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Guest Post - Autumn Skin Prep

So this is my first guest post on my blog, and this is from the lovely Amy. I thought it would be nice to have a little change up, and seeing as I'm on holiday it's nice to have someone step up while I'm off sunning (hopefully). She is going to give us some tips on Autumn skin care, which I need myself any way as I haven't even thought about it yet! Amy's links are all at the bottom of the page too, enjoy! :-)

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With summer waving goodbye to us from sunny hot beaches, we turn towards cold and rainy autumn and winter. Just as we leave behind light clothes and prepare for colder days, we should not forget that our hair and skin need additional protection from colder weather conditions. What is the best way to prepare for autumn and ensure that your skin stays healthy?

Switch from lotion to cream

With all that summer heat and sweating, lotion was the best possible choice since they are not too oily and will allow your skin to breathe. On the other hand, with the change of weather and temperature you should switch to creams instead, since they have more oils thus reducing water loss in the skin. At first you may feel that the layer of cream is too heavy, but it will do your skin good, and provide the best protection with all those temperature and humidity extremes. But if you want, you can choose to put it at night, so that the oily feeling will be gone by morning.

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Don't skip sunscreen

Just because summer is over it doesn’t mean that there is no sun whatsoever. Sun rays still get to us even through clouds, and we may not feel their effect because of the change in temperature, but our skin feels it nonetheless. If you’re going skiing, choose sunscreen with SPF over 20 (30 is perhaps the best choice), and every time you leave your home, apply a thin layer of sunscreen on your face – your skin will be grateful and stay healthy and young longer. I use and recommend Cosmedix Paraben free reflect spray sunscreen. Aussie readers, you can get Cosmedix skin care productsfrom Skin Matrix.
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Choose your cleanser carefully

You should keep exfoliating of course, but be careful with skin cleansers you use. During summer cleansers are fine because you are sweating a lot and with all that dirt and makeup you have on your skin all day, they are more than welcome at the end of the day. In autumn and winter you will not be sweating as much, and if you keep using harsh cleansers, they could strip more than sweat and dirt from your skin. You could remove the protective layer of natural oils and your skin could become dry and parched, with freckles, lines, and wrinkles more visible.

Wear gloves

Gloves are for cold, rainy, snowy, and windy days, and people usually wait for those conditions to wear gloves. Surprisingly, you should not avoid them even in fall and it’s recommended you keep them on your hands until spring arrives. The reason for this is because the skin on your hands is thin and can get dry and damaged rather easily; and it can get even worse after that: chapped skin can turn into fissures, and those can easily become infected. When that happens, it’s already too late: moisturizes burn skin and people avoid them. Wear gloves and use rich moisturizer on your hands as well, it will protect your gentle skin.

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Shorten your showers

Yes, long, hot bubbly baths and showers may feel divine and warm your frozen hands and feet, but they are certainly not good for your skin. Similarly to inadequate cleansers, hot water removes natural oils from your skin, leaving it dry and unprotected. Avoid staying in shower too long and avoid hot baths altogether; choose lukewarm water instead. If you don’t want to forget all about hot showers (completely understandable, of course), the moment you step out and pat yourself dry, apply moisturizer and cream.
Autumn is charming but often harsh, and your skin will miss the heat and the sun, but to prevent damages you should prepare in advance. This way, your skin will stay healthy and protected, and by the time spring comes, you will be ready to show your wonderful hands, arms, and legs to the world.
Are you ready for autumn?

About Amy:

Amy Goldsmith Guest Post

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Aussie literature graduate who has been writing novels and short stories as long as she can remember. Her passion is makeup and she loves to spend her free time hiking and of course – make up shopping!

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  1. Great first guest post!!! Skincare in the fall and winter is extremely important to me because I get extremely dry bleh! I love all the tips the one thing I'm always missing is the sunscreen I need to pick some up this week!!!

    Jasmine :)

    1. I've still never found my perfect winter skincare products yet, on the hunt this year again x

  2. I loved reading this post! I always switch to a cream for my moisturiser during the colder months, there's nothing better than waking up with hydrated skin when you've applied generously the night before!x

    1. I've just got one to try out thats a cream too, makes such a difference xx


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