Sunday, 31 July 2016

Lush Relax Box

See my review of the Lush Relax Gift Box here

It's no new news that I love Lush Cosmetics, I obviously must talk to the work girls about it a lot as one of them got me this for my Birthday (I know that was donkeys ago now)! This is my first Lush gift box, I've always wanted one but wasn't entirely sure if it was too sad to buy one for myself or not. Maybe I can just pretend it's a present next time! This gift box is the 'Relax' box £19.95, I think the name makes the theme of the box slightly obvious, ha! There is nothing I love more than the scent of lavender, which is the most used ingredient of this faaave.

See my review of the Lush Relax Gift Box here

So there are four goodies inside this, it literally smelt amazing when I opened the box. My room also smelt amazing while the box was in my room, like a pretty air freshener!

This is full of cocoa butter, so it's perfect for dry and sensitive skin. Which I am caked in both at the moment, lush. This isn't a colourful exciting bath bomb, it's literally one for a good skin soak before bed (without having to clean the bath out afterwards). I always feel weird not having a bath bomb coated in glitter and fizz but my skin felt lovely and soft afterwards so it was completely worthwhile.

A French Kiss
Lavender, Lavender, Lavender, is literally all you can smell when you grab this out the box. It smells amaaazing. It's basically a lavender version of the comforter bar, you crumble a little bit under the tap and it fills your bath with its amazing smell, lilac colouring and bubbles!

This is also a lavender scent but with a muskiness of tonka, I was a little worried at it's strong scent when I first smelt it. I have really sensitive skin so was worried it would make my eczema crazy, but it hasn't! It makes my skin smell beautiful and soft. It's such a relaxing scent, it's amazing to drip into your bubble bath too just before bed!

Ceridwen's Cauldren
I did this one wrong, I wish I had read up on it before using it. I took this out of it's meshy packaging and chucked it into my bath for it only to melt into a weird mush, damnit. You're meant to leave it in its packaging let it float about your bath and also rub it against your skin. Guess I need to buy this and try it right next time.

I absolutely love this little box though (and it's pretty packaging), I loved all of it's goodies inside. French Kiss was definitely my favourite of the whole bunch, mostly because I love bubble bars the most out of any Lush product. I definitely want to grab The Sweetest Thing and Happiness next though!

What is your favourite Lush giftbox?

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