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Ideal World Blogger Box*

See beauty products that Ideal World have!

This is actually the first time I've really experienced Ideal World, I wasn't really aware they had a beauty department until I read Devoted To Pinks post a few month ago. I was so intrigued, so I'm glad to be able to try them out, especially as they're all brands I've never came across or tried out before. They have so many different brands available, some have even become my everyday staples!

See beauty products that Ideal World have!

There was so many things I didn't know which to start with! But I really wanted to try everything out before writing about them, especially when it comes to skincare items. There was things I have always wanted to try, like sheet masks! Everyone has raved about them for months now so I was excited to give that one a go! This one was by Beauty Pro and was a collagen mask, I did feel ever so slightly like hannibal wearing it but my skin felt amazing afterwards! I'd been having a rough week and it definitely gave my skin that brightening and boost it needed.

There was also a few Elizabeth Grant items which I had never heard of before! First off was an eye gel from the Green Power C range, this is actually my first eye cream. It was probably getting to the right time to start using one anyway! The formula claims to make your skin more energised and radiant and for me it does just that, I use it every night and my dark circles are so much better! The Glycolic Mask is amazing too, I've never had a clay mask before as I've always used the likes of the Lush Mask of Magnanimity. It really clears your pores and reduces any excess oil on your skin, I've been switching between this and my normal Lush mask each week and it hasn't broken me out and kept my skin clear! I've also been using the Hydra Cell Active Foot Cream each night which has worked wonders for sandal weather!

See beauty products that Ideal World have!

The Skinn Plasma Fusion Lipstick was so unusual, it's a beautiful deep red shade (which is perfect for Autumn), but has argan oil and rosehip oil infused in the clear part in the middle. The inner oils give the lipstick a slightly glossy finish, or even a little glossier if you add an extra swipe across. The shade is so opaque and soft on your lips though, such a change from a liquid lipstick!

See beauty products that Ideal World have!

There was also a Skinn Waterproof liner in the box, I got the bronze shade which I was glad about. I love using this under my eyes if I have gold/pink shades on, it's so creamy and doesn't tug on your eyes. Nothing I hate more than a liner that drags on your skin!

The last few items were:

The Wet Brush - This may be my favourite item, it really works wonders why my hair. I literally have the thickest and tattiest hair ever known to man, my hairdresser hates getting my hair wet cause brushing it is such a chore. I did have a tangle teaser before this which I still use on my dry hair but it did pull quite a bit of my hair out, this one really glides through my hair and gets rid of all its knots. I love it, ha!

Zhuzh Tan Accelerator and Accelerator Wipe - I feel like I haven't been able to try these out completely cause I haven't be away anywhere to try them out. So in this case I'm savouring them for some sunshine. To use these you apply it over the areas that will be in the sun, then apply your SPF over the top. It will help you get a better tan and quicker!

Elizabeth Grant Silk Edition Eye Pads - These are so refreshing to apply, it makes my skin feel so much more plump and just makes me feel relaxed. There is something quite nice about switching off for even just 15 minutes, lying in bed or the bath with these under your eyes. These hydrate, plump and lighten your under eyes and have a cool texture! I love them!

Fabulift Fabulous Eyes - I got one of these rather than the 5 2ml tubes so I can't give the full idea of them! It has hyaluronic acid in to smooth your under eyes, smooth and reduce any wrinkles. I'm not quite at the wrinkle age just yet so I can't judge on that but they did lighten my under eyes. I still looove my Elizabeth Grant eye cream more though!

Last but not least, Liquilift Slender Wrap - This felt nearly as weird as my space suit from Shrinking Violet, I'm just not one for fads as I don't find they do anything for me. It claims to help you lose inches and aid any weight loss but for me I didn't feel any different other than having smooth skin! I'd rather spend an hour at the gym (ha).

That was such a long post... Have you tried any of these bits out before?? I would definitely recommend any Elizabeth Grant skincare items and Skinn makeup, they're my favourite of this box! I can't stop using them!

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