Friday, 29 January 2016

Lush The Experimenter

Lush Cosmetics The Experimenter Bath Bomb
Lush Cosmetics The Experimenter Bath Bomb

Now this is the first Lush bath bomb I've actually been excited to buy! Everyone was raving on and on about it and it just looks amazing! (yes, I'm late to the party as usual). I think it's just how colourful it is that really makes me love it. It has a lovely vanilla smell and enriched with all the good oils that Lush include to make your skin feel super soft afterwards. Never found one yet that didn't have that effect! Makes it all that much better when it looks like this though.

Lush Cosmetics The Experimenter Bath Bomb

Loook how pretty it was when it went in!!!!

This really was like a rainbow fizzing away in my bath, a little multicoloured foam! There was also a looot of gold glitter! (which I hate cleaning out afterwards). The only downside was the after colour, once all the pretty colours blended together it turned to a murky green colour :-(. Like a big mould bath boo, wasn't as pretty as the rainbow! But I did love this and can't wait to grab another!
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