Monday, 21 December 2015

By Terry Eyeshadow Dupe

Throughneweyesx By Terry Eyeshadow Dupe Born Pretty
Throughneweyesx By Terry Eyeshadow Dupe Born Pretty
Throughneweyesx By Terry Eyeshadow Dupe Born Pretty

I have been tempted into trying the By Terry eyeshadows but I'm not one for paying a hefty price for one single eyeshadow. So instead I opted for the Born Pretty Eyeshadow Bar (£3.69), definitely the cheaper version! I've tried eyeshadow pencils and everything and they weren't for me, but this and the By Terry ones is a lot more smoother of an application. It's slightly like the Maybelline cream shadows in consistency but as a stick! I find the stick application 100% easier to apply to my lid than the pots as I tend to end up with the majority of the cream shadow stuck in my nails (ew).

There is a few colours you can choose from, but I love a gold and it's always my go to colour so was only natural I would choose it. Though there was a few other colours I wanted to try out such as the grey shades and even the pink shade, but they will have to wait until next time!

Throughneweyesx By Terry Eyeshadow Dupe Born Pretty
Colour ES02

It's a twist pen, so you don't have to sharpen it which for me is a godsend. I have a few Collection shadow pencils which need sharpening and I still haven't figured out how you do it. I like the ease to use it without having to faff on with it! 

It's really pigmented too and has a good amount of glitter in it, I have been using it as a base for my smoky eyes. I have horrendously oily eyelids for some reason, so my shadow literally lasts the morning then it's gone. But with this as a base it lasts my whole day at work, I sometimes even just wear this on its own. It's very rare I don't put at least a swish of colour on my lids, I feel like my eyes are tiny peas if I don't!

Have you tried anything similar to this? If you use the code TSH10 you will receive 10% off too!

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