Friday, 6 May 2016

Jeffree Star Scorpio

See my review of Jeffree Star Scorpio here

I'm meant to be saving I know, but when I saw Jeffree Star was releasing his new shade Scorpio I needed it. I honestly did..! I've fallen in love with his range ever since I got my hands on Androgyny (review here). These liquid lipsticks have been to longest wearing lipsticks I own, they literally don't budge, which is exactly what you want from a liquid lipstick. So I obviously needed my second one to start my collection.

See my review of Jeffree Star Scorpio here
See my review of Jeffree Star Scorpio here

So anyway, Scorpio is one of the newest shades from Jeffree Star along with Gemini. I loved the look of Gemini which is a terracotta nude, but I have a similar shade so I resisted (I still want it though). Scorpio is a grey purple shade, I would say more purple (phew, was frightened I would look like skeletor). I bought OG Ghoulish (review here) from LaSplash a while back which was also a grey tone, I still can't quite brave it. Hope I can break this one out more often, so far so good!

I actually ordered this Jeffree Star's website rather than Cocktail Cosmetics for once and I am pretty impressed! I didn't get charged customs, maybe because I only ordered one? I don't know, but either way I'm happy! I did get charged around a £1 for an overseas payment, but I can deal with that.

Annnd, swatches!..

See my swatch of Jeffree Star Scorpio here

It looks pretty dark, but the purple tone in it is pretty obvious. I do think this would look amazing with a tan (that I don't have), so I will settle with the pale gothy look. 

I actually love Jeffree Stars lipsticks, I feel the urge to buy them all! They're so hard to catch in stock, they especially seem to come in stock when I'm poor! Urgh. But the next on my list is Celebrity Skin and Doll Parts. It's my birthday soon so maybe someone can treat me to them!

Whats on your wishlist?

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