Monday, 30 November 2015

Eylure Eyelash Extensions

Throughneweyesx Eyelure Eyelash Extensions Review
Throughneweyesx Eyelure Eyelash Extensions Review

My eyelashes have grown quite a lot now, but for nights out I much prefer having bolder lashes. To be honest, I wish my lashes always looked like this. But realistically I would need some super growth serum which makes them like 2 inches long. I feel like I've made a bit more of an effort with fake lashes, but I actually find these easier to apply than strip lashes. Who would think these would be easier??

I actually got some done at a salon in the Summer and I much preferred these over them, and they cost a lot more than these which are only £5.29. Fleur De Force actually does her own range too for £6.95, but I've never found them in stock yet. 

This pack is more of the 'natural' look rather than the fuller ones you can get, which I do want to give a go too. I just feel a little more glam with some super long lashes!

Throughneweyesx Eyelure Eyelash Extensions Review
Throughneweyesx Eyelure Eyelash Extensions Review

I do think they make a lot of difference, they make your eye make up stand out more and look like you have made a bit more effort (eventhough you haven't). The only time you will need more effort in the morning is if a valuable one in the middle falls out and you look ridiculous. Which usually happens when you're planning to go out that night and you have to frantically glue it back in. 

Only downside of these is that they're pretty awkward to get off, some fall off straight away but there is always a stubborn one which won't come off. I did actually give up once and walked around with a huge eyelash on my right eye for a few days. Not a good look guys. But I do love these, especially for when I'm on holiday.

Have you tried these out before? 

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