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Keeping my oily skin blemish free

How I keep my oily skin blemish free

I haaate having spots, I feel like surely I've now reached an age where I should stop getting them?! I literally try anything to avoid getting them, as soon as I feel one impending I run for all of these and lather them all over. I'm sure my boyfriend really enjoys me rolling into bed with spot cream all over looking lush, but he'll have to tough it out (ha)! I've probably mentioned these a few times this past year, but never fully talked about how I actually look after my oily skin. These are literally my holy grail products!

How I keep my oily skin blemish free

As you can tell Lush do play a big part in my skincare, everything they do seems to just agree with my skin. I want aaaaall of their stuff! Seeing as I have oily skin I do need to take care of it so it doesn't get spotty and greasy (not a good look), so these are incorporated in my morning skincare and evening skincare routine as well as when my skin needs a little extra tlc.

Lush Mask of Magnanimity - This is my all time favourite face mask, I've never stopped using it since I grabbed it over a year ago. Even though I do multi-mask depending on my skin issues, I always turn to this when my skins feeling a little grubby. Your face feels amazingly clean after this and always reduces any spots or redness.

Lush Grease Lightning - Now if you ever get spots, even just every now and then, you need this. It's honestly the best spot treatment I've ever tried and it always gets rid of my spots. If I even feel one appearing I lather this over it before bed and wake up with it either gone completely or teeeeny tiny so it's coverable with my makeup. I take this everywhere I go when I'm staying out!

Acne Ultra Clear Moisturiser - It's been a while since I've really mentioned the Acne Ultra moisturiser on my blog, but it doesn't mean I stopped using it. It's still up there in my skin care necessities. It's fab for any dry skin I get without breaking me out or leaving my skin greasy. And whilst fixing my dry skin it also prevents any spots appearing too.

Lush Tea Tree Cleanser - Yep, another Lush product, not sorry. This is one I either use to tone my face morning and night after my Garnier Micellar water or I use it on its own to reduce the oil on my face. I also sometimes apply it directly to a spot if I'm wanting to dry it out. What would I do without Tea Tree?!

Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser - I've used this beauty for over 2 years and never looked back, I used to buy the entire packs from QVC but now I've mixed around with my skincare I rarely use any of the other products. This is what I use after cleansing my face at night, it rids any extra make up that may be clogging up my skin and leaves it feeling so fresh. I've tried all the budget versions of this and always go back to it, it always makes my skin feel so soft.

Bioderma Sebium Global - This one is quite new-ish in my routine, I used to love the Bioderma Micellar water but it was quite hard to get a hold of. And well, Garnier is sold everywhere. When I was looking for a moisturiser to keep blemishes at bay and reduce oil this popped up on the Boots website. I'm so glad I grabbed it, it makes the perfect oil free base for my makeup and reduces my pores too!

What are you go to favourite products for looking after your skin?

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