Friday, 30 October 2015

LiLash Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum*

Throughneweyesx LiLash Eyebrow and Lash serum results
Throughneweyesx LiLash Eyebrow and Lash serum results

My eyebrows have never really grown back since I was a teenager, after the fashion was to have thin brows (why did you let me Mam). They've slowly been growing back but they have never been as thick as I've wanted them to be and soo patchy. Thank god for ABH Dipbrow to get me through the day. My eyelashes have never been up to much either, years of wearing contact lenses ruined them. So I was actually really glad to get this from LiLash, I had been toying with the idea of buying a growth serum but couldn't decide whether they would work..

To apply the lash serum you run the brush along your lash line, like you do with liquid eyeliner each night. And to apply to eyebrow serum you brush it along the skin (under your brow or where you want them to be) in different directions each time each night too. I started to see a difference in my brows after just over 3 weeks, then after than they were growing in like gorillas and I had to pluck them a few times a week (help).

Throughneweyesx LiLash Eyebrow and Lash serum results
Left is before and Right is after. (Mirrored image, both same brows/eye)

I must admit I don't think my eyelashes have changed drastically, they are thicker but not much longer than before. I am going to keep using it though as I do think it's making a slight difference. But I am so impressed with how fuller my brows are, all the patchy areas that just never grew back have filled in and the tail has eventually grown back (after I attacked them once). I need to somehow find a new shape for them now though, still haven't got brows like Cara.. but that's never going to happen. But it's really gave me so much more confidence, I even lay by the pool without penciling my brows in slightly on holiday and that's a first for me! I'm also super freckly from my holidays haha.

It's not exactly the cheapest version around but you may as well pay for the ones that work. There is also the 90 day money back guarantee if it doesn't work, so win win. 

Have you tried any growth serums, how did you find them?

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Monday, 26 October 2015

My Favourite Blushes

Through New Eyesx Blush Review - Mac, NARS, Illamasqua, Tarte, Benefit
Through New Eyesx Blush Review - Mac, NARS, Illamasqua, Tarte, Benefit

As much as I love blushes I don't wear them all that often and it's not really a product I often splash out on. Lately I have been noticing how much they make my make up look that little bit better. I'm pretty pale so the dollop of colour on my cheeks actually makes quite a difference. When I'm not looking over my blushes I'm starting to realise pink is a big colour, when in fact I actually like a dark peach colour more. Why don't I own more of those?! The one in the Nars set will have to do until I buy a full size one!

I'm actually so gutted I'm not back in New York again this Christmas, I loved having lots of make up brands to choose from. And now back in naff Newcastle there is only a hand full of brands to choose from unless you buy online. There is barely anywhere that stocks Nars here. So until then I'll enjoy the ones I have and start making the most of them! Have I babbled enough now?

Through New Eyesx Blush Review - Mac, NARS, Illamasqua, Tarte, Benefit
Left to Right: NARS Sex Fantasy, NARS Final Cut, NARS Deep Throat, Benefit Rockateur, Tarte Tipsy, Illamasqua Chased and Mac Dainty.

The Illamasqua blush was a Christmas present last year, and it was actually one of my first Ilamasqua products, I wish I owned more really. The blush is sooo pigmented, you can only use a tiny dab of it otherwise you look slightly like a clown.. I discovered this first hand. But this means this blush will last absolutely ages as I'm only using a tiny bit at a time. The Tarte blush in shade Tipsy has an amazing pattern on it, I was a little sad to use it and ruin it. It's a beautiful coral colour and really makes me look less pale.. woo. The Benefit blush on the otherhand has a lot more glitter in it, but it's a lovely dark rose colour. I prefer this one in the winter too. The Mac blush is my least used blush, but it is a lovely shade.. it's just such a light pink I forget about it!

The Nars blushes (from the Virtual Domination palette) are my absolute favourite from this bunch though, if you didn't gather from my babble above. I love the colours, especially Sex Fantasy (lilac shade) as they can go with so many different make up looks.

