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Haircare Basics

Read my haircare routine here

I don't think I've ever done a haircare post on here before, probably cause I mostly neglect my hair compared to my makeup and skincare routines. Recently my hair has been awful, maybe it's the change in seasons, so I thought I needed to up my routine a little and make some more effort. The majority of these products I bought a while ago with the intention to look after it and never did, I have eventually though!

Read my haircare routine here

I love the feeling of going to the hairdressers and having the smoothest and softest hair ever. But then I have to wash it myself and it's never the same! I would love to buy myself a huge tub of Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner, but I can't bring myself to spend the money so I stick with the budget versions. I like them just as much though! But it still doesn't beat being at the hairdresser.

Argan Oil Shampoo £2.99
I do actually have the conditioner for this too which I use alongside it, but I just finished that bottle so it missed the photo opportunity ha! I know you can get so many different versions of oil haircare, but this is my favourite. It doesn't leave an oily residue in my hair like the Garnier one and it lathers so easily. It has a gel like consistency rather than a runny liquid and it smells lush! The conditioner has worked absolute wonders for my split ends.

Percy & Reed Volumising No Oil Oil £14
I got this from a Birchbox months upon months ago but never used it. I actually never really knew what it was for until I felt like I needed a good oil for my hair and fished it out my 'random' draw. This is a 'dry' oil that you apply to your towel dried hair before you dry it, it stops the heat damaging the ends of your hair and smoothes it. I wouldn't say it is too volumising, but I also don't have fine hair like it's formulated for. But I love the non-greasy formula. I also apply this if I've just straightened or curled my hair to keep it in place all day.

Toni & Guy Glamour Firm Hold Hairspray £2.99
I got this for Christmas in a gift set, it's a brand I always wander past in Superdrug and never buy. I did buy their Sea Salt Spray yonks ago and wasn't impressed so I think that put me off a little. But this stuff actually changed my mind about the brand, I love it. Nothing has replaced my love for hairspray since Fructis reformulated their hairspray and ruined it, so I'm happy to have an alternative. It doesn't leave a horrible crisp residue on your hair and brushes out easily. There is so many hairsprays that leave my hair greasy the next day and this doesn't so saves washing/dry-shampooing it. It also holds my hair so well and stops my curls dropping! I'm sold.

Toni & Guy Prep Heat Protection Spray £4.66
I never used a heat protection spray before this, yeaaah I know it's bad but it was just pure laziness. I always dry my hair at night so I spray this onto my towel dried hair after the oil and brush through. When I straighten/curl my hair in the morning I reapply another spray over my hair beforehand. I think that this has made a huge difference to my split ends, I used to need my hair cut monthly beforehand and now it lasts a few months! (My fringe still grows uncontrollably though, urgh). 

Invisibobble £1
You can get the branded version of these for around £3/£4 but I just grab them from Primark, they do exactly the same job as the others for £1 for around 8. I love these, I can shove my hair into a pony tail/bun and few hours later take it out and not have that horrible hair kink! They're especially handy if you ever pop you hair up half way during the day for work/gym etc. If you have thick hair like me they do sometimes snap (like the gym on Monday..) but I always have a spare in my bag. Thick hair and bobbles rarely mixes anyway. Plus they don't rip your hair out when you remove them! 

My natural hair is something between a lion mane and wavy, so I need to at least straighten or curl it daily to tame it back to normal. These products have been my saviour lately. Though I was a little gutted my Lush conditioner bar didn't work out! 

What are you go to haircare products?

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