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Jeffree Star Doll Parts and Red Rum

Read my Jeffree Star Red Rum and Doll Parts review

I'm no stranger to a Jeffree Star lipstick, I absolutely love them. I already own Androgyny and Scorpio which I couldn't recommend anymore than I do. So it's only natural I had to get my hands on Doll Parts and Red Rum, my other half actually bought these for me for my Birthday, obviously by my instructions... I grabbed Red Rum from Cocktail Cosmetics, which is 10x easier than ordering from the USA but the stock is limited. I got Doll Parts direct from the Jeffree Star website, and no customs charges woo. But don't hold me to the no customs charges lark, it's the luck of the draw!

Read my Jeffree Star Red Rum and Doll Parts review

Red Rum was £14 seeing as it was a UK order and Doll Parts was $18 (£13.61) plus a $10.95 (£8.28) shipping fee. Which for coming from the US is pretty cheap and they only take around a week and a half to come. Plus you get the perks of the pretty Jeffree Star packaging when you order directly from his site.

These lipsticks dry to the most perfect matte shade, they're not seriously drying but just what you would expect from a liquid matte lip. I always use a lip scrub and a lip balm each night so my lips don't have any dry patches as a matte lipstick will always cling to the dry areas. I don't find this formula uncomfortable, out of all my matte lipsticks I own this is my favourite formula to use. Obviously oily foods will break the lipstick down quicker, so take a top up if you're going for a good burger date..

Top: Doll Parts. Bottom: Red Rum.
Read my Jeffree Star Red Rum and Doll Parts review

Doll Parts is a cool toned pink or as Jeffree Star describes it 'Lindsay Lohans life in Mean Girls', which is pretty aptly named! It actually reminds me of Mac's Brave/Mehr lipsticks, but only way more matte and longer lasting. Red Rum (which just reminds me of the Shining) is the perfect red, think Dita Von Teese red, it's amazingly pigmented and bright. The closest shade I have to this is Mac's Ruby Woo, but JS's lip is 100x more pigmented.

There is something about Jeffree Stars lipsticks I just can't get enough of at all. They all just last SO long and are super pigmented. They also don't crumble off your lips, which is one of my most hated disadvantages of rubbish liquid lipsticks. This wears pretty nicely, it doesn't go patchy and it easy to reapply over the top. The only thing I wish is that they either came with a matching liner, like the Kylie Lip Kits, or that liners were purchasable. I do have similar shades, but no perfect match for them all just yet. 

Now I just need Masochist! 

Have you tried any Jeffree Star lipsticks yet?
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