Wednesday, 27 July 2016

ABH Highlight Kit and Gerard Cosmetics Slay Spray

See my ABH Gleam Kit and Gerard Cosmetics Slay Spray review here

I've been after the ABH highlight palette for so so long, I put it off until I couldn't help myself any more. I saw far too many snapchats and instagrams of it to tempt me. A girl can never have too many highlighters right?? ..that's what I tell myself! I grabbed both of these from Beauty Bay, which is like heaven in a website if you're a beauty obsessive like me. There is still so many bits I'm desperate to grab but I've put myself on a little ban for now and these are enough to distract me temporarily.

See my ABH Gleam Kit and Gerard Cosmetics Slay Spray review here

I could easily buy all the new highlighter releases from Anastasia but I thought this was the one I would get the most use out of. This is the ABH Gleam Glow Kit which is £39.00, it's not the cheapest buy but it is technically only £9.70 per pan which is normal sort of price.. I'm justifying it for you so you don't have to.. 

The kit has four highlights:
Hand Candy - Golden peach with pearl pink shimmer
Mimosa - Metallic peach with gold shimmer [similar to Mary Lou-Manizer]
Starburst - Neutral pink with cool undertones
Crushed Pearl - Pearlescent frosty pink

Hard Candy is the most pigmented of the lot as it's quite dark against my skin tone and stands out a lot. Starburst and Crushed Pearl are my absolute favourites though, Starburst reminds me slightly of my Make Up Revolution Vivid Lights highlight (which is in my favourite highlights post) because of it's bright colour. I much prefer applying all these highlights with my Spectrum B02 brush as it creates such a smooth finish, it's my favourite brush!

See my ABH Gleam Kit and Gerard Cosmetics Slay Spray review here

I also grabbed the cult product Slay All Day Setting Spray from Gerard Cosmetics, this is a brand I've been desperate to try but still haven't for some reason. This is my first thing to grab from GC and I am in love with it. It's literally became my go-to everyday product and makes my makeup last hours more than it would usually. I got the scent Jasmine which is a lot stronger than I thought it would be, it reminds me a little of my grandma (ha), but I do still love it and it doesn't put me off. I'm definitely grabbing Peach next time! This is only £12.50 too so it's pretty on par with the likes of Mac and UD.

I'm so so glad I grabbed both of these, they've swiftly became my favourite goodies to use everyday. Have you tried any of these out yet?

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