Monday, 14 March 2016

February Blogger Beauty Box

Read more about the Blogger Beauty Box here
Read more about the Blogger Beauty Box here

It's been a while since I treated myself to a beauty box since I was 'saving', so I jumped at the chance to ordering Vix's February Blogger Beauty Box! I haven't tried out and trialled any new products in yonks, so I needed a good variety of newbies, which they all were! None of the brands are brands I've tried before so it was a nice change.

Threads Vava Voom Lashes £9.00
I haven't had a new set of lashes in soooo long, mostly because I go absolutely no where, but I do love new lashes. I wish I was one of those people who threw lashes on in 10 seconds and runs out the door, but the truth is it's 4 hours later and they're still half on my brow. I've only mastered single lashes (review here) which are a lot more time consuming and semi-permanent. These are fab to throw on for a night out. These have a really thin band so they're not noticeable, and they're also really light. They give your lashes extra length and thickness, but don't turn them into spider legs!

Merumaya Bi-Phase Plus Eye Makeup Remover £14.50
I've been needing a eye makeup remover for a long time, I really don't take good care of my eyelashes at all and really noticed it lately. I was just about to buy one when I got this, thaaank god, cause I have no idea where to start. The is a gel cleanser which you apply with a cotton pad, I hold the pad over my eye for a few seconds before dabbing the rest off. This has made a huge difference to my skincare routine and I no longer look like a panda coming out the shower. It's really gentle on your skin, which I'm pretty happy about after my rubbish Clarins one.

Madame La La West Coast £25
I haven't used this yet as it's only for your face, I need a body tanner to go with it! This is supposed to smell like coconuts (woo biscuit free) and infused with coco water and green tea to keep your skin hydrated. I never fake tan my face with my body fake tan, so this will be really handy.

DHC Mineral Mask £29
I nearly died when I saw how much this is?! Whaaaat. This is fairly similar to Mask of Magnamity as well with the colour. It smells pretty similar too, so I wasn't worried with trying this out. This mask clears out your pores and smoothes your skin, also didn't break me out. It's waaay out my ball park budget wise though.

Puriskin Lip Treat £16.99
This is a lip balm you can adjust to what you like, such as adding sun screen, scents and moisturiser. I'm not so sold about this, it just didn't do much for me.

JR Facial Mist £21.00 & Cleansing Milk £21.00
I'm not really one for oils, my skins soo oily to start with. I'm going to pass these onto my mam to use!

I love the Blogger Beauty Box though, and for £10 it's such a bargain compared other boxes out there. Grab your box here!

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