Monday, 26 October 2015

My Favourite Blushes

Through New Eyesx Blush Review - Mac, NARS, Illamasqua, Tarte, Benefit
Through New Eyesx Blush Review - Mac, NARS, Illamasqua, Tarte, Benefit

As much as I love blushes I don't wear them all that often and it's not really a product I often splash out on. Lately I have been noticing how much they make my make up look that little bit better. I'm pretty pale so the dollop of colour on my cheeks actually makes quite a difference. When I'm not looking over my blushes I'm starting to realise pink is a big colour, when in fact I actually like a dark peach colour more. Why don't I own more of those?! The one in the Nars set will have to do until I buy a full size one!

I'm actually so gutted I'm not back in New York again this Christmas, I loved having lots of make up brands to choose from. And now back in naff Newcastle there is only a hand full of brands to choose from unless you buy online. There is barely anywhere that stocks Nars here. So until then I'll enjoy the ones I have and start making the most of them! Have I babbled enough now?

Through New Eyesx Blush Review - Mac, NARS, Illamasqua, Tarte, Benefit
Left to Right: NARS Sex Fantasy, NARS Final Cut, NARS Deep Throat, Benefit Rockateur, Tarte Tipsy, Illamasqua Chased and Mac Dainty.

The Illamasqua blush was a Christmas present last year, and it was actually one of my first Ilamasqua products, I wish I owned more really. The blush is sooo pigmented, you can only use a tiny dab of it otherwise you look slightly like a clown.. I discovered this first hand. But this means this blush will last absolutely ages as I'm only using a tiny bit at a time. The Tarte blush in shade Tipsy has an amazing pattern on it, I was a little sad to use it and ruin it. It's a beautiful coral colour and really makes me look less pale.. woo. The Benefit blush on the otherhand has a lot more glitter in it, but it's a lovely dark rose colour. I prefer this one in the winter too. The Mac blush is my least used blush, but it is a lovely shade.. it's just such a light pink I forget about it!

The Nars blushes (from the Virtual Domination palette) are my absolute favourite from this bunch though, if you didn't gather from my babble above. I love the colours, especially Sex Fantasy (lilac shade) as they can go with so many different make up looks.

I love how a simple blush can really finish off a makeup look, it gives that extra bit of colour you miss when just contouring and using eyeshadow.

What is your favourite blush? Any other brands you would recommend? I also did a highlighter version of this post a while ago.

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