Friday, 6 November 2015

Acne Ultra Clear Moisturiser*

Throughneweyesx - Acne Ultra Clear Moisturiser Skincare

I've always been convinced I didn't need a nighttime moisturiser until recently, and to be quite honest if I hadn't been sent this from Acne Ultra Clear I probably never would have any time soon. The Autumn Skincare Guest Post that was published a few weeks ago did make me think it was about time too. I always struggle buying moisturisers as I'm always worried it will make me break out and I'll have to start from scratch again, so I tend to find what works and stick to it.

This moisturiser is meant to be a day and night moisturiser, but I find it a little heavy to be under my makeup so it's night time for me. It's also great to stick on as a mask if your face needs a little more tlc after the cold weather outside. I need to take more care of my skin, I'm not one who wants to age gracefully.. so if moisturiser will help I'll use it. If you're lucky to not wear make up though, this doesn't leave any greasy residue on your face to go out and face the world.

Throughneweyesx - Acne Ultra Clear Moisturiser Skincare

The cream claims to reduce any redness and spots, and even rid you of any spots you currently have. It is also 100% natural too, so there is no horrible additives in it which I usually react to (that's why I love Lush too). It contains: Coconut Oil (which everyone loves lately), Beeswax & Marigold - I've always loved Burts Bee's stuff so I know my skins likes that too.

I've been using it around a month now and I really love it. My makeup is applying a 100x better and looks better and my skin has cleared up amazingly. I also think my scarring has went slightly too, which I have tried everything to rid it. I do still get the odd spot, I have oily spot prone skin so nothing is ever going to stop that. But this and Lush's Grease Lightning have become my skin staples for night time now, it's gave me a little more confidence in my own skin (I'm still not going shopping make up less though..).

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What is your favourite skincare for Autumn? Have you tried this?

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*This Item was sent to me by Acne Ultra Clear, all views are my own.

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