I love how a simple blush can really finish off a makeup look, it gives that extra bit of colour you miss when just contouring and using eyeshadow.

What is your favourite blush? Any other brands you would recommend? I also did a highlighter version of this post a while ago.

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Friday, 23 October 2015

Urban Decay Smoky Palette

Through New Eyesx - Urban Decay Smokey Eye Palette Review and Swatches
Through New Eyesx - Urban Decay Smokey Eye Palette Review and Swatches

I know, I know, you've seen it loads already and I'm late on the bandwagon. But I'm really not the person that buys things when they first come out, I like to read other peoples opinions first. Especially when the item isn't exactly the cheapest out there. But after reading and seeing this palette everywhere I knew I needed it. This is actually my first UD palette, the rest of them haven't really lured me in as much as this one has.. maybe it's my love of smoky eyes? Either way I'm not complaining I caved in.

There is such a good mixture of light and dark and matte and shimmer, which is great when you're wanting to use it for good smoky eyes or cut creases. I'm so glad it also has a gold shade, as that's always the colour I go for when doing a lazy smokey it looks good! The palette also comes with a little guide of how to create some beautiful smoky eyes, which I think is great! All the Too Faced palettes always have the guides too.

Through New Eyesx - Urban Decay Smokey Eye Palette Review and Swatches
Swatches from Left to Right from palette.

Radar and Smoulder are my favourite so far, they work really well together and are such nice shades. I'm pretty impressed with the pigments in these shadows, seeing as I've never had an UD palette I never knew what to expect.. now I understand all the hype! Plus the case's design looks so nice in my eyeshadow stand (ha).

Have you tried any UD palettes before? What do you think of this one?

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Monday, 19 October 2015

Home: Bedding

See my Yorkshire Linen review here

Ever since I got my room redecorated I've wanted to do some form of 'Home series' to show it off a little, especially seeing as I don't do many ootd's so it's rarely seen. I love the whole Shabby Chic look to homes, they make it look so fresh and pretty and I love everything about it. So that is something I have been going towards when I was decorating. I'm still in love with how it turned out.

So, this post is going to focus on my bedroom area. And to top it off, I got a lovely bedding set from Yorkshire Linen which was straight up my street and matched in perfectly. There is nothing I love more than a pretty bold floral bedding, my wallpaper used to actually be identical to it.

The duvet set is part of the Catherine Lansfield collection*, and there is some beautiful ones. It was pretty hard to choose, I mean I would have happily had a stag head or tartan version.. but this one matched in and was just what I was after. And for only £16.99, it was such a bargain and is beautiful quality. I really do have too many duvet sets, I get wrong every time I get a new one but I can't resist. Especially when the Matthew Williamson collections are on sale in Debenhams!

I also love cute little cushions, and the little fox cushion is one of my favourites. It was from Wilko's last winter, though it isn't in stock any more you can get a pretty similar one from Dunelm. Maybe not as cute..

What is your favourite style? Do you like this type of post :)

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* This was sent for me to review but all views are my own

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Halloween Inspo

I love Halloween, though it's not as fun or big in the UK I love getting dressed up and thinking about what I'm going to dress up as too. Seeing as I have Pinterest this year (I'm still getting the hang of it) means I have been pinning my inspiration like craazy and getting myself all excited. I'll admit it now, that none of my attempts when it comes to Halloween will be half as good as these.. but a girl can dream right. I mean, hooow do they have these skills?? I've so far tried a skull and dead girl with my face paints this month, but these are so much better.

Anyhow, here is some of my inspirations for Halloween and how I would style them (without buying a 40 quid costume), cause realistically.. I'll never wear the costume again.

Harlequin Clown

Throughneweyesx - Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Outfit - Plain black dress/Jumpsuit or sequin top and black jeans.


Throughneweyesx - Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Outfit - Black and White striped dress or top.

