Sunday, 3 July 2016

Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance Palette

See my Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance palette review here
See my Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance palette review here

I actually ran a poll this week to see which post you's wanted to see, I was stuck between this and my Wunderbrow one cause I've been obsessed with both lately. But the Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance Palette won, it's pretty obvious why people aren't sick of seeing this yet. It is bea-u-tiful! I probably shouldn't have even bought this when it was first released, it was 3 days before payday and it was the choice between going out and buying this, but I couldn't resist.. it was too pretty and I had been lusting after it from seeing it on Norvina's snapchat (best person to follow for new products).

The packaging is amazing too, it comes in a pink flocked case with an enclosed mirror and double ended brush. The brush is really soft and good quality, but it's very rare that I ever use the brushes in palettes. I'm terrified to dirty the packaging, it's too pretty to get ruined!

See my Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance palette review here

I've actually started to like playing with eyeshadows now, which is about time cause I have about 20 that I never really use properly. I think since getting my Urban Decay primer potion for my Birthday and discovering my eyeshadow can last longer than half an hour now I've been more adventurous. 

I bet you've probably already read how amazing this palette is, but I'm going to bang on about it too. The colours are unbelievable pigmented and creamy, they're actually the nicest eyeshadow formula I have tried to date. That's beating my Urban Decay Smoky Palette and I love that palette! Usually shimmer shades lose their pigment a little and have a lot of fall out, but not these babies. I actually ended up with some serious brow arch highlight the first time I used it, woops! Lately though, I cannot stop wearing Red Ochre, Love Letter and Realgear just on their own. The look amazing.

See my Anastasia Beverly Hills Renaissance palette review here

Top Row:
Tempera - Cream beige (matte). Golden Ochre - Earthy yellow (matte). Vemeer - Powder pink. Buon Fresco - Lilac (matte). Antique Bronze - Burgundy chocolate brown (shimmer). Love Letter - Raspberry (matte). Cyprus Umber - Chocolate brown (matte). 

Bottom Row:
Raw Sienna - Sand brown (matte). Burnt Orange - Warm orange (matte). Primavera - Champagne (shimmer). Red Ochre - Brick red (matte). Venetian Red - Cranberry (matte/shimmer). Warm Taupe - Caramel grey (matte). Realgar - Deep burnt orange (matte).

I really struggle to swatch with my huge claw nails but you can see how beautiful the colour palette is. With a primer the colours stand out 10x more and apply perfectly opaque. There is 11 matte shades and 3 shimmer shades. They create some of the most amazing eye looks whether you're mixing them together or using them just on their own.

Honestly, if you're going to splurge on a palette anytime soon you need to grab this beauty from Beauty Bay. At £41 it's not the cheapest by any means, probably the most expensive palette I own, but it's worth every penny. Which is also probably the first time I've ever spent this much on something and loved everything about it.

Have you grabbed this yet?

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