Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Jeffree Star Doll Parts and Red Rum

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I'm no stranger to a Jeffree Star lipstick, I absolutely love them. I already own Androgyny and Scorpio which I couldn't recommend anymore than I do. So it's only natural I had to get my hands on Doll Parts and Red Rum, my other half actually bought these for me for my Birthday, obviously by my instructions... I grabbed Red Rum from Cocktail Cosmetics, which is 10x easier than ordering from the USA but the stock is limited. I got Doll Parts direct from the Jeffree Star website, and no customs charges woo. But don't hold me to the no customs charges lark, it's the luck of the draw!

Sunday, 26 June 2016

A Basic Base for Summer

Read about my favourite bases for summer

A good base is the be all and end all to your make up routine, if you don't have a good base you won't get as long of a wear out of it. Plus your foundation won't go on as well. For me it's a good moisturiser that fits perfectly with my skin type and a good primer make sure my face stays intact all day. I have tried heaps of primers, which I loved at the time, but I'm narrowing it down to the one I use all the time now.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette

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Zoeva is something I've never tried before but always wanted to, I've just never had the chance to grab anything. Luckily I got it for my birthday, as you would have seen in my Birthday goodies post. Now I've tried Zoeva I don't know why I put it off for so long, they're so so creamy! This one is the Cocoa Blend palette, which is a mixture of brown and red tones. When I read the name of this palette I thought it was going to be a neutrals palette (which I have heaps of), so I was pleasantly surprised when I opened it up and saw the lovely Freshly Toasted and Warm Notes shades. They're two shades I don't really have in any of my palettes.


Sunday, 19 June 2016

Buckley London Friendship Bracelet*

See my lovely Buckley London Friendship bracelet here

I absolutely love Buckley London's range, I have quite a few pieces from them and they're some of my all time favourite bits of jewellery (post here). When I was given the opportunity to pick a new item I was stuck for choice! There is so many beautiful pieces out at the moment but I had just got a lovely silver bracelet from work for my birthday so it had to be something to match it! That's where the Sparkle Friendship Bracelet (£45.00) came in, and yes, I got myself a friendship bracelet. It was too pretty not to!

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Urban Decay Shadow Box

Read my review of the Urban Decay Shadow Box here

I actually won this beauty in a giveaway from Alex from the Lipstick Lady a few weeks back and I was so so excited to get it. I really own very little from Urban Decay so when I get the opportunity of getting something from their range I'm so excited. I always hear amazing things about their eyeshadow range and well, everything in their range really. I will eventually get to one of their stores and splurge..!

So this is the Urban Decay Shadow Box which is only £23, I was pretty surprised with the affordability of this palette for the amount of shades you get. The only other UD palette I have is the Smoky Palette, which is a total different kettle of fish to the shades in this. There is a mixture of vibrant colours and nice neutral shades, it's perfect for me and my fear of colour! But it is helping me try experiment a bit more! 

Read my review of the Urban Decay Shadow Box here

Each shade has a name, which always makes me like a palette a little bit more (I'm sad I know), but I like to say what shade I like! My all time favourite shade in this palette is 'Freelove' it's such a beaut shade, I love it on my lid with a blend of 'Smog'.

Read my review of the Urban Decay Shadow Box here

The shades themselves are all super creamy and pigmented, it doesn't take much more than a dab of the brush to get the amount of colour you need. There also isn't any fall out which you find with a lot of cheaper brands, which is good when you're playing around with the brights and darks. If you want a really intense colour you can also wet your brush and apply it, which is what I usually do when I apply one of the bright colours under my eye. It can make such a difference using a wet brush. But don't lick your brush cause ewww germs!

Read my review of the Urban Decay Shadow Box here
Read my review of the Urban Decay Shadow Box here

The swatches were only one swipe of the hand and they're so pigmented. Sin is a little harder to see just because it's so similar to my skin colour (glowing white), but it makes an amazing brow highlight and has beautiful specks of glitter in it. All of these shades in this palette are a shimmer finish, so there is no mattes if you're more of a matte person. But I think the shimmer finish makes them all blend perfectly with each other. I'm more of a matte person but this has become one of my favourite palettes to use.

I'm literally in love with this palette, thank you Alex! 
Have you tried any of the Urban Decay palettes before?

