Friday, 30 October 2015

LiLash Eyelash and Eyebrow Serum*

Throughneweyesx LiLash Eyebrow and Lash serum results
Throughneweyesx LiLash Eyebrow and Lash serum results

My eyebrows have never really grown back since I was a teenager, after the fashion was to have thin brows (why did you let me Mam). They've slowly been growing back but they have never been as thick as I've wanted them to be and soo patchy. Thank god for ABH Dipbrow to get me through the day. My eyelashes have never been up to much either, years of wearing contact lenses ruined them. So I was actually really glad to get this from LiLash, I had been toying with the idea of buying a growth serum but couldn't decide whether they would work..

To apply the lash serum you run the brush along your lash line, like you do with liquid eyeliner each night. And to apply to eyebrow serum you brush it along the skin (under your brow or where you want them to be) in different directions each time each night too. I started to see a difference in my brows after just over 3 weeks, then after than they were growing in like gorillas and I had to pluck them a few times a week (help).

Throughneweyesx LiLash Eyebrow and Lash serum results
Left is before and Right is after. (Mirrored image, both same brows/eye)

I must admit I don't think my eyelashes have changed drastically, they are thicker but not much longer than before. I am going to keep using it though as I do think it's making a slight difference. But I am so impressed with how fuller my brows are, all the patchy areas that just never grew back have filled in and the tail has eventually grown back (after I attacked them once). I need to somehow find a new shape for them now though, still haven't got brows like Cara.. but that's never going to happen. But it's really gave me so much more confidence, I even lay by the pool without penciling my brows in slightly on holiday and that's a first for me! I'm also super freckly from my holidays haha.

It's not exactly the cheapest version around but you may as well pay for the ones that work. There is also the 90 day money back guarantee if it doesn't work, so win win. 

Have you tried any growth serums, how did you find them?

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