Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Glitter Eyes Duo - Barely There and Mocha Shine

Read my review of Glitter Eyes pressed glitters and swatches

I'm pretty useless when it comes to glitter, I really have no idea how to create looks with it. I'm constantly in awe and The Lippie Lady and Devoted to Pinks glitter eye make ups, they always look amazing! So I was super stoked to win these two glitters from Glitter Eyes! I did secretly wish I was going away to a festival so I could go crazy with the glitter, but I'm not so night time eye looks are the closest I can get!

Read my review of Glitter Eyes pressed glitters and swatches
Left to Right - Barely There & Mocha Shine

The first time I tried these I didn't really know what I was doing, I had glitter everywhere. I looked awful! So since that I decided to read up on the best ways to apply this, apparently a glitter primer is needed.. little did I know at first! So I grabbed a (really good) cheap glitter primer from NYX, and boy was that a total game changer! The glitter didn't fall off onto my face all day and it also went on a lot more pigmented. I also found it easier to hold a piece of tissue under my eye to catch any fall out, though I would recommend doing your eye makeup prior to your foundation. You cannot get it off once it sticks to your foundation!!

Read my review of Glitter Eyes pressed glitters and swatches

I much prefer using these over an eyeshadow, it really makes a huge difference building the glitter with a shade underneath. The glitter stands out so much more and looks amazing! My favourite of the two is Mocha Shine, though Barely There is beautiful, Mocha Shine is so much easier to work with as it has its own colour tone to it. It goes amazingly over my Anastasia Beverly Hill Renaissance shades so so well.

See swatches of Glitter Eyes pressed glitters
See how much of a difference the primer makes!

I'm still desperately trying to use these more than just nights out, I really want to be able to pull off the everyday glitter look! Glitter Eyes have so so many amazing shades, I mean who doesn't want a bright purple glitter?!

Have you tried these out yet?
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