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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Multi Masking

Read more on multimasking
Read more on multimasking

This was new to me until only a few months ago, I really don't know why I never tried it out beforehand. It's not like it's a new revelation, it felt more like common sense once I knew about it. Believe me I'm no skin care guru, my hair and skin are two I neglect compared to my makeup obsession. Though I have upped my haircare routine lately (post here), it's still nothing like it should be! But upping my skincare is where this comes in!

So what is multi-masking? Might help if I actually tell you what I'm blabbering about before I blabber a little bit more. Multi masking is using different face masks on different areas of your face where they are needed. So if you're having a breakout on your chin, you apply your spot reducing mask there. If you need to beat the wrinkles under your eyes, you apply a youth mask there and if you have patches of dry skin, you apply a good moisturising mask there.

Seems quite self explanatory doesn't it? Well I didn't know anything about it and used to lather my face in one mask and probably make the drier areas drier. Not really very handy!

Read more on multimasking

So my go to masks are a little different, I do have a few other masks stashed away. But these four are my holy grail masks that I can't get enough of and have repurchased (a few times even).

Lush Cosmetics Mask of Magnanimity £9.95
This one has been an absolute life saver for my spot prone skin, I don't know how I would cope without it. I always get break outs on my jawline/chin area so this helps to either stop them before they appear or reduce them when they're already there. I recently bought the self-preserving one but I don't think it's as good as the fresh one but it does the same thing and lasts so much longer!

Glamglow Thirstymud £35.00

I actually got this in a set with Supermud and Youthmud, Supermud is long gone but this and Youthmud are lasting me a life time. This is a godsend if you have dry skin, it literally makes my dry skin disappear when I use it. I always use this on my forehead and neck area when multi-masking. But I also quite often use it as an overnight mask if my skin needs some extra tlc (like if its been sunny). It soaks perfectly into my skin, but it too heavy as a moisturiser everyday.

Nip Fab Dragons Blood Plumping Mask £9.95

I incorporate this into my routine when I've had a tired and stressful week. It is amazing for rejuvenating your tired and dull skin. It also has a unusual minty scent which makes your skin feel amazingly fresh afterwards.

Glamglow Youthmud £39.00

Youthmud isn't something you use all the time as it's only a tiny pot, but it is perfect for when your skin is feeling a little tired. Especially if you have been in the sun a lot. Youthmud has a slight exfoliating texture and really plumps your skin after washing it off. My Mam has also started to steal this, though I could cry if I need to repurchase it as it's not exactly the cheapest.

These are my all time favourites, though I will repurchase the majority. I think when the time comes to finishing my Youthmud I may try and find a Lush dupe to repurchase, I don't think I can warrant spending another £39. But it does the job for now!

What are your favourite masks? Have you heard of multimasking before?

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Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Cream Eyeshadow Favourites

Read my review of my favourite cream eyeshadows

I can be quite lazy when it comes to eyeshadow, it's probably cause I'm so rubbish at it that I don't really work on it. This is why I absolutely love and swear by cream eyeshadows. They're easy to apply and can make such a difference to a usual plain eye look.

I often use cream shadows either on their own or as a base for eyeshadow. I have super oily lids so I need some form of base and especially if I haven't used my Urban Decay potion primer (which is amazing). I haven't tried a whole bunch of makes when it comes to cream shadows, but I found a few brands I liked and stuck with them. So why do I need any more ha?

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They're mostly similar neutral/bronze shades, apart from one which is a dark grey tone. I only ever use the grey for a smokey eye that will last all day or if I really want to darken a smokey eye, which is something I use a lot in Autumn/Winter time. It has the perfect shimmer to it and blends so well without leaving an obvious line. But onto the rest..

Read about these cream eyeshadows here

Right to left - Mac Cosmetics Layin' Low £16, Maybelline Pink Gold £4.99, Mac Cosmetics Let's Skate £16, Mac Cosmetics Groundwork £16, Maybelline Immortal Charcoal £4.99 and Makeup Forever Gold £17.

See more about these swatches here

The two Mac shades (Groundwork and Layin' Low) are quite matte compared to the others, which is what makes them the perfect base for any eye look. Groundwork is good for dark brown smokey eye and Layin' Low is quite light so it's good for any golds and pinks. I apply both of these with my Spectrum brush to avoid scooping the whole pot out with my acrylics (every single time), and it also makes them a nice smooth base. I have previously written about Groundwork and Layin' Low when I bought them, but they are worth the mention again!

