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Creating my first Blog Media Kit

Read my tips on creating a Blog Media Kit

This is something I have tried to avoid for nearly 2 years, and so far managed to not need one. Well, until recently when I've actually been asked for one (noo). I didn't realise how technical and fancy they were! So after hours of googling and finding the best option, I'm here to give my tips on creating one! And if you're anything like I was, just to find out what one actually is too! I've also written posts on 'How to be a good blogger' and 'Juggling blogging with life', I quite enjoy writing these types of posts so I hope you find it helpful in some way.

What is a Blog Media Kit?
It's basically a CV but for your blog, you're advertising yourself and your blog and why you're someone they should work with. You need easy to read, relevant information to really show what your blog is about.

Why do I need one?
I managed to go a while without actually needing one, mostly cause I don't contact brands myself. Recently I was asked for one and really regretted not having one ready, so it took a few days to respond to the email (I hate that). If you're looking to contact brands yourself it will be a good and professional way to advertise why they should choose you!

What do you make one with?
I actually used Microsoft Word and then PDF'ed the document to send on. I have heard you can use PicMonkey and Canva to make one but for me Word was the easiest and most familiar software. Plus it means I can always have the Word version to edit rather than re-writing the information.

How long does it need to be?
I think keeping to one page is best, it's easy to view without missing any relevant information. It's figuring out a layout you are happy with too, I love squares so mine is quite organised an compact!

What do you include?
For mine I included;
- Blog header
- About me snippet
- About my blog snippet
- Popular/recent posts images
- Social media icons
- Social media stats
- Statistics; page views, unique visitors, reader age/gender, overall views
- Contact details
You can include anything you find relevant, or even mention previous collaborations you have done.

What sort of design?
I think it's best to keep to your blogs theme, like mine is white with black text and pink accents. It really showcases what your blog looks like. Though a nice clear design is better than anything cluttered.

How do I get my stats?
I used to love thinking Blogger was my stats, until I got Google Analytics and I realised they weren't right (I was a little gutted). But GA is the best programme to use to get the correct stats for your blog. You can also search through your audiences demographics, I didn't realise how many males read my blog! Google Analytics isn't the easiest to use, but the more you use it and play around with it, the more you get used to it!

How often do I update it?
I would update it once a month, or as often as you need it to be. With only being a little blogger I would probably check mine was up to date each time I needed it, the littlest bit of growth can make the difference too! Plus it will be good to look at and see how far you've came.

Here is my design:

Read my tips on creating a Blog Media Kit

I know mine isn't anything spectacular but I quite like it's simplicity! And it's always somewhere to start with too. I probably could have fitted information about brands I've previously worked with, but I didn't want to add too much clutter to it. It's definitely trial and error to try and see what best works for your niche. 

Have you made yourself a media kit? Do you have any tips?

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