Monday, 28 September 2015

Prairie Pizzazz Luau Party

Prairie Charms Pizzazz Luau Party Box
Prairie Charms Pizzazz Luau Party Box
Prairie Charms Pizzazz Luau Party Box

I've been anxiously waiting for this box this month (sorry Prairie Charms),  I was so jealous looking at everyone else's boxes I wanted mine so bad. I was super excited about the floral crown, and really wanted it to come on holiday with me! (Especially seeing as it's so cold in the UK now). And it's just as pretty as I imagined it to be! The box really lived up with the luau theme, everything is just so bright and amazing!

In this box there was:
Caterina 'No Snag' Knot ties £7.00 - I got a black lace design and a metalic purple design. My hair is actually too thick to tie my hair with these, but they look lovely over the top of a thin bobble!

Acadia Tropical Punch Drink Set £5.00 - I've never actually tried kool-aid before, but I've seen it everywhere! I'm long overdue a catch up with the girls so these definitely need to come with me when I do. I am super jealous everyone else got a little Flamingo stirrer though, looked really cute.

Hana Bow Tie Scrunchie £7.50 - I used to love scrunchies back in the day, I actually have a few trusty ones around the house still that I use on lazy days. This has a really pretty flamingo design too so I love it! It's coming on holiday with me for a poolside bun!

Pamola Vintage Bead drop Anklet £12.00 - I actually forgot how much I like anklets, especially on holiday. They're always something I grab from one of the local shops. So I'll be taking this on holiday too for by the pool and night time etc. It's really light so it won't irritate you.

Eda Bespoke Floral Lea £50.00 - Now this is amaaazing isn't it! It was I was looking forward to the most in this months box. I never grabbed one over the summer as I just couldn't find one I liked. I absolutely love the colours in this and it will match great with my hair colour too. I'm so excited to wear it!

Dakota Custom Nail Glitter £6.50 - I've never really liked nail glitter, I can't help but pick the bits of glitter off my nails. It's a lovely colour but think I may find a different use for it! 

Una Coconut S'more Snacks £3.50 - I've never tried s'mores before, I've only ever seen them on TV! I'm excited to have the fire on in the garden and give these a try, don't think they would be the same without it!

Faryn Hair Clips £5.00 - I love how pretty and simple this is, the little shell on the clip really fits in with the luau theme. This will be so handy for days I just want to clip my fringe back but make it a little more prettier. I would have preferred if it wasn't gold though and was it's natural colour but I still love it regardless.

Sweet As Honey Confetti £3.95 - I'm not sure when I will ever find a use for this to be honest, maybe quite good if you have kids or a party coming up sometime soon though.

Did you get a luau box this month? This one has been my most favourite one yet! Everything in it is so pretty, and the overall amount for this box is amazing considering it is only £20 plus P&P!

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  1. I love the colours! Can't beat a flower crown and I love the colours on this one.

    Amy - x

    1. it's such nice colours, more up my street than bright x

  2. Beautiful! I am in love with flower crowns♥♥

  3. Oh my gosh, that flower crown is absolutely amazing!


  4. This is such a cute box, the colours of the flowers are beautiful!

  5. Sounds like fun! Would love to throw a luau party :)

    xo, mikéla /


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