bright lipstick pink is so hard to get used to, but I'm determined to be able to wear it. I think it can really brighten up a make up look. This shade has a sheen finish to it, it lasts a few hours but with a few drinks/food it will need a little touch up which is normal!

Dusty Mineral Lipgloss £9.99 - I got the shade Sun Shimmer, though they do another colour called Pacific Shimmer. I am glad I got the colour I did as I really like a peach toned gloss for summer/holidays. It's a really moisturising gloss and doesn't dry your lips, I always hate trying to wear a gloss in England though as the wind sticks my hair to my face. But I'm going on holiday soon so it's coming with me! This is a really natural colour so will look nice being fresh faced on holiday!

W7 Eyelust Mascara £4.95 - This isn't tested on Animals which is a great start to read up! This is a black mascara which gives you volume and length! I always find the cheaper mascaras some of the best, I've tried loads of mascaras and I don't find many formulas much different! This has a large brush type applicator rather than a plastic bristle applicator like many mascaras do now! This mascara isn't waterproof though so you will need to remove it properly before going in the shower!

MooGoo Cover-up Buttercup Natural Moisturiser £24.90 - I've never came across a moisturiser with an SPF in before so this is new to me! I did think it was just a moisturiser before I read it properly due to it's formula, it's so easy to apply and isn't greasy like many SPF creams. This provides around 4 hours of protection, but will need reapplied after the pool as it's not waterproof. I'm sticking this in my suitcase for my holidays next month as I need a above 10 SPF for the first day or so.. and I know my milk bottle boyfriend will need it!

I loved this month's boxed and excited to see who is lined up for the next box! If you are interested in a box tweet @bbloggerbox or visit!

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  1. I love timeless truth! Such fab facemasks!
    Jennie Emma

  2. I love the look of that moisturizer! I bet it smells yummy too!

    Rachael at

    1. I love it too! Haven't had much go of it yet as it's not sunny up here! xx

  3. Replies
    1. It really is, so looking forward to the next one! xx


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