Friday, 4 March 2016

Being a 'Good' Blogger

How to be a good blogger

Hey, by no means am I a 'good blogger'.. I mean I go days without interacting as life takes over a little every now and then. But it feels good replying to people, reading posts and speaking to others on Twitter! Take with a pinch of salt :)

1. Read their blogs that they have linked in comments
I always go out my way to read peoples blogs that have left their link in my comments, if they have taken their time to read my blog I'm going to do the same. Hey it may even be a week later but at least I took the time to read theirs too. I must admit though, I do avoid the 'Great post "link"' comments, you definitely didn't read my post did you.

2. Click on their ads and affiliate links
I always do this, it helps them out a little. If it only gives them 2p from clicking on their advert, they're 2p towards their goal aren't they. I think I've racked up a whopping £1 in my Adsense, so really it will take a lot of clicking..

3. If you liked their post..
Tweet about it! Retweet it! Save it on Bloglovin'. Share it with everyone! It actually can make someones day too.

4. Follow their Blog
As much as I love the blogs I regularly read, I do actually forget to follow them. Mostly because I read on my mobile and Bloglovin' doesn't really make reading them easy to start with. But when I'm on the laptop I always follow them!

5. Respond to comments
I love responding to comments, if someone has took the time to write a comment to be I'll always reply back! Though I can imagine it being hard if you get hundreds but I love reading them!

6. Here's a funny one..
Don't send instant DM's, they are the most annoying thing in the world. Just stop. Please.

7. Speak to each other!
Now I'm pretty shy in RL, but I have met some really amazing people through blogging. Getting yourself out there will not only benefit yourself but you'll enjoy it so much, I speak to people on Twitter more than I probably in RL.. I want to meet so many people!

I'm being a little tongue in cheek really, but it does make the world of difference. Sometimes I don't have the time, but when I do I will do these all!


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