Red Indian

Throughneweyesx - Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Outfit - Brown shift dress and headband

Half Sugar Skull

Throughneweyesx - Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Outfit - Black dress or colourful dress/skirt and floral crown

I have loooads more on my Pinterest Board but these are the 4 I am toying with. Plus I do already have a floral crown (here) so that will come in so handy!!

Here's my first two attempts this month:

Throughneweyesx - Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Throughneweyesx - Halloween Makeup Inspiration

What are you planning to go as for Halloween?

I have a few Halloween posts from last year too - Halloween Comic Character, Halloween Chelsea Smile, Halloween Sugar Skull, Halloween Doll.

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Food: Easy Nutella Brownies

I came across these a few weeks ago, and had a jar of Nutella in the cupboard dying to be used.. so GBBO inspired on a Wednesday I whipped them up (I'm gutted it's over). I'm so glad I did too as they're super easy and literally taste soooo nice. I've made these a few times to take into work now and everyone seems to enjoy them.

There is literally only 3 ingredients though.. how easy!? I'm all for simplicity when baking, I really didn't get my Grandma's skills even though she's adamant I have.

So instructions..

Preheat oven to 176 degrees, I'm unsure on the gas mark though if you have a gas oven!

425g of Nutella
64g of Flour (I just used plain flour)
2 Eggs

Put all ingredients into a bowl and mix until a nice smooth mixture. Pour the mixture into a tray and bake for 15 minutes. Always check that they're cooked through before getting them out though, don't want soggy cakes! Then voila! I also added chocolate chips or raspberries for a change, you know.. just to add to the calories.

These are super yummy though, so I'd recommend to give it a go! And seeing as the recipe is pretty simple, it is easy to mix it up more. I've already bought a few more tubs to make some more, mm.

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Monday, 12 October 2015

NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

Through New Eyesx NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream review and swatches
Through New Eyesx NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream review and swatches

I've wanted some NYX products for years but just never figured out how to get them, even when I went to New York I couldn't find any (typical). So I eventually got my hands on two, and I already want more. The two colours I got were Ibiza, which is a deep rose pink and Prague, which is a dark pink. They are both part of the Soft Matte Lip Cream collection a I can't get away with lip glosses, and I looove matte lips.

These don't dry very quickly and still leave a nice creamy feel to you lips unlike some matte lips which dry your lips out like crazy. They don't survive eating and drinking as well as some matte lipsticks, but they do leave a stain to your lips when the eventually wear off a bit. Like most, you do need a lip pencil for these so you can get a nice smooth edge and stop them leaking.

Through New Eyesx NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream review and swatches
Left to Right: Ibiza and Prague.

These are usually only £5.50 here, but they're only £3.85 at the moment.. not that they're ever in stock on the NYX website though! These don't really compare to my LaSplash liquid lipsticks for staying (review here), but I do love them and how soft they feel so I really want some more colours. Especially Copenhagen, pleeeease come back in stock!!

Have you tried any of the NYX lipstick range?

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Friday, 9 October 2015

Blog Tips - Juggling Blogging with Life

Juggling Blogging With Life - Blog Tips

Now I've really enjoyed blogging since I got the hang of it (eventually), so I'm definitely not complaining as I love it. But sometimes I really struggle to juggle it all whilst working full time, seeing my boyfriend/friends & family, going to university part time and actually leaving the house (sometimes). I'm especially finding it harder now I'm in my second year of uni and the work is already stacking up after under a month in. I'm starting to wonder how I can handle it all, as I really don't want to give it up but don't want to neglect it either. Blogging is not easy, but it's the best hobby I've had.

So I thought I'd share some tips, ones I need to follow a bit better and ones which will hopefully inspire me to be a better blogger.. maybe.