The Maybelline, Makeup Forever Gold (review here) and Mac's Let's Skate are shimmer shades, which look amazing as the main colour on the lid. They're all so pigmented and stand out so well. Their staying power isn't half as long as the two Mac shades above, but I find if I don't apply them to the crease it doesn't crease (I couldn't think of another word for crease!). Although, I do often use the Immortal Charcoal shade as a smokey blend, but in light amounts so it doesn't melt into the other colours in the afternoon. Again I have to apply these with a brush as my acrylics don't fit in the pot..why are they made so deep?!

I definitely want to grab some more matte like shades from maybe Mac and Makeup Forever, they are my all time favourite formulas of the bunch. But if you want a good budget version the Maybelline ones are amazing, hopefully they will bring a matte one out for a base someday? Please.

These are amazing if you want a long lasting eye makeup for a day at work or a night out. I know primers make your eyeshadows last longer, but creams last longer than eyeshadows or any powder makeup in general.

Have you tried any of these before?

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Sunday, 5 June 2016

Ninja Burgers at No 28, Newcastle

Read more on my No 28 Ninja Burgers review

It's not often I get the chance to do food reviews, I miss quite a lot of nice restaurant openings living out of Newcastle. It's not the easiest place to get to once you're out the reach of the metro! But I jumped at the chance at Cheish's invite to go and try the Ninja Burger opening event at No 28. No 28 is a place I didn't know even existed, it's located at the entrance of Grainger market on Nelson Street, it is such a cute bar/restaurant. It has a Botanist kind of vibe with all the quirky decor, I really loved it!

Anyhow, Ninja Burgers new home is No 28 and me and Samantha from Blended to Perfection popped along to try out all of their delicious burgers. I wasn't sure what to expect as it's somewhere I hadn't heard of before, but after reading up on them I was excited. They use local produce so all the beef comes from Charlottes Butchery in Gosforth and the brioche buns from Geordie Bakers in Kingston Park, I love this idea!

Read more on my No 28 Ninja Burgers review

The first sliders we tried were beef patties, they we're cooked to absolute perfection! They were super juicy and the mustard and burger sauce combo was delicious! I'm quite a picky person, so when I usually order burgers I get them without all the onions..but I ate them as they were and they were unreal, maybe I've been ruining my burgers all these years??

Read more on my No 28 Ninja Burgers review

Next came the popcorn coated chicken, have you heard of anything as delicious before?? It is buttermilk chicken with popcorn infused in, it was so crispy and the chicken was so tender! (Sammy even had two)! There were also vegetarian options such as panko crumbed halloumi burgers and falafel burgers. I didn't try these but they did look delicious and I heard good reviews! I ate so many sliders I doubt I could have fitted those in too.

Read more on my No 28 Ninja Burgers review
Read more on my No 28 Ninja Burgers review

There was also two competitions, the russian roulette challenge ft. ghost chillies (ouch) and a burger eating challenge. I don't know how some of the guys kept their cool eating those chillies but I was glad it wasn't me. Although, I do think I could have gave the burger competition a run for its money.. they were too good to waste!

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Me and Samantha couldn't resist another burger, and the lovely Cheish gave us two full size ones to devour while watching the challenges. They were sooooo good. You can also get a portion of dirty fries as a side, but we were so stuffed after all of these. But I'm definitely having them the next time I go, the other half would love this food!

Read more on my No 28 Ninja Burgers review

So if you're ever in town you definitely need to try Ninja Burgers out, I'm starving again just writing this up... I can't wait to go back, and even try the bar out for a drink. Hopefully the next time I'm there I can enjoy a cocktail and not be driving!

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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

MeMeMe Complete Contour and Highlight Kit*

Read more on the MeMeMe Complete Contour and Highlight Kit

I do love a good contour kit, as you can tell from my Contouring Go-to post not too long ago, I just can't resist trying out different versions. This one is from Me Me Me Cosmetics, which is a brand I do see crop up quite a bit. I mostly know them for their cheek stains which I have stashed away in my makeup draw, but they do a whole range of things including a cream contour kit.
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