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Wunderbrow 1 Step Brow Gel

Read my Wunderbrow review here

Now Wunderbrow is something completely new to me, I haven't heard much about it or seen it pop up at all in the blogosphere. My godmother actually introduced this to me as she had read about it and wanted to try it out, so she bought it for me for my birthday so I can be the guinea pig and see what I think. I'm glad she did or I don't think I would have tried it otherwise as I'm so in love with my Anastasia Dip Brow, I do have a review of that from two years ago but it's to embarrassing to re-share. She did tell me how hard this was to get a hold of, but is available in Boots for £17.95.

There is around 4 shades to choose from but I was given Brunette which is the perfect shade for my dark brown brows. In the kit you receive the Wunderbrow liquid tube and a little spoolie brush, and instructions.. that I needed to make sure I was doing this whole thing right. So the Wunderbrow formula is made to last for a little over two days, crazy thinking they're not getting wiped off at night! I do feel a little odd sitting in my pj's with a full blown brow look though, maybe this is what it feels like to actually have normal eyebrows?

Read my Wunderbrow review here

There is two steps to applying this, its formula is a little like an eyeliner, I didn't expect it to be like that! Don't know why, but I thought it would be like a mascara wand. You use the brush to apply in the direction of your hairs, either in a feathery light motion for light brows. Or if you're like me and like full brows, apply in the shape you want. I actually use my angled brow brush as I like a precision brow, I dab my brush against the Wunderbrow brush to get the formula on the nib. Once you've filled in all the areas you want, you brush the dry formula out your brows. This bit feels weird, my brows felt like cardboard until I brushed them smooth!

To remove this you need to use a oil based make up remover, if you already use one of these to cleanse your face I would avoid your brows or you'll wipe them off. I use micellar water so that doesn't remove them the first two days, it does eventually start to budge them though.

Before & After:

Read my Wunderbrow review here

So anyway, my verdict! I love this stuff, I've been using it almost a month now and swear by it. Especially for when I have a morning gym class, it means my brows are already stuck on and I don't have to put them on! (I know I don't have to but I feel like a martian otherwise). Obviously if you're not very swift at doing your brows normally, this may take you some time to get used to. For me it was a pretty similar step I was used to, but obviously now they last a few days. If you need some practise you could always do these at night and they're fresh and ready for the next morning, which is what I did the first time I was trying this out.

I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good statement brow or likes to fill in their brows. For me it's pretty on par with my ABH Dipbrow, although they're completely different formulas they create the perfect brow.

Have you heard or tried these before?

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