This is something I swear by, I would literally have nothing posted if I didn't use this.. nor would Twitter ever know I posted anything. I mean I do sometimes get the chance to manually post about a new blog post I've done, but it's rare apart from Instagram (which I'm obsessed with). Sometimes I have weeks worth of posts drafted and scheduled ready, which takes heaps of stress away and means I can enjoy the other things in blogging. You don't want to blog if it makes you stressed all the time, it's supposed to be fun.. cut yourself some slack.

Hootsuite is your best friend for scheduling tweets, and I always attach a picture to attract readers too. For blog posts, I use Blogger as thats the host I decided to use. Though I am sure Wordpress etc. will have the same features.

Organising Yourself

I'm not the best at this, but I also cannot cope with not being the slightest bit organised. Even at work. The easiest thing is keeping yourself a list of some form, whether on paper or on your PC. I organise myself by bulk taking and editing my photos, then creating draft posts with their names so I know which ones I need to write! I'm not really one for paper diaries though I do love the look of the blog organisers!

Dedicate Time

I always try to dedicate at least one hour a night (unless I'm busy) to do something blog related, whether it's reading blogs I love; discovering new ones on twitter; taking photos; writing posts; replying to comments or joining twitter chats. Though I am easily distracted, so I can go from writing a post to gawping at something on the TV.. but I do get the job done eventually! I usually do a lot more blogging on the weekend as I'm often in quite a lot throughout the day, which means I catch the daylight for photos woo! But hey, if a week turns out to be super busy don't feel scared to miss a day! I've had a pretty hectic week and have been a bit awol on the blogging front, it happens.

Posting Schedule

I always find sticking to scheduled days the best for when I'm busy, as I know what days I need to concentrate on it and tweet about it. It may not work for everyone, but it does for me. Plus it means my readers (hopefully I have readers..) know when my post will be up, unless I'm having a 'break' week.

Back Up Posts

If you're really busy or have exams or something coming up, a guest post or back up post can be so handy. I just recently done my first guest post and really enjoyed it, it fitted in well with my blogs genre/style and took a little weight off my shoulders while I was away! I also use a few back up posts, whether I have no mojo or if I just don't have the time that week to take some photos. These are posts I maybe have drafted but not posted or even a simple wish list post. But if you're just not feeling it at all, miss a day!

What helps you with juggling blogging? Do you have any helpful tips too?

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Monday, 5 October 2015

Makeup Forever Cream Eyeshadow

Make Up Forever Cream Eyeshadow Swatch and Reviews

I actually got this eyeshadow in New York last December and for some reason it has just sat in my drafts. I don't know why as I really like it, and still don't understand why I haven't published it. Was I keeping it for a rainy day?! This is my first Makeup Forever product, even though they are now on sale in the UK. I do intend to buy more of their stuff, and more colours in this but just haven't got around to it.. nearly Christmas after all. I love cream eyeshadows so when this caught my eye I knew I wanted to try at least one colour. I opted for shade #13 which is a golden/beige colour, this is one of my favourite colours to get as a cream eyeshadow as they make you look like you've made more of an effort with your makeup.

Make Up Forever Cream Eyeshadow Swatch and Reviews

This colour swatches to exactly the same colour thats in the pan and has a lovely gold sheen to it. It works nicely on its own or add some darker brown powder to create a smokey eye effect. I've been using this as a primer under my eyeshadow and it's can be used as a great base and helps it last longer. It's a bit similar formula wise to the Mac Paint pots, which I also love and now have quite a few of.

Makeup Forever Eyeshadow Swatch

The only downside to this is the pots design, the lip on the pot is about a cm high so it makes it harder to reach the product if you have longer nails. So I do have to be careful using this or it's all up in my nails and takes ages to get out properly, but I'm making do as I love the formula of the product and the colour. My local Debenhams still doesn't sell this in store, so think it will have to be an online purchase. Which is a shame as I really want to try their foundation range out but I hate buying foundation online, I don't want to be an umpa lumpa!

Have you tried any of Makeup Forever's products? Is there anything you would recommend?

