Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Irresistible Me Hair Straightening Brush*

Read the Irresistible Me straightening brush review

I always get intrigued by these hair gadgets on Youtube, I very rarely make as much effort with my hair as I ever do with my makeup so it makes a good change to try something new. This is the ceramic tourmaline hair straightener brush from Irresistible Me. I have really thick annoying hair which 1. takes forever to dry and 2. straightens for about half an hour then turns into a bouffant. Never a good look really. So I will literally try anything to make my hair a bit more management and something that doesn't cause loads of damage. Curly my mane every single day is completely ruining it! 

Read the Irresistible Me straightening brush review

I was quite surprised how big this was, when you look at them online I imagine them to be about the size of my Wet Brush! This is roughly a little bigger than my GHDs but it isn't heavy to hold or bulky, and that is coming from someone with baby sized hand haha.

Read the Irresistible Me straightening brush review

I did for once in my life actually read the instructions for this as I had no idea what I was doing, the first time I used this I was literally brushing my hair with it and wondered what was going on.. So off I went to read the instructions to figure out what on earth I was doing wrong (I knew these worked as I've seen them used). So, it turns out you don't just brush your hair like a madman with it. You brush sections of your hair, on a suitable heat, slowly and in sections. That helps the grey part straighten your hair, if you use too thick of sections it won't reach the full thickness. You can also dry your towel dried hair with this, which may take a little longer than blow drying but there's much less damage!

Before & After:
Read the Irresistible Me straightening brush review
(My hair needs cut so so bad!!)

You also can't burn yourself with this (well unless you're daft enough to touch it directly), as the black 'bristles' don't actually heat up. The black bristles stop the grey heated parts from touching your scalp or ears, I'm accident prone so I was glad about this bit! I had to use these on the highest heat of 230 degrees centigrade, my hair is just too thick to straighten under anything cooler. But the straightening brush doesn't damage your hair so it doesn't melt my hair away (ha). As you can't quite reach the roots with the brush I do go over the top with my straighteners and my fringe too, I like to curl my fringe under and I haven't quite figured out if that's possible yet!

Although this comes with a US plug, a simple adapter fixes it though. The brush has a universal voltage too so it doesn't get any less powerful by plugging into a UK socket. (Unlike when I took my hairdryer to NYC, rookie error).

Have you tried out the Irresistible Me Straightening brush before?

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