Sunday, 10 April 2016

One by One Jewellery*

Read more for my One by One jewellery piece
Read more for my One by One jewellery piece

I love silver jewellery, I think it's such a delicate pretty tone to wear. Plus it goes with everything. It's my favourite type of jewellery to wear, I mean I do obviously have some statement jewellery but it's not exactly everyday type jewellery is it? I like a nice light necklace for everyday wear, especially for work. A nice simple flick of jewellery can really change your whole outfit and finish it off that little bit more.

 I'm not sure what drew me to this one, but there is something about triangles I love at the moment so I knew this is the one I had to have! Though there was heaps of other ones I wanted, this was the one I would probably wear the most. The crystal detailing around the triangle just makes it stand out so much more and look so much more expensive, I instantly loved it. It's so delicate my giant claws can barely fasten it's tiny clasp though, good job my Mam is around in the mornings!

You have to appreciate the packaging too.. I mean how happy would you be to receive something so nicely wrapped? It makes it look so much more higher end than it is. I loved all the detailing of the bags and ribbons..I'm still hoarding the packaging now. You never know when you'll need it.. hmm.

Read more for my One by One jewellery piece

The necklace is 925 sterling silver, so it definitely won't leave any marks on you like some cheaper jewellery do. It will also last so much longer and not tarnish like cheap silver jewellery. This actually only retails at £36 from One by One Jewellery, which is still so budget friendly! I wish I had actually came across this on Mothers Day as I think my Mam would have loved some of their range, I'll wait for her birthday! 

This necklace would match so well with my Buckley London earrings I mentioned a while ago too. So I now have a perfect little silver set going on now, now I just need places to go! 

One by One really do have some amazing pieces, so if you need a little extra for a gift or looking for some jewellery for someone I would definitely recommened them. I'm now lusting over their bangles!

What is your favourite jewellery brand? Or are you more high street?

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