Sunday, 24 July 2016

Eau Thermale Avene Face Spray*

Read my Eau Thermale Avene Spray review here

This is a completely new concept to me, I do have a few facial sprays but they're mostly tea tree based to stop me getting spots or setting sprays for makeup. So I was a little intrigued to try this out and see what the benefits of it are. If we ever get some hot weather that lasts longer than 2 days I may get some more use out of it, as it's an amazing way to cool down your face. [little update] Speaking of hot days, we had the perfect heat wave last week to test this out properly (in the UK, seeing as I'm not going on holiday) so I can actually give you the full review!

Read my Eau Thermale Avene Spray review here

So what is Eau Thermale?
Eau Thermale is spring water spray that sprays a mist over your skin with calming and soothing properties.

How do you use it?
You spray it onto your skin after shaving (legs as I don't have a beard), sunburn, after cleansing to avoid tap water on your skin, itchy/irritated skin, to cool down and after the gym. It can be used on sensitive skin (like mine) without causing any break outs or redness, and skin care that doesn't make my break out is a win in my book.

After how hot last week was I was so relieved to have this in my handbag to stop my eyebrows melting into a puddle from my face. It's such a nicer way to freshen your makeup without piling on the powder when you get a little shiny in the afternoon, there is nothing I hate more than ruining my foundation with heaps of powder residue. It can also be used to tame your humidity afro, which I had all last week. No matter what I put on my hair, a few hours later it's like a huge bouffant so this was handy to tame the huge fuzzy waves that appeared too. Better than splashes of water I usually use to tame it!

When you use this after cleansing/shaving it doesn't soak in straight away, it creates a cool base layer that you then need to dab dry with a towel and leave the rest to soak in. I love how refreshing this is in the morning after a night of what felt like sleeping on the sahara desert!

Have you tried this or anything similar before?

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