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MeMeMe Complete Contour and Highlight Kit*

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I do love a good contour kit, as you can tell from my Contouring Go-to post not too long ago, I just can't resist trying out different versions. This one is from Me Me Me Cosmetics, which is a brand I do see crop up quite a bit. I mostly know them for their cheek stains which I have stashed away in my makeup draw, but they do a whole range of things including a cream contour kit.

Read more on the MeMeMe Complete Contour and Highlight Kit

I've always liked the idea of a cream contour kit, I have a few cheap dupes lying around (ebay grabs), but they're not that creamy. Hense why I've wanted to try the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour palette for donkeys but I still can't part with the money! Sometimes you don't even have to though as a more budget friendly version does what you need, if not exactly the same as the higher end would.

Read more on the MeMeMe Complete Contour and Highlight Kit

This palette retails for £16.95, which is pretty on par with any Sleek palettes. You can order MeMeMe directly through their website or on Amazon, so they're not in any local high street stores just yet. It's also not tested on animals, so there is a perk for all you cruelty free make up lovers.

The pans are a pretty good match for my skin tone, although I do think there should be another shade of a lighter brown but it doesn't make the colours any less useable. I do wish the shades had names too, I find it so much easier to explain with names. 

Below is how I use the shades, obviously cause I'm quite pale it differs how I use the shades and the likes of 2 & 5 might match you better than me.

1 - to highlight cheekbones, nose and jawline
2 - cover any blemishes
3 - contour jawline, cheekbones, forehead and nose
4 - cover any dark circles
5 - can be used as a light contour 
6 - highlight cheekbones, brow bone and bottom of nose

Step by step:

Read more on the MeMeMe Complete Contour and Highlight Kit

I apply the banana highlight and the white highlight under my eyes and blend to give the effect of cheekbones (and not big moon head). I then brush the dark contour under my cheekbones and under my jaw line and blend. I usually do step 3 at the same time as 1 but it's easier to show them separately. I also contour my forehead, cause it's mahoosive. I use the dark shade around my hairline and the white contour above my brows. I blend it all in again with my beauty blender, which I swear by.

The darker contour is super pigmented, so only use a little and build with it. It's just so creamy it glides on like a dream. The highlight is also amazing, and reflects perfectly. The shade finish quite reminds me of Makeup Revolutions Pink Lights, which I love and reviewed ages ago here! I did love this palette, although it is a little more work than powder for me it's worth it for longevity.

Have you tried anything from MeMeMe before?

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