Sunday, 18 October 2015

Halloween Inspo

I love Halloween, though it's not as fun or big in the UK I love getting dressed up and thinking about what I'm going to dress up as too. Seeing as I have Pinterest this year (I'm still getting the hang of it) means I have been pinning my inspiration like craazy and getting myself all excited. I'll admit it now, that none of my attempts when it comes to Halloween will be half as good as these.. but a girl can dream right. I mean, hooow do they have these skills?? I've so far tried a skull and dead girl with my face paints this month, but these are so much better.

Anyhow, here is some of my inspirations for Halloween and how I would style them (without buying a 40 quid costume), cause realistically.. I'll never wear the costume again.

Harlequin Clown

Throughneweyesx - Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Outfit - Plain black dress/Jumpsuit or sequin top and black jeans.


Throughneweyesx - Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Outfit - Black and White striped dress or top.

Red Indian

Throughneweyesx - Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Outfit - Brown shift dress and headband

Half Sugar Skull

Throughneweyesx - Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Outfit - Black dress or colourful dress/skirt and floral crown

I have loooads more on my Pinterest Board but these are the 4 I am toying with. Plus I do already have a floral crown (here) so that will come in so handy!!

Here's my first two attempts this month:

Throughneweyesx - Halloween Makeup Inspiration

Throughneweyesx - Halloween Makeup Inspiration

What are you planning to go as for Halloween?

I have a few Halloween posts from last year too - Halloween Comic Character, Halloween Chelsea Smile, Halloween Sugar Skull, Halloween Doll.

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  1. Thank you! I don't do much I must admit, but I force everyone to get dressed up haha! xx

  2. They are awesome, well done!

    Sarah x

  3. Your attempts are incredible! I love Halloween but just end up staying in most of the time! xx

  4. That skeleton makeup tho ! It looks so nice for a first attempt ! :)


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