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Guest Post - Autumn Skin Prep

So this is my first guest post on my blog, and this is from the lovely Amy. I thought it would be nice to have a little change up, and seeing as I'm on holiday it's nice to have someone step up while I'm off sunning (hopefully). She is going to give us some tips on Autumn skin care, which I need myself any way as I haven't even thought about it yet! Amy's links are all at the bottom of the page too, enjoy! :-)

Read more on Autumn Skincare Preperation

With summer waving goodbye to us from sunny hot beaches, we turn towards cold and rainy autumn and winter. Just as we leave behind light clothes and prepare for colder days, we should not forget that our hair and skin need additional protection from colder weather conditions. What is the best way to prepare for autumn and ensure that your skin stays healthy?

Switch from lotion to cream

With all that summer heat and sweating, lotion was the best possible choice since they are not too oily and will allow your skin to breathe. On the other hand, with the change of weather and temperature you should switch to creams instead, since they have more oils thus reducing water loss in the skin. At first you may feel that the layer of cream is too heavy, but it will do your skin good, and provide the best protection with all those temperature and humidity extremes. But if you want, you can choose to put it at night, so that the oily feeling will be gone by morning.

Read more on Autumn Skincare Preperation

Don't skip sunscreen

Just because summer is over it doesn’t mean that there is no sun whatsoever. Sun rays still get to us even through clouds, and we may not feel their effect because of the change in temperature, but our skin feels it nonetheless. If you’re going skiing, choose sunscreen with SPF over 20 (30 is perhaps the best choice), and every time you leave your home, apply a thin layer of sunscreen on your face – your skin will be grateful and stay healthy and young longer. I use and recommend Cosmedix Paraben free reflect spray sunscreen. Aussie readers, you can get Cosmedix skin care productsfrom Skin Matrix.
Read more on Autumn Skincare Preperation

Choose your cleanser carefully

You should keep exfoliating of course, but be careful with skin cleansers you use. During summer cleansers are fine because you are sweating a lot and with all that dirt and makeup you have on your skin all day, they are more than welcome at the end of the day. In autumn and winter you will not be sweating as much, and if you keep using harsh cleansers, they could strip more than sweat and dirt from your skin. You could remove the protective layer of natural oils and your skin could become dry and parched, with freckles, lines, and wrinkles more visible.

Wear gloves

Gloves are for cold, rainy, snowy, and windy days, and people usually wait for those conditions to wear gloves. Surprisingly, you should not avoid them even in fall and it’s recommended you keep them on your hands until spring arrives. The reason for this is because the skin on your hands is thin and can get dry and damaged rather easily; and it can get even worse after that: chapped skin can turn into fissures, and those can easily become infected. When that happens, it’s already too late: moisturizes burn skin and people avoid them. Wear gloves and use rich moisturizer on your hands as well, it will protect your gentle skin.

Read more on Autumn Skincare Preperation

Shorten your showers

Yes, long, hot bubbly baths and showers may feel divine and warm your frozen hands and feet, but they are certainly not good for your skin. Similarly to inadequate cleansers, hot water removes natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry and unprotected. Avoid staying in shower too long and avoid hot baths altogether; choose lukewarm water instead. If you don’t want to forget all about hot showers (completely understandable, of course), the moment you step out and pat yourself dry, apply moisturizer and cream.
Autumn is charming but often harsh, and your skin will miss the heat and the sun, but to prevent damages you should prepare in advance. This way, your skin will stay healthy and protected, and by the time spring comes, you will be ready to show your wonderful hands, arms, and legs to the world.
Are you ready for autumn?

About Amy:

Amy Goldsmith Guest Post

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie literature graduate who has been writing novels and short stories as long as she can remember. Her passion is makeup and she loves to spend her free time hiking and of course – make up shopping!

Find her on:

Hope you enjoyed Amy's post - Follow her on the links